Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catholic Lighthouse Media....(PQ too!)

In life like in anything else, searching for something that gives meaning can often become a mundane if not endless quest to better one's self. We can see it happening within the ranks of the 'New Age' movement whereby an individual will attempt to change their perspective on 'things' by searching for there inner divine, or whatever crap Oprah Winfrey is currently proselytizing. Whether it is called the 'Secret'or Yoga, Zen Buddhism or simply socialism, all act or attempt to act as conduits for life's most complex problems. The question of whether or not these techniques have any truth to them is not called into question, because quite frankly it satisfies a person's emotional needs at that particular moment. Enter my latest venture. Yesterday I had the priveledge/blessing of meeting Cynthia Bredfeldt from Catholic Lighthouse Media. What I encountered was at once an individual who undertook a journey of faith as well as a devoted mother who wasn't afraid to wear her faith on her sleeve. This projects attempst to reach parishes with inspirational CDs and books by such authors as Tim Staples, Fr. John Corapi, Fr. Larry Richards, and Scott Hahn to name a few. Sadly the parishes where I live still have book shelves stocked with literature by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Qur'an and /or the Book of Mormon. The missing piece of the puzzle is solid catecheses alongside authentic inspirational messages. Well, folks it is coming! To all my readers within the Montreal Area, I will be attempting to visit a parish near you! Stay tuned!

On a side note, since this blog covers both Religion and politics,..this past weekend has me reporting on the PQ's national convention. YESSS!!(Can you believe I missed it!?) Oh well, among such motions passed by our favorite xenophobes of eternal francophone assimilation paranoia were suggestions regarding extending bill 101 (the draconian law regarding the predominance of french...)into cegeps! Imagine, we will be telling adults that they can't be trusted with making the so-called right decision to enter french college, therefore must be coerced to make sure french doesn't allegedly dissapear...

Long live Quebexico!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

In defense of a good offense...

Yesterday I had the 'pleasure' of meeting with and engaging with two prominent evangelical Christians. Good people who I used to consider an honor to know and love while calling them my brother and sister in Christ. It would seem however, that much of the Ecumenical love is not reciprocated. I have spoken about my two evangelical friends who run a Christian book store, and with whom I get along with marvelously. All I can say is that no two sets of evangelicals are the same. It would seem that the pair who contacted me via email would consider the bookstore people heretics. First off, they were students and without going into detail about them, they wanted to do a project on Catholicism. Wellllll, I thought, sure, why not? If they were genuinely interested(and they seemed to be...) I would take time out of my day to meet and speak with them. One thing about blogging, is that while it is fun, we run across the gamit of opinion and when we are genuinely solicited, if it is from local people, I will always try to make myself available.

We met at a local coffee shop and after exchanging pleasantries (and ordering our required intake of caffeine...)we decided to get down to business. What followed next was an assault. A spiritual handicap match two on one, whereby they decided to ambush me with scripture verse after scripture verse supposedly opposing my Catholic convictions. After about the tenth spiritual jab in the face,..I decided I had had enough,.(I silently prayed a prayer to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and serenity...) and started a Hulk Hogan-like wrestling style apologetical comeback. Answering the typical anti-catholic banter,(Mary, Saints, Purgatory)I launched into an offensive regarding philosophy and the origin of scripture. An appeal was made to their common sense regarding applying the use of reason and then finally I leveled them with some history,..'Look guys, whether you like it or not, the Church gave birth to the New Testament! By accepting it you are accepting the Tradition of the Church! The Councils of Hippo and Carthage! I didn't make that up, that's history! Eat the pill! The Bible didn't fly down out of the sky with a divine table of contents to know what was inspired and what wasn't. Our Lord gave His authority to the Church to decide these things!' (Big Boot, Legdrop!)

At that moment, they decided to leave, (countout victory). For the people in attendance, I'm sure for many it was the first time they saw a Catholic defend his position. I know this cause' many older people commented. Back to the post title, I tell you this story because this is not the way to conduct oneself doing apologetics. I may have won the argument, but I could have lost the souls. Sometimes I agree that we need to be passionate, but we also need to be pastoral, something I definetly have to work on.

Please pray for me.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Heeee's Baaaack!,..(Jacques Parizeau)

The dreaded arch nemesis of Federalists and anglophones has returned to haunt these people with a vengeance only rivaled by Freddy Kruger or Jason. Yes, Jacques Parizeau has launched a new book and looks at ways in which they(separatists) can reinvigurate a movement now known only by graying members. After an appearance Sunday on the popular Quebec program 'Tout le monde en parle,' a show which is based on the French program and hosted by PQ mouthpiece Guy A Lepage, Parizeau has released his book much to the delight of his 'fans.' Or so it would seem. You see, Jacques Parizeau always had a habit of being somewhat of the separatist movement's achilles' heel. Every time they would seem to go ahead in polls, he(Parizeau) would issue a statement so ridicously ill timed that the spin doctors would end up spending the next week cleaning up his damage. Remember 1995's referendum night catastrophe 'money and ethnic votes' that could of incited a riot? Or how about Quebecers being trapped like lobsters in a pot after a 'yes' vote. The most recent one regarding Marois's intention of attempting to repatriate more powers from Ottawa and how that could provoke a crisis? Forget George W. Bush! This guy could provide quotes that could fill a least a two-volume set!

