Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Behold the Historical,.? Yeah More like the Hysterical Critical!

Yup,..the historical critical in all its intellectual glory!! Credit goes to EWTN and Chesterton, the Apostle of Common Sense. See what happens when we are soooo open minded? Sometimes our brain can fall out! ;)

Canonization of Brother Andre 100yrs, but Jack Layton, 24hrs!

We have all at one time or another heard it said,..'don't be so judgemental!' or the less famous, 'who are you to judge me?' Well,.suffice to say that our relativistic post modern world only seems to take this statement only if it comes across going against the majority status quo. Two Sundays ago, Jack Layton, leader of the NDP in Canada passed away.

- Réquiem ætérnam dona ei Dómine;
et lux perpétua lúceat ei.
Requiéscat in pace.
Amen. -

So began the media barrage led by the socialist forces 'en masse' lining up to canonize 'Le bon Jack.' The question must be asked,..who has the right to judge where the soul went? The answer, only God. Death by definition is the reduction of a composite being into its component parts,.ie, body and soul. The soul is immediately judged (particular judgement) and is accorded its state of being, whether Heaven or Hell. The souls in purgatory are assured their place in Heaven but are undergoing a final purification before entering the Beatific Vision. (1 Peter 3:19; 4:6,.or 1 Corinthians 3:14–15). The body on the other hand, decomposes in the ground until it is made anew, in the final Ressurection. This Ressurection is of the 'just' and 'unjust' alike. When at the end of time we, united once again body and soul face final judgement. Final Judgement is different in the sense that God will show us the impact of the sins we committed, how far it affected mankind.

So Jack Layton died and according to some(most) is now in Heaven. Well,..who are we to judge? Instead of praying for the repose of his soul,.Canadians canonized him and decided that he merited Heaven(maybe he received the anointing of the sick?). Isn't God the only one who can judge? One thing we can appreciate about Layton is that he believed in his cause. He did some good and was extremely compassionate to the lower middle class. Yet, how soon the media forgot to mention that he was a staunch supporter of on-demand abortion rights and was instrumental in pushing forth the gay agenda. I think you can understand my point.

No one knows for sure where anyone is. Whether its grandma or the milkman, our duty as Catholics to present the soul to God and ask that God show His infinite mercy upon said soul. Irony, is that it took nearly 100years before Brother Andre was officially canonized, it Jack Layton seemed to have bypassed the necessary miracles associated with canonization and was instantly granted the vision of God. The next time you have a Mass said for the repose of a soul,..whether a family member or otherwise,.remember why we have the Mass said. It is because we can speculate that the soul is in purgatory and that the Mass being offered will bring that soul closer to the Beatific Vision. If the soul were in Heaven already, we would not need to offer a Mass for that person, again, whether it be grandma, grandpa or the just the guy down the street. Jack Layton, may you rest in peace.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,......Have mercy on us!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Return to Sanity...

Okay so once again, its fess up time.  Yes, for a while I was bitter! Bitter, angry, confused, complacent, lazy, arrogant, self-absorbed and not to mention jealous.  Stuck in a rut and blaming society for my own problems without realizing as I pointed the one finger, three fingers were pointing right back at me!  So what do you do in times of crisis?  You get away.   You retreat and think that maybe its not just the world, that I have something to do with it too.  My conversion story (ongoing,..) can be found throughout this blog in different archived sections but one constant has always remained with me,..Priesthood.  It has been bubbling for some time, and whether it be politics or just my own ego in the way,..I never truly discerned and always found excuses for reasons not to go past the 'Come and See' evenings....All this changed, when my parish priest, a good and holy man, and myself went for a drink, and he taught me a valuable lesson, diplomacy!!!  Instead of viewing my Catholic Faith as something to hit people over the head with,..try leading by example and fostering a prayer life, correction an authentic prayer life!  There is nothing wrong with being orthodox, and believe me when I say that should Christ call me to priesthood, (which btw, my parish priest believes...) I will never water down the Faith!  In plain speak, I am not discerning priesthood because I have already been rejected by the world, but instead will trust in God to lead me where He knows I will be truly happy. 

