Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Psychology of Confession.

It would seem that in our post nineteen sixties mentality choosing peace, love, and everything in between except common sense and truth, the made for profit psychology industry has mushroomed into a pharmaceutical juggernaut attempting to numb everyone's mindset into complete paralysis.  Eckert Tolle pitching his heresy laden garbage, new- age pantheistic stupidity conning desperate housewives by seducing them into thinking their way to riches and prosperity.  Well, it would seem logical then that the only one winning this con game is himself,..err actually, he along with everyone else pitching the same voodoo garbage.  Family Guy's 'Brian' (the Dog) brilliantly makes fun of said things by writing a book to mass market and profit from.  (Yes,..I watch Family Guy, call it a guilty pleasure/vice, some people eat cake!)

After an introduction like that, you should be thinking to yourself, what the hell does this have to do with theology or politics?  Well,..once again, EVERYTHING!  You see one of the main profiting industries stemming from this 'think it, feel it' crap is the psychology industry.  Every nickle and dime peon is now jumping into the game attempting solve the emotive disposition of why a serial killer wears matching socks, to how little Timmy who lost his dog when he was eight, and thus can't eat poultry because of it.  Psychology, the field where there is absolutely no objective truth and everybody's opinion is equally valid!   Gravity?  Sure,..if you believe it.  Mathematics?  Only if you FEEL you need it.  Vegetables?  Nah,..much rather eat flavoured styrofoam,..I mean since all truth is relative,..right?  Okay, I take it you get my point.   So,..we go and we pay thousands of dollars to psychologists to first off, create new mental/emotional disorders, then prescribe drugs to relieve them!  (I think I should become a psychologist!)  Seriously, these people get paid to listen to people pour their hearts out everyday complaining about this or that issue in their life,..get reaffirmed in their 'okayness' and go home happy.  Where's the therapy?  Where's da Beef?  Common sense time.   Catholics, the ones who see a regular psychologist,.. I'm going to let the blogosphere in on a little secret...Are you ready?  Catholic priests offer something called the sacrament of Reconciliation!  Y'know, 'Confession.'  It's this cool little sacrament whereby, the priest can hear about all your angst(most of the time sins, and vices), then give you sound advice and,..(get this..) offer something called 'ABSOLUTION!'  Wait!  Here is the best part,...its free!!!!!!!(Disclaimer,.you might have to perform something called penance,.usually a corporal work of mercy)  You see, there was this God 'Dude' named Jesus and he gave his 'Boyz' the power to forgive sins, through Apostolic authority!(Read Gospel of St John) .  So,..the priest guy, you see being 'ontologically' changed has the power to speak on behalf of this God dude,..this same 'God' who created the universe and can forgive your sins,..er I mean critically challenge your actions and beliefs objectively! 

If I made you laugh, I'm happy.  Still the absurdity remains, that people have set aside this incredible sacrament, yet will willingly pay a 'shrink' to hear their problems!  Aren't they f@#$'n crazy?!?!  They must be!   To every Catholic who would rather see a psychologist or a psychiatrist instead of a priest, (who btw is also trained in psychology,..) I seriously think you need your head examined!

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati,.........Ora pro nobis!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gym Priestess

The other day I found myself rereading one of John Paul II's last encyclicals,..'On the dignity of Women.'  Now before the mandatory subjective reaction from the left kicks in, to summarize his main point is that men and women are equal but different.  What that means essentially is that it does not come down to the simplistic biological/anatomical differences highlighted by today's post modern nonsense,..but instead a realistic approach highlighting the emotional, psychological and overall complimentarity regarding the two sexes.  Now the liberals must be fuming, cause y'know,..I'm making sense,..and truth hurts.  Why this drab post?  Simply put, running the gammit of conversation topics one can run into working out of a gym can be downright diverse if not incredibly interesting!  Case in point, yesterday, a client found my facebook page and realized that it was 'too Catholic' for her tastes and then goaded me into a conversation about how the Church must change and ordain women.  'Women have every right to be priests!' (Again,..her words..) The initial onslaught was over, now it was time to respond,..either in typical Optimusmastro fashion or try another approach..one that will allow me to dissect her argument before offering the Church's position.  Simply put I needed the tagteam calm cool approach of Fr Barron and Fr Grunow from 'Word on Fire' style.  So here goes,...

