Monday, July 12, 2010

Farewell,..for Now,...

A while back, I posted that I was diagnosed with depression, and consequently felt that this blog would act as a outlet, a mirror into my soul regarding issues that disturb me to great extents. The reason I am writing this post is to ask for prayers...The world confuses me and subsequent events have led me to experience the hardship that our Faith demands of us. The easy,comfortable way would see two people get hurt, as I don't know when this nightmare will end,.the hard way involves me going at 'it' alone and for the time being, I feel that this is the best choice for my own sanity as well as somebody else...I will be back, hopefully sooner rather than later, but I need to take care of me.

God Bless.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Sunday Shuffle,...

I'm saying this in jest of course, because after all Sunday is a day of rest. What I like to do is basically relax and go over the events of last week, and begin preparations for next week. Of course, there is morning Mass followed by a pasta lunch with my family. (I'm Italian, remember?)

Okay, so first things first, this post will serve as a coming attraction of sorts for differents projects in the works down the pipeline. Upcoming stuff from 'Confessions' will include a first ever podcast with a famous blogger priest! If all goes well, 'Confessions' will be 'waiting in joyful hope.' (That's enough of a hint.) Secondly my posts will also revolve around some email (some of it hotmail, most of it hatemail...)regarding some touchy issues that I blog about,..can you imagine that? Me? Moi? Hitting a raw nerve with some pseudo liberal marxists still stuck in the 'silly sixties.' I think not! Remember liberals are too scared to write comments that provoke discussions, instead they flood your email with verbal diarrhea. After that I will be wrting a review for Beachbody's P90x workout system, (I moonlight as a trainer y'know...Get in touch with me via Facebook for diets and plans, or a FREE consult) which I really enjoyed. I am also an affiliate with Ignatius press, as well as Catholic singles. For all your book/social needs, simply scroll down to the bottom of this page.

To end, I would like to extend a very happy July 4th to all my American readers! As Canadians, we value your friendship and our partnership,(despite what the biased canuck media claim CBC comes to mind...)..God Bless America. To the Canadians, a belated Happy Canada Day. The reason I didn't post was that I was away at my cousins, who just happen to be the parents of my Goddaughter, also known as the cutest little girl in the world!!! Y'know, funny thing, I'm 5,9' about 180lbs of muscle and yes, very hairy,..but being a Godparent is a huge spiritual responsibility, but a constant joy!

Anyway I'm blushing,..
St Augustine,...Ora pro nobis..