Friday, June 3, 2016

Adding to the Blog,.. 'Sinner.'

June 3rd, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an apparition to St Margaret Mary Alacoque is truly an apparition which all have seen!  The image of Jesus with His heart exposed.  We can all go research the devotion itself, Jesus, devotion to His Sacred Heart, reparation of sin.  All this leads to humility.  A trait that I am realizing everyday needs to be cultivated in my life.  This blog, 'I am Catholic, Man and Marco' forgot one essential!  I am a sinner. (I'm adding that to the title.)

Its tough when the label 'sinner' is labeled onto us.  Yet, this is essentially why we need a Savior! (American spelling!)  The Church continues to be a hospital for sinners, and never a hotel for saints. My next post will address how Jiu Jitsu can cultivate humility in anybody!

God bless!  Sacred Heart of Jesus,...... Have mercy on us!