Monday, August 1, 2011

No 'Bull' in Madrid Bulls@#t,...

So much news this week especially with what's been going on within the Church.  First off,..a few thoughts about the 'No Bull in Madrid' talks that are supposed to be given this coming World Youth Day.  It seems that the organizers were quick to point out that RealCatholicTV is not affiliated with any World Youth Day Committee and are not part of the scheduled official catecheses being offered.  My take on this?  So freakin what!!!  Thank God for Michael Voris!  First off, he has a set, and secondly, what exactly are the organizers so afraid he'll do???  Tell the Truth???!!!!!!  Usually it is his style they don't like, y'know because well the feminazis and homosexual agenda driven(social justice?) crowd aren't content when we see something strong, bold and intelligent.  Instead we need the 'happy clappy' crap still stinking (Do you smell weed?) up the Church with marxist propaganda.  Forget St Malachy's prophecies, or even Michael Rose (author of 'Goodbye Good Men') for that matter, but we need to get strong and take control!  Am I starting to repeat myself?...

Here is my two cents,.people like Michael Voris resonate a little better with today's under forty crowd.   Why?  Because we were fed schlock for the last 40 years which resulted in a near catastrophe regarding the Faith.  Dogmas were thrown out the window, and the Mass was hijacked by feminist women known as 'Liturgy Committees' and backed by  parish priests who called themselves 'moderators'(and probably pitched for the other team...yeah I went there..) and brick by brick dismantled the Church.  'Why are there no vocations?'  Because you people planned it that way!!!!!!!! As the twilight dawns upon your blue greying heads, and you've finally realized you smoked yourselves stupid, a new generation of orthodox young people nourrished on World Youth Days and eager to follow JPII and B16 is assuming more control and the Church is tightening up.  Michael Voris represents the voice of people who are fed up and guess what?  It's okay to get angry. unless you have the politically correct Bible where Jesus dialogued, rethought, and set up a committee to kindly suggest that the money changers not turn the house of the Father/Mother into a den of capitalist/eco-unfriendly MEN.  (BTW, the only time these freakos allow you to use 'men' is when there is a negative connotation.  Otherwise we use 'people' or 'humans.')

I like RealCatholictv!  It's cool, cuts to the bone and drives the points home.  I would rather a priest kick my ass in the confessional, tell me about hell and how I could avoid going there.  Why?  Because then I know the priest genuinely loves me and cares for my soul.  Growing up, my Dad wasn't my friend, maybe that's why we are friends today...For what its worth, I endorse RealCatholictv, you won't get any muddled or confused statement from Voris and his boys,..err I mean 'people.' ;)

Sacred Heart of Jesus,....Have mercy on us!


Left-footer said...

Yup! You've said it all! What are these twerps afraid of?

The Truth, nothing less, nothing more.

On top form as ever. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Catholics are heretics.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what I just read (do I smell weed?)

You'd get more barmaids to read your blog if you spiced things up and posted a funny animal video or some exercise routines or a recipe :)

I'm sure Left-Footer would agree, right?


Optimusmastro said...

@first anonymous,..'Catholics are heretics' ,..and your basis is
1. A faulty understanding of theology?
2. A faulty understanding of philosophy?
3. A faulty understanding of ecclesiology?
4. A faulty understanding of history?

Ans: All of the Above!

I will commend you if you are the same guy writing me nasty emails,..signed anonymous. At least now you are posting negative stuff in my comments section,..boy you must feel tough!

@second anonymous. Cathy, I luv ya and your crazy humour!

@Lefty,..Do you ever get hatemail or negative comments regarding the stuff you post? Probably not because your posts are too well written, intelligent and entertaining that people like the 'first anonymous' get easily frightened away...Perhaps I should change my style? :)

Left-footer said...

Marco - I guess not many people read my blog, or maybe they fall asleep while reading it. I don't think I frighten anyone away, but I do get, and delete, crap from someone trying to sell me credit. No chance!

Don't, please, change either your content or your style. They are fine, very fine indeed.

Keep it up, and God bless! :)

Unknown said...

Keep it up, Marco. You are not alone in this, having balls to say black is black and white is white, leaving gray stuff to chicken.