Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama and Notre Dame,...

The buzz in Catholic news circles in the last few days has shifted from the secular media's manipulation of the Pope's comments on condoms in Africa and has landed on the Obama/Notre Dame controversy. Notre Dame school located in Indiana has always given itself the moto,'where the Church does her thinking..' Well,...clearly the Church must be suffering from a brain fart of the highest magnitude. Notre Dame which literally means 'Our Lady' in reference to the Blessed Mother, who through her Immaculate Conception gave the world it's Saviour, is about to compromise its principals by giving US President Barack Obama a platform to speak at the graduation!...So what's the problem you ask?.,Well the fact that he's the most pro-abortion/anti-life President in the history of that country is causing a ripple...To say the friggin' least! Yeah, yeah, I know about all the other good, blah, blah, blah,..But when it comes to this issue, even f'n snakes allow their young to be born before they eat them! The right to life should be a given, unfortunately in our western self serving civilization, pregnancy can be regarded as a punishment(Obama's words! not mine.)

A Rosary campaign should get under way, and if you haven't started one, get going. We need to end the scourge on life that is Abortion, and only by God's grace can it get done! The womb should never be a tomb!

Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have mercy on us.
Immaculate Heart of Mary: Pray for us.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On Bad Philosophy...

A few months back I posted about bad philosophy giving rise to bad theology. I spoke about post enlightmentment non-sense creating a moral vaccuum in which garbage like DesCartes and later Alfred North Whitehead's ideas thrive. These 'thinkers' who either deny objective reality or claim that it is constantly in a state of 'becoming' follow the typical model of what becomes heresy. Heresy always starts out as containing truth, (however in differing quantities)and then injects one idea based upon a single or collective experience. From the Theological standpoint, this has led to an all out assault upon classical Catholic thought.

First off let's go to the start, Vatican II. When Blessed John XXIII's idea came to opening up the Church to meet the world, he had in mind a pastoral concern, not a doctrinal one. Hey, all you hippy poncho wearing liberals who have smoked yourself stupid, actually the few who are left (most have contracepted themselves out of existence..,)would you please read the opening statement of our Blessed Pope when Vatican II was convened! Okay, got that out of my system...All 16 documents reflect the living Tradition of the Catholic Church, and are to be read in light of the Church's Tradition not in opposition to it! The sad reality is that they can't be read in opposition to it, and these heretics go around claiming that a 'new' church must be born, and reformed....Hey Liberals,..where does it say in Sacrosanctum Concilium that we are to have clown masses?(out of respect for the Mass I will not capitalize the letter when preceded by the word 'clown.') The point is, it doesn't, so these cute people go around and distort the Faith by claiming the 'Spirit of Vatican II' (they have to say so, because the letter sure as hell doesn't)in order to justify their hippie crap and destroy God's Church.

Now its getting to the point where their last breath is about to be taken, so Hans Kung, Richard McBrien, and the rest of the commune are getting louder. The hysterical oops, historical critical scholarship crowd of process theologians and atheists otherwise known as the 'Jesus Seminar' deny the Ressurection, miracles believe that Marian piety must be abbrogated in order to please the protestants and the list goes on,...My question is, How come there were soooooooo many martyrs if none of t were true? The sad reality is that these guys and their ideological offspring have controlled the chancery offices, universities and seminaries for far too long, (I am reminded about Pope Paul VI's statement about the 'smoke of satan' entering the Sanctuary...) and what fruit has it brought? Mass attendance is down nearly 75%, the Real Presence is questioned, sexual immorality is rampant, an artificial vocations crisis created, and finally the homosexual scandal in the Church. (It is not a pedophilia crisis, please read the report!)

My ADD kicked