Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ooooo Michael,.

So I guess this is the post whereby I resume 'pontificating...' especially in light of modernist, left of centre revisionist historians claiming to educate me on Catholic doctrine, dogma and history... Some gurus come from the angry feminist lefties, some come from well meaning fundamentalists, and some from sedevacante bizarro land,.. All one way or another find their way into my email,..through the joys of blogging....I will answer all of you in due time.

So Libya,..and the members of religion of 'peace' storm an embassy and kill diplomats, in the name of 'Allah.'  The crime was a movie put out by a Coptic Christian regarding the 'prophet' Muhammed,....The 'left' was quick to point out that it was extremism.  Well all I have to say is,..

'Dear Left of Centre Media Crackpots

Get your head out of your ass,..



And on,..onto the crux of my real concern,..

This is the blog post where I finally make enemies, the one where my loyal 'traditionalist' bent fan base screams betrayal,...or is it?  Michael Voris,..sigh,.. The last couple of Vortex(s) have me well,..scratching my head just a little.  You see, I find nothing wrong with his content per se,.. but the delivery system is well getting a little old and getting a little angrier... I will invite you to reread the Gospels, and meditate two scenes,.. Jesus meeting Zaccheus, and  Jesus getting His feet annointed by the women of 'sin.'  Next up,.. Reread Acts of the Apostles,..when Paul arrives in Athens, and PROPOSES(Not imposes!!)  the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to a community, a religious pagan homeland.  Freedom,.as in free will, means that we are able to conscienciously decide to follow or reject.  The point is he doesn't level accusations against them, he invites them to a change to heart and direction, a conversion if you will.  (Some follow,.the disciples,..while some reject, the rich young man..)  The crux in all of this, is that despite all the failings/silence of Bishops etc,..The Church still stands,.why?  Simply because it is the Holy Spirit who is in control.  The Church has always moved slowly.  Mr Voris, paraphrase Pope Benedict XVI from Cologne Germany,.. Truth without Love is akin to  clanging symbols, while Love divorced from Truth is completely blind.  We need both.   Does one need to be Catholic to be saved?  The answer is one needs to be in a state of Grace to be saved.  The Catholic way is the Truth established by Jesus Christ, much as it is harder for our non Catholic or Non Christian friends, they can be saved, again, through Jesus Christ, provided they are in invincible ignorance.  (Dear Sede crowd,..Fr Leonard Feeney was excommunicated for advancing a literalistic interpretation of 'Extra Ellesia Nulla Sallus.'  waaaaaay before Pope John 23rd or VII was anywhere near the radar screen,..just sayin'.)  The point in all of this?  Only God can judge the soul....

Sorry for not posting as often, schedule is insane!

Notre Dame de Ville Marie,..............priez pour nous!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Martini, Dolan, and Other Musings...

So what`s my schedule like?  How are you enjoying seminary life and why did you have an ice pack non your knee earlier?  The answers,..busy, loving it and because (and this is specifically directed to my mom who reads `Confessions`) I twisted my knee playing floor hockey with other seminarians!  See Ma,..and you worry about Jiu Jitsu and boxing!!!!!!!  Its hockey with future religious that can be dangerous!  So I began writing this blog entry with an ice pack on my knee and a sad realization that I'm not in my twenties anymore,..

Monday is now part of our collective history, and we Quebecers, (the last province to allow women to vote) elected for the first time a female premier.  The Parti Quebecois is now the government and Pauline Marois is now the premier of `La Belle Province.`  Guess what?  I do not agree with anything she stands for, nevertheless, I will congratulate her on making history.  She has a minority government with 54 seats while the Liberals have 50.  The CAC headed by Francois Legault came in with 19 seats.  Sadly,.the news doesn`t end there as a fanatic attempted an assassination claiming `anglos` won`t stand for her policies.  I have always prided myself on living in a fair and democratic society, that cretin does not represent me.  Continuing,.. Jean Charest lost his seat in Sherbrooke and consequently announced his resignation from politics.  Classy and elegant,..well done Monsieur Charest!

On the international scene,..Cardinal Martini passed away.  Again,.I did not agree with much that he stood for, nevertheless I must admit that he was a brilliant Biblical scholar.  Sometimes we get stuck on his personal opinions,..and then can't appreciate anything else from his works.  As well,..while I once scratched my head over Cardinal Dolan's decisions,..watching him enter the democratic 'house' and beat the 'sh$%' out of them in their own living room was incredibly inspiring!  I am sooooo happy to have been soooo wrong!  Sometimes the Holy Spirit gives us a little wink,..reminded us that it is ultimately God's Church,...God is always in charge!

It is clear that the Church is ressurecting and the John Paul II generation is now officially in control, men inspired by the Holy Spirit to reclaim the Church after a period of nuttyness.  Truly exciting times are ahead!!!!!!!!!!!  God bless!

St Andre Bessette,..(Frere Andre)  ..................priez pour nous!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Worldwind Week,.The New Beginning..

What can I say?   Thank you  so much for all the email, well wishes and prayers of support as my journey to priesthood kicked off last friday August 24th.  From that point, I have lived through an intense week of an opening retreat with my fellow seminarian brothers coming in, as well as with the whole community for another three days,..all spent in silence.  This has been a long time coming, and if I could use one word to describe it in any way, it is pure 'serenity.'  Last year, I studied as an external student, this year, I'm inside, praying the breviery, daily Mass and community life.

The opening camp was a grace.  My Spiritual Director, all 6'3 and 210lbs of big bad Fr Guy Guindon happens to be in charge of all the newbies.  To describe this man, I would say he is holy, completely Eucharistically centred and real!  (He would also be the only priest able to perform an exorcism on Chuck Norris, if Chuck Norris ever became possessed...)  We spent our time at a Sulpician Retreat house in Oka, Quebec, where we prayed together, Mass, a pilgrimidge to the oldest pilgrim site in North America, and fraternized, there was plenty of beer and a swimming pool,.. (for those wondering, there was also a full gym in the rectory, however I don't think I made any friends with the older Sulpician Fathers as I decided to train at 530am in the morning,...hehehehe...)

Monday was the first Conference of the Rector, whereby our mission as a community was put forth,..Jesus in the Scriptures.  To fall in love with Sacred Scripture as God's living Word.  With our theme intact, we went on retreat for 3 days inside the Seminary,..meaning we could not leave the grounds or speak.  We had morning, afternoon and evening prayer, as well as a teaching, Rosary, Adoration and Eucharist!  (Yes,..I still trained everyday at night in the basment gym,..but in!) 

Thursday evening was the community BBQ,.. all provided by the Sulpicians.  Hamburgers, beer and polish sausage! ( Da bearsss, da bullsss,...) where fraternity and laughes were the anthopological accompanyent to a week of prayer and recollection.  I have a had a chance to meet and bond with my brothers, and they are just that, brothers,..we will live in community, pray together, eat together and battle together! 

Confessions will from time to time offer a snapshot of life inside the seminary, the ups, the downs and the in betweens,..  To paraphrase Optimus Prime at the end of every live action Transformers movie,..he gives a little narrative,.. I am Optimusmastro, and I send this message out to any young guy feeling the tug of Jesus on his heart, are not alone, and though I am in discernment, feel free to contact me if you need to talk,...

St Jean Viannay,............................ora pro nobis!