For myself, I kinda liked him. Well at least I respected him. Disagree with him? Oh hell Yeah! (to quote Stone Cold Steve Austin) But he believed in his convictions despite his marketing (or lack there of...) In many respects he's kind of like an old uncle who is dangerously rascist, but because of his age, he's just too cute and cuddly.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Top Five Things,....(that annoy the hell out of me!)

1. Pseudo-liberal agents who are secretly marxist and masquerade as representing authentic social justice! (the 1960s are over people!, Get a f'n life!)

2. Supporters of Eco-feminism (is that even a term?)who have no regard for a hierarchy of truth or being. (see above,..'save the baby seal,..yet pro choice when it comes to little babies!)

3. The way the media (leftist...) downplays anything that could possibly show the Catholic Church in a good light! Yet always rush to remind us that Islam is a religion of piece!

4. Pigeons. (simply put, skyrats! disease carriers)

5. People who bring food or drink to Mass. (Honestly)

Well, wheww, now that I got that off my chest, I feel a lot better,..funny that writing is kind of like therapy!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Throughout the course of being a Catholic apologist, there are always issues that come up when speaking with our seperated brethren, specifically Mary, but in light of the Church's recent two feast days, I thought a little commentary on Purgatory might satisfy the quench of some curious protestants, if not at least equip a Catholic with a little insight into what is most often a misunderstood dogma. Soooo, here goes, to paraphrase the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

A condition or state where the souls of those who, while they died in Grace, must be purged of their sins before entering the Beatific Vision. A condition of suffering, before entering the state of Heaven.

Now, I hope everyone will notice the language that I am using. IT is very philosophical and attempts to explain what our humind mind can't necessarily comprehend. First off, why do I say 'condition?' Well, because 'Time'(the measure of motion) as we understand it ceases to be when we die. IT is not, a 'second chance.' Period. Point final. I hope the protestants reading this get that.

Oh,..I can just hear the echo now,..'But it is not in the Bible!' You Catoliks are adding to the 'pure gospel.' A little catecheses will follow,..and while I do not recommend using 'Maccabees' as a proof text, (Luther removed that book...)there is plenty of scriptural evidence in the New Testament. For example; Matthew 12: 32. This passage speaks about Jesus saying that sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this age, nor in the age to come. We already know that those in Hell, cannot be forgiven their sins, so deduction must be made as to what Jesus is talking about. Another reference is 1st Corinthians 3:15. Paul speaks about people being saved through 'fire.'

Simple deduction can be made as grounds for purgatory. The same deduction used for the Trinity or the Incarnation, two words found nowhere in scripture.

St Thomas Aquinas,..pray for us!

A little self evaluation...

Okay, so my name is Marco and I'm a stress case. In no way am I trying to satirize an alcoholic, but in reality am trying to draw attention to the fact that certain things annoy me. This of course leads to my stress/anger management issues. (think of the prayer, 'Serenity now...') I'm on the eve of turning 32 and realizing that the ideal world is not going come out of anything objective but as Pope Benedict/then Cardinal Ratzinger remarked, our world is one where relativism and mediocrity are batted about in the ocean of existence. Unfortunately our characters, each being different react to things and circumstances in different ways. I have decided to comprise a top ten list of things that make my blood boil. Although this will be a future post I will invite people to write to me and submit things that annoy them.

Well,.that's all for now,..cause' well,..I'm y'know,..annoyed.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Municipal apologetics,...from a Catholic layman...

Well, it would seem that I haven't blogged in quite some time and there is a good reason for it. As was mentioned in previous posts, my city, Montreal was in the middle of an election campaign, (albeit, one with so many twists and turns, that gravol was prescribed to settle the stomach.). The winner and still mayor, Gerald Tremblay for a third time. Although polls showed everyone close on Saturday, the ultimate decision came from Montreal's anglophone and allophone community. (Yes, we all remember Parizeau's 95 referendum concession speech...)

I would like to write a small satirical blurb on each of the respective candidates, considering that the election is over,...so here goes,

Gerald Tremblay: A nerd/mobster associate and former member of the Quebec liberals. He claimed ignorance of anything going on at city hall, (ie, cash, corruption, water meter scandal...kinda like Uncle Junior from the Sopranos...) But he is Federalist! And in a Montreal election, that's all that matters!

Louise Harel: Xenophobic separatist hardliner and mother of the forced municipal mergers. According to some anglo media outlets, was positioned to 'tame' Montreal by becoming mayor, so that separatism would flourish on the island. (just listen to CJAD callers...)

Richard Bergeron: My favorite! One of those pseudo-environmentalist 'kooks' who would normally be found outside a metro station pamphleteering. Believes 911 was an 'inside job.' Managed to gain credibility by joining forces with Justice John Gomery of sponsorship scandal fame.

Well there you have it!! I didn't want want to tarnish anyone's image before the election, but readers from different places will now understand the looney toon land that is Montreal. As for us the voters, the question should have been put to us, 'Who is the best of the worst?' There you have it!