So what I'm I saying?  Well, as of next tuesday, Septembre 6th,..I will be an external student at the Grand Seminary of Montreal.  External students are not seminarians in the true sense, but people wanting to study and deepen there theological acumen, that means that I can sleep at home.  I will be working closely with a Spiritual Director on a regular basis, who will help me discern whether or not priesthood would be a fit for me.  Right now, I ask for prayers,..please keep me in your prayers,..because like St Faustina, I must say Jesus, I Trust in You!,.This doesn't mean that I will stop training, wear my pants up around and under my nipples and have a sudden inclination to start colouring banners..I still believe in a Catholic men's bootcamp, I still think that far too many priests follow the Father Fruitcake example and there is a serious crisis in manhood!  What about the sexual appetite you ask?  Despite my willingness to put my big toe in the water as it regards a future potential ontological change, I highly doubt that God will take away my manhood.  Through prayer, fasting and spiritual direction, it is something that I will hopefully be able to exercise a greater degree of freedom over.  What do I mean?  'Freedom' in its truest sense,..the ability to do what you ought, not doing whatever you want,..that's 'license.'  Who knows?  Maybe the Cybertronian will eventually turn into the Seminarian?  Confessions of a Thirty Something Seminarian?  Time will tell...Please pray..

Mary, Mother of Priests,.........Ora Pro Nobis.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Addendum,..A Little Clarification,..

Rereading my previous post a few times over taught me not to write in haste and not to make generalizations.  Confessions was set up to shock people and yes to offend, but in a good way.  I think I went too far insinuating that everyone who goes to the gym is looking to get 'laid.'  By no means is that an accurate statement, I guess it is more a reflection of myself and a certain arch-type of  gym character.  My apologies to anyone truly offended by this off the cuff remark.

Self Examination Time,..(again,..)

To begin, something new,..I would like to dedicate this post to my Goddaughter Bianca.  Looking at her has made me realize who I want to be as a man, a husband/father (potentially) or should God call me elsewhere, wherever that may be, consecrated life or even **gulp** priesthood.  As well, three women placed themselves in my life and through example,.showed me true responsibilty and dedication,..Shout out to D.R.,.A.V.  and C. B.  who btw, looking forward to meeting you in Florida!

Okay, now its time to inform my readership and ask for prayers regarding a potential life changing decision.  My life's journey has allowed me to experience all that life has to offer within the context of its secularized ideal and yes, I have partaken in every gluttunous activity, sensual delight and potentially dangerous adventure that one can have.  The result?  I have found it lacking,..flat, boring,.to summarize,..'mediocre.'  Yes it's true, the world and its exesses bore me to the point where frankly I just don't understand any of it anymore.  Last summer at this time, I went through a similar crisis and now, let's just say that the words of then Cardinal Ratzinger ring so true when speaking about the Christian path, the path that scrapes and bruises your feet.  August 30th will be my last full time day as a trainer.  The reasons will become clear as the gulf between my secualar 'self' and my 'spiritual' self is widening.

Living as a trainer, I initially thought that I could withstand the lifestyle,.how I was wrong.  Have there been positives?  Absolutely!  There is no better feeling than helping a person lose weight or a little guy add some muscle.  Day in day out speaking with people asking them why they first joined the gym, and every single one of them says the same thing 'health.'  Well,.here is the dose of reality so sorely needed in this cosmetically altered dimension of silicon, cologen and steroids.  The vast majority of these people are not in it for health,..they are in it to get laid!  I'm not speaking about the career athelete looking to maintain and is already psychologically stable with good eating and exercise habits.  I'm speaking about men and women with zero confidence coming in, 'saucing' themselves up (men) or taking a fat burner (women) to order to attract the opposite sex.  Have I taken steroids?  No, not because I didn't want to but because during high school we were regularly tested.  Nevertheless,.the sad reality is that I too fell into this trap!!  Not that I didn't have confidence,.but in order to promote my business, my facebook pics looked like a collection of me and my favorite object my mirror!!! I'll still use my talents as a trainer, but more from a Catholic perspective, Doug Barry comes to mind.  See older posts regarding an idea for a Catholic men's

So that being said,..behold a new beginning!  Gone will be the obnoxious 'look at me because I'm stronger than you pic' and in its place will be just me,,..err whoever I am,..:-)  Please pray for me as a decision, a major one is on the horizon,..but first I'll be off to Florida for some much needed rest and relaxation and of course DA BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooooo! 

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati,........ora pro nobis

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Age 'Hobbit' Influence

Wow, what a title!  Several years ago at the height of my secularized ideal, the thought of writing such a post was beyond my grasp.  Still now, ever since my post about Catholic Kung Fu,..I have been inundated with such requests as to give my opinion about various topics.  Think about today's so-called secularized society, it really that secularized or are people desperately hungry for anything spiritual that they will inadvertedly solicit darker powers?  Enter Eckert Tolle,..Just take one look at this funny little man and one can easiliy tell something just isn't quite right.