If Jesus ordained His twelve Apostles and not His Mother, can a case be made from the standpoint of history?  I would beg the proponents of so-called women's ordination to examine first and foremost this very fact.  Secondly,.the Church through John Paul II 'Ordinatio Sacercodatilis' clearly stated that the Church has no authority to ordain women.  It should be case closed right?  Wrong!  You wanted Optimusmastro?  Optimusmastro here now!!!  Hey liberals what is your major malfunction in which you see your main mission to question everthing from mathematics to colour to gravity in the name of fairness and justice (BS) yet fail to accept the answer as it is given to you?!?  Well,..here goes,.you can't accept it because your ego driven stupidity has turned Theology into a catastrophic lab experiment since the nineteen fifties and sixties.  So let's start at the onset and ask ourselves a question.  Why can't I give birth?  I mean,..I FEEL that I have just as much RIGHT as a woman to give birth?  So therefore I'm gonna petition God to grow a vagina, uterus and breasts in order to facilitate this DEMAND!  Now I hope after reading this, one can recognize the absurdity in it, however if you voted NDP, or in the States, Obama, I guess I'll just have to take it up that you might be a little slow. (That's Mentally Challenged for the PC crowd...)

Seriously, humour aside, God through creation discriminates,..I mean we don't have wings, yet birds and bats do?  C'mon God,.that's unfair!  Well it is true that it is unfair, but it is the way God intented it!  We belong to Him, not He to us!  Theological Truth exists, so here it is.  The Church by Her nature is female,..(ever notice we call Her 'Mother')  Secondly the ordained priest is an icon of Christ,..'Alter Christus' acting 'in personae Christi capitas..' as priest offering and as victim.  Now we'll tie it all together,..ready?  The Mass mirrors three things,..the Cross(Calvary), the Last Supper, and the Wedding Feast of the Lamb,.(New Jerusalem coming down...)  The priest(bridegroom) and the Church (bride)...By now all you liberal/progressive/modernist/feminazi/lesbian/social justice/eco-spirtiwhatevers are sweating because it is kinda starting to 'gulp' make sense!  Why no woman priestesses?  If you can't figure it out now, you won't ever.  Lastly, coming back to the gym lady's statement,.I answer that no one has a right to be a priest,..it is a calling.  Honestly, freely giving up a wife and kids if there was no calling has to be one of the most ridiculous if not downright ludicrous things I have ever heard.  Any priest worth his salt, always submitted to God's will through discernment and a first call to celibacy, then priesthood.   I've vented enough for today,..just like Joe Pesci in 'My Cousin Vinny'  "I got no more use for dis guy!"

St Joseph,.........Ora Pro Nobis

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Onward Liberal Soldiers Towards a New Future,..

Sadly it has become irreversible.  We are now locked and set on a course for westren self destruction coupled with a false understanding of compassion and tolerance serving as the battle cry for what will undoubtably be a new population demographic and a new way of life based upon what our silly sixties previous generation gave us.  Let's see,..sexual revolution, this opened us up to experiencing pleasure without thinking about the consequences,..the result, failed marriages, abortions, homosexual so-called marriage, the billion dollar contraception industry and of course AIDS.   In the name of 'peace' we have forgotten what it means to fight for something we truly believe in, we have confused meekness and weakness and through pornography, a feminization of men occurred.  Sorry ladies,..but your future Prince Charming will probably want to cry in your arms, instead of the reverse,..telling you about his 'feelings' while you and the girls go out to play paintball...

So what's the solution?  Well, it's so simple, yet has been found left untried.  The answer is the Catholic Church in all Her glory.  Jesus preaches love by laying down His life for many.  This act, this salvific act gives us access to the Cross and enables us to partake in the Eucharist, giving us the necessary grace needed to be truly free from our sins.  Think about it,.is a fifteen year porn addict really free?  For that matter, is a 40yr old married porn addict equally free?  This was the so-called freedom that our parents wanted?  Constantly having to satisfy an urge,..the sociologists and pseudo pop psychologists need lobotomies if they truly believe that this is normal.  So now, we are here and full with all our experiences,..we the few, Generation Benedict, been there, done that,...finally stepping up and saying, 'no mom and dad, this doesn't work!'  Condoms DO NOT prevent AIDS anymore than placing scotch tape or a band-aid will stop a bursting dam.  The Church, authentic and faithful to the Magisterium, Her members are now prepared to die for Her.  The reality we will.  Islam is here, and it is not a religion of peace.  Please do not confuse 'submission' with 'peace.' I am not saying individual muslims are evil,..I'm saying that Islam will provide a temporary 'conservative' solution to people hungering and thirsting for authentic truth, and just like any counterfit, it will satisfy the short term, as it is on many university campuses.

