Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Feast Day!!! St. Thomas Aquinas!

I knew I would be blogging today,..not because of some angst ridden issue with the Church, politics, the crisis in Haiti, or any other rant that people have become accustomed to through my writings. Today is the feast of St Thomas Aquinas! Sadly most Catholics know Thomas as the name of a school or just another saint in the calender,..well...Our brother 'the Dumb Ox' stand up and take a bow!

Being that I consider myself a relatively young Catholic and belonging to a movement which calls for an authentic reform,..Thomas Aquinas indirectly became my mentor especially during my initial conversion when I thought 'truth' didn't exist. It took me a year to read his Summa Theologica synthesizing Aristotelian thought with the Christian mind, and all the while I felt like someone had turned on a faucette of knowledge. Oh yeah Thomas wasn't known for his looks, as well, there was the incident where he chased a woman with a piece of iron used to stroke firewood,..but all in all, we owe our modern universities in part to his movement, scholasticism. Towards the end of his life Thomas underwent a mystical experience of God, declaring all that he wrote was straw. A truly amazing grace filled experience. His Summa, of course remained unfinished. Today Thomas stands as a doctor of the Church, and his writings are returning to their proper place within the seminaries especially in the training of new priests.

Saint Thomas Aquinas,....Ora Pro Nobis!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Little Update,...

Well as of last week it would seem that I lack a certain seratonin level in my brain. That being said, I needed to do a certain brain retreat as to why I am the way I am...Hmmm, let's see,..I'm a 32 year old male with a wonderful girl, financially secure and in reasonably good health, yet for some reason, I can't find my smile, (I've been told,...professionaly...that I've lost it) so during this self imposed exile, this blog will act both as my emotional outlet and my conduit to the world. Yes, I know this paragraph is a little irractic, if not downright nonsensical, yet try to enjoy this behaviour and chalk it up to my 'being'!

A short time ago, I decided to compile a list of 'things' which annoy me to levels resulting in an epinephrine/dopamine/adrenaline cocktail the likes of which can only can only be compared to hurricane Katrina. My parents, two wonderful people who support my every decision find themselves amidst my emotional whirlwind as best they can, trying to give support and advice to 'cheer' me up...For that I thank them. For the next few days, I will try as best as I can to find that 'happy place' that I have been longing for. This blog, my faithful readers will hopefully visualize the journey through my eyes as I try to recapture my sanity.

Saint Thomas Aquinas,..Ora Pro Nobis..


Friday, January 8, 2010

Global Warm.......err... 'Climate Change.'

I find it truly humourous that the left leaning pundits while taking a page out of George Orwell's 1984 try to rewrite and or create history all the while serving their destructive political agenda and nobody attempts to question it. Michael Voris over at Realcatholictv has a great commentary on this fraud, fad. It would seem the last few years since the Al Gore propaganda, movie came out, our individual psychologies have been assaulted by lies and half truths in order to advance an agenda known as population control. Throughout the nineties we were fed a steady dose of a leftist agenda known as global warming. Apparently these holes in the ozone layer were going to consistantly heat up the earth until we microwaved ourselves out of existence. Unfortunately, they didn't count on scientists disproving a nonsensical theory thereby shining a light on socialist verbal diarria.

You see, since 1998, the world actually has been getting colder. Now this could be due to an impending polar shift which in theory is due around 2012.(You've heard of the movie?..) Back to the issue at hand, because the earth has been getting colder, the socialist/communist lefty marketing director needed a new slogan. So wadda you get? Gone from our vocabulary is 'global warming,' the new term is 'Climate change.' The scary thing is that most people don't connect the dots and are still wrapped up in Obamamania. Personally, I'd rather subscribe to Hulkamania.

St Faustina(Divine Mercy) Pray for us!