Case in point, once again at the gym,.(a haven for pluralistic opinion and non sensical verbal diarhea..)  a client of mine found out I was a Catholic.  Yes, not just a catholic but an actual Catholic, a regular guy struggling with his Faith and trying to find the right balance while embracing his call to holiness.  Of course this usually (always) leads to a complete thrashing of the Faith by a so-called sophisticated rationalist (who btw never heard of Aquinas..) or a 'born again' Christian, well meaning but attempting to convert me out of the Faith and refusing to hear any defense of it..(so much for 'acceptance.').  This last instance was a real gem though,..after explaining my position, then why the Church is in the state its in,..I was informed by this woman that she used to be catholic, but didn't want to 'limit' herself.  You see, she's read 'The Secret' and following up on that philosophy she has decided to 'think' herself into positive prosperity.  The 'fun' part is that she suggested I see a psychologist because of my 'unbending' attititude towards Catholicism, which she felt didn't make sense.  To summarize her points, my feeble brain came to the conclusion that she 'felt' Pope Benedict (a scholar btw,..) was wrong but Eckart and his 'popessa' Oprah were right!  (Remember she said I needed a psychologist!)

My friends,..Have we lost our f@#$%ng minds?!?!  To even assume Catholicism is irrational yet adhere to some some new age little hippy who found 'god' within him ( demonic?) preach his eco-centrered crayon crap to the masses is completely nuts!!!!!!!! Catholicism is the last bastion adhering to the Natural Law put forth by Aristotle,..and oh yeah,, by the way, in case you didn't know He is Risen!!!  At the end of the day Eckart Tolle still looks like a hobbit!

St Michael the Archangel,..........ora pro nobis.

Monday, August 1, 2011

No 'Bull' in Madrid Bulls@#t,...

So much news this week especially with what's been going on within the Church.  First off,..a few thoughts about the 'No Bull in Madrid' talks that are supposed to be given this coming World Youth Day.  It seems that the organizers were quick to point out that RealCatholicTV is not affiliated with any World Youth Day Committee and are not part of the scheduled official catecheses being offered.  My take on this?  So freakin what!!!  Thank God for Michael Voris!  First off, he has a set, and secondly, what exactly are the organizers so afraid he'll do???  Tell the Truth???!!!!!!  Usually it is his style they don't like, y'know because well the feminazis and homosexual agenda driven(social justice?) crowd aren't content when we see something strong, bold and intelligent.  Instead we need the 'happy clappy' crap still stinking (Do you smell weed?) up the Church with marxist propaganda.  Forget St Malachy's prophecies, or even Michael Rose (author of 'Goodbye Good Men') for that matter, but we need to get strong and take control!  Am I starting to repeat myself?...

Here is my two cents,.people like Michael Voris resonate a little better with today's under forty crowd.   Why?  Because we were fed schlock for the last 40 years which resulted in a near catastrophe regarding the Faith.  Dogmas were thrown out the window, and the Mass was hijacked by feminist women known as 'Liturgy Committees' and backed by  parish priests who called themselves 'moderators'(and probably pitched for the other team...yeah I went there..) and brick by brick dismantled the Church.  'Why are there no vocations?'  Because you people planned it that way!!!!!!!! As the twilight dawns upon your blue greying heads, and you've finally realized you smoked yourselves stupid, a new generation of orthodox young people nourrished on World Youth Days and eager to follow JPII and B16 is assuming more control and the Church is tightening up.  Michael Voris represents the voice of people who are fed up and guess what?  It's okay to get angry. unless you have the politically correct Bible where Jesus dialogued, rethought, and set up a committee to kindly suggest that the money changers not turn the house of the Father/Mother into a den of capitalist/eco-unfriendly MEN.  (BTW, the only time these freakos allow you to use 'men' is when there is a negative connotation.  Otherwise we use 'people' or 'humans.')

I like RealCatholictv!  It's cool, cuts to the bone and drives the points home.  I would rather a priest kick my ass in the confessional, tell me about hell and how I could avoid going there.  Why?  Because then I know the priest genuinely loves me and cares for my soul.  Growing up, my Dad wasn't my friend, maybe that's why we are friends today...For what its worth, I endorse RealCatholictv, you won't get any muddled or confused statement from Voris and his boys,..err I mean 'people.' ;)

Sacred Heart of Jesus,....Have mercy on us!