Sunday, March 4, 2018

Only One Superman,.. my Dad!!!

You know when you’re a kid, and everybody says ‘my dad can beat up your dad?’… Well, I’m here to say that my dad can still beat up your dad, and I learn so much from him everyday!  This game we call ‘life’ is a testament to those who went before us, who introduced us to Jesus and who continuously bust their ass making sure we do right by our baptismal promises!  A man is supposed to be noble, respectable, honorable and finally holy!,.. My father is truly the embodiment of all those realities!

My father recently went through knee replacement surgery.  He is also 77.  Nonetheless, he remains a warrior anchored in Christian virtue and as far as I can tell,. devoid of fear.  These men grew up in another generation.  A generation of no complainers,. ‘You kids cry at the least little f^&k up!,  You should know true persecution!’… These men grew up with manners,.. ‘Sir take your hat off in Church,.. – F-you,’s my hat!’.. Ans; - Well its gonna be your hat shoved up you’re a$$ if you don’t show any respect!’… These men also showed chivalry,.. ‘Hey idiot, give your chair to that woman!’ – But dad, I am tired and we’re the same age!’…- ‘You’ll be in the f’n street if you don’t listen to me!’  ,. True pastoral theology!!!,.. Those in charge of pastoral theology should take note!

You guessed it, I was raised a little ‘old school’ and you know what?,.. I would never trade that education for anything in the world!  My dad was there for me when I had ‘legal trouble,’ he was there for me when I had girl trouble(s), and he was there for me when seminary decided I wasn’t soft enoug,.. err,.. pastoral enough!  (What,.. do they want a creampuff?).. Point being, is my dad remains in my opinion, the epidemy of paternal role models,.. He will push you, encourage you, pray with you, and always uplift you!  He will also kick your ass!  My dad knelt in prayer before the Blassed Sacrament and prayed in the chapel of our home Parish.  Just this afternoon, he went for a walk, cane in hand!,.. He walked the whole distance!

Why am I saying this?,.. Well, tomorrow my dad becomes a 1st degree Knight of Columbus.  I already being one, cannot wait!  As much as I am a Jiu Jitsu guy, with experience in boxing, kung fu, etc,.. My dad will always kick my ass and yes he may raze and bug me!  However, as a Christian man, I know he will always have my back!  

God bless!