Heterodox crowd, please read the signs of the times and step aside.  Your time is over, and something went terribly wrong with your socialist understanding/mad experiment of how man can become his own saviour and thus save himself.  You see he can't.  You must concede, and finally succumb to the terrible reality that your future grandchildren will inherit.  Liberal priests,.learn St Thomas, go to confession, grow a set of balls and remember why it is that God called you to priesthood.  On martyr's feast days wear red, and remember why you wear it. (You are prepared to die)  Put the Tabernacle back, get rid of your Liturgy commitees, social justice groups, anyone who doesn't tackle issues such as Abortion first and foremost.   Put God back in the centre.  The year is 2011,..we have a few years left,..then we become the muslim west and we have only ourselves to blame.  RIP Europe, you were a cultural masterpiece in your heyday.  Happy New Year.


Friday, January 7, 2011

And The Nominees are,....

As was mentioned briefly last week,..I Optimusmastro will present to you the nominees for 'Intellectual Terrorist' of the year!  The people who will be mentioned will come from an array of political spectrum, Catholic figures, people who just annoy me.   If anyone feels that I should have mentioned more,..well I know,.but there is only so much blogging I can do!   So without further adue...here goes.  Enjoy!  St Monica,..(patron saint of patience),.......Ora pro nobis!

1.   Fr. Richard McBrien.  The Notre Dame 'priest' professor and CNN's favorite catholik pissboy trotted out by the media everytime the Church negatively makes the secular news,..or in those rare occasions where a 'good' thing happens,. is brought before the TV cameras to explain to the world how it is really bad and piety is part of the pre-conciliar Church...This year McBrien spoke in the National Crapolic Reporter about how Eucharistic devotions are a 'spiritual step backwards.'  It could be argued that his digestive tract is found in his cranium, especially since he suffers from innumerable gazzy brainfarts for such a smart guy.

2.  The Anglican Communion:  Although not a person per se, the Anglican communion can best be described as a spiritual anomaly of sorts.  Truly devoid of any substance, it adheres to absolutely no set dogmas, and it can be argued that it acts as a 'primer' for an eventual Islamic takeover.  (see England)  They can look like Catholics, but the ones who still truly accept Anglo-Catholicism are now on their way back to Rome.  The left overs, follow the arch-bishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams), who during the year argued in favour of Islamic law (Sharia) in Britain,..because y'know he wanted to dialogue...(about what is still unclear...)  Favours 'ordination' of women, marriage of gays, no absolutes,..rumours abound that he'll soon declare a three sided circle to be a logical opinion.

3.  Gregory Baum and Bishop Remi Deroo:  Although currently these two social justice Intellectual terrorists currently hold the subjective tag team championships for Orwellian thought and general stupidity,..(They should also be up for my 'stupid' award, or in their case,..stoooopuuud!)  Gregory Baum,..Canada's answer to the current reigning heresiarch Champion of the world, Fr Hans Kung.  Baum started out as a priest, left without the Holy See's permission by the way(so he's excommunicated), married a former nun, and promotes a 'Spirit of Vatican II' ideology so marxist it would make our neighbours' beloved president Barrack Hussein blush...He currently still teaches at McGill in Montreal and works in conjunction with 'Culture et Foi' a Jesuit based social justice vehicle advocating every and tolerating every creed.  Ooops..sorry not every creed, they have an allergic reaction to Catholicism,.y'know the one that's faithful to magisterial teaching.

Bishop Remi Deroo was a Council father at the second Vatican Council and again promotes a social justice lefty looney gospel (shock,..) and ecological crap.  He served the diocese of Victoria British Columbia, and left it neaarly bankrupt, because he wanted to breed horses.  Yup, horses.  The kind of dissident sadly you just want to punch in the face,..(sorry Lord..but at thirty three I've embraced my faith and though it is hard,..I desire Holiness)  Bishop Deroo, is an expert on the enneagram,.(red flag anyone?) ,.advocate for women's ordination and currently tours the speaking circuit with Baum.   He is best known on Youtube as the celebrant in the Call to Action liturgical mad science experiment with puppets,..giant puppets and dancers, who were most likely high on bad mushrooms.  See link above.  The picture below is Gregory Baum with Bishop Gumbleton,..not exactly known for his robust defense of orthodoxy... These two stalwarts of progressivism dialogue with each other,.in the name of dialogue.  Funny I thought dialogue occurred when you have two different opinions and you seek to find Truth...

