Monday, December 1, 2008

Have nothing to do?...Then help the needy!

A rare thing for me to do is to post twice in a day,..yet I thought this deserved its own entry. works with the UN food bank to give rice to the needy. By playing a game, you get to feed people through correct answers. A website like this proves that everyone can help. I will propose that during the season of advent, we the online community pick a day and throughout that day flood with as many hits as possible.

Rumblings of a Coalition Storm is a-Brewin...

What better way to prove Jean Charest right when at the Federal level, the minority Tories are in trouble. The most recent news on the Canadian political spectrum is that a possible coalition of Liberal, NDP and you guessed it ,..BLOC Quebecois will topple the Harper regime and form a new government! Well, if that doesn't prove that minority governments don't work,..I really don't know what will. You see, for us in la Belle Province, we are already going to the polls on December 8th in a very unpopular election. The Provincial Liberals argued that in order to endure the coming economic crisis, we'll need stability, and believe it or not, I agree. Last tuesday's debate changed nobody's mind but solidified my belief that now is not the time to change the Captain of the ship, instead we need to support him. Super Mario and Pauline were trying to destabilize Charest by accusing him of hiding losses at the Caisse de Depot.,one problem, though the Caisse operates independantly from politics. (All you separatists who are accidently reading this post, remember 1995? When Jacques Parizeau wanted to use 15 million dollars from the Caisse to prop up the Canadian dollar should a 'Yes' vote win? Convenient when it only benefits you, isn't it?) Although, to be fair, I believe that the Caisse should release quarter updates, but that is for them to decide.

Back to the Federal level, what happens if the government falls?, Well nobody wants to go the polls and frankly we can't afford it. Canadians need stability, yet we also need an identity. For myself, I vote on social issues, that aside, we must ask ourselves the question, is Canada a failed experiment in socialism? Even the Federal Liberals are left of center. Can you really imagine this scenerio as the government?

Prime Minister Stephane Dion. (I don't think the Liberals would allow it!)
Defense Minister Jack Layton. (Koombya my Lord,..Koombaya)
Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Gilles Duceppe. (C'mon how funny would that be?)

For good measure, I would run by-elections in Tronna (toronto), Montreal and Vancouver. The candidates would be unopposed and they would be Don Cherry, Pierre Falardeau and David Suzuki. I would have in that order, my Speaker of the House, my Heritage Minister, and my Environmental Minister.

Oh Lord, I could do this all day...