4.  Barrack Hussein Obama.  Otherwise known as Al Quieda's favorite US president.  As Canadians we were always known as more left of centre,..now we have a Prime Minister(Harper) who is socially conservative, albeit in a minority government, and our big brother through hollywood, Oprah and the stigma of being called rascist elected in a socialist.   IT kind of feels like the brother you thought was soo cool comes out of the closet as a crossdresser.   Ah,..I used to remember GI Joe and the Rocky movies.  What happened?  Obama, with no political experience can cut a promo akin to the Rock speaking about Stone Cold Steve Austin or Undertaker.  The only problem is that the Rock has substance,..then again Barrack Hussein has Oprah!  How bout' dem apples?!?  It seems that no matter what happens, it is still 'W's' fault and the lefty media is only all too happy to promote this,...I mean you don't want to be called rascist,..right?  Trying to force feed a health care bill to the US that let's face it their population can't sustain(notice how I didn't mention abortion even though it would be part of what is considered women's health!!!!), especially in light of an economic crisis set into motion by Bill Clinton's democrats in the nineties.  Speaking of the Democrats, can anyone tell me just what the hell they stand for?   Clinton and the left leaning intelligentia deregularized the banks giving way to everyone and their great grandmother refinancing themselves into financial ruin,..the funny part is that house appraisers were in the back pocket of the mortgage brokers and loan officers became very rich.  Well,.like anything that is,..err well unsustainable(Obama) eventually it catches up to you, and George W was left holding the bag,..remember Fannie Mae?  According to the media though it was still W's fault.  Barrack ran on the democratic party's ticket despite having no political experience and was backed by the most important group, the hollywood left intelligentia, who are all multi millionaires..(irony anyone?)  Forget the Notre Dame University scandal,..an appearance by Barrack at Georgetown demanded that the school cover up any religious art or culture prior to his visit.  'But you Canadians have nationalized health care,!'..uh yeah, we also have a population of thirty million relying on foreign trade.  Our hospital waiting rooms are packed and we are expriencing a brain drain the likes which is unprecedented.   Barrack Hussein is also nominated for an Optimusmastro stooopuud award,...then again don't want to be called rascist by Oprah,....or gasp,.!  The Beastie Boys!  If you've reached this far,..know that St Monica has already been invoked!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

.Multiple Things,..So little Time...

So now we are in the post Christmas, New Years Time period, while still technically before the 6th of January, nevertheless our secularized culture has already succumbed to the false notion that Christmas has passed, and on with our lives so to speak,..So, yes while I do usually speak about Catholic issues,..today I will try to incorporate some of my day to day activities within the mindset of Catholic framework.  Often times a blog can serve as a means of communication because too many cool things can happen all at once.  So back to the post and here we go,..

I think G.K. Chesterton serves as an example in many ways of how mankind has fallen so far from the realm of common sense that the likelyhood of acceptible absurdity whether in the school system or day to day life will become the status quo.  Case in point, every January, my job as a personal trainer becomes (to some people anyways,..) that of a witch doctor.  A few years back, I posted on several different personality types one can encounter in a gym setting.  To find that post,..search in the search bar or navigate throught the archives.  Yesterday, I encountered enough people asking me to 'make me lose weight' (a usual post Christmas request) that you could have thought I'd had a secondary career as a magician or sorceror.   People, to surmize, dropping weight, one has to diet!  Especially if they are over the age of 30!  Your caloric input must be less than the caloric output!  Couple that with a sensible cardio/resistance program  and presto!  You will drop weight.  Can you drop absurd amounts in shorts periods of time?  The simple answer is yes(not healthy),..however it is not recommended and thus is preferrable that a steady drop will enable you to lose fat, not just water.

My buddy Fr Greg is at it again!  This time with a video highlighting the beauty of 'Ad Orientum Liturgy.'  Now the question remains,.in this looney tune arch-diocese, is he begging to get suspended?  Well,.the stark reality on paper is he might be.  The heterodox hijacking of the See of Montreal has resulted in an all out assault against orthodoxy, and the subsequent promotion of every known dissident heretic under the Cardinal,..and if they are not heretics, they certainly lack testicular fortitude! (No balls...)  The new generation of priests differ than their predessesors in several ways,..two of them being they love Jesus, they love His Church.  That doesn't fly because it goes against the standard social justice nonsense which seeks to turn the Church into nothing more than a horizontal feel good charity campaign.  The response especially from younger Catholics who seek to practise their faith has been nothing but positive!  Too bad liberals!!

Next week,..Optimusmastro presents the candidates for Intellectual Terrorist for 2010!

St Andre de Mont Royal,......Priez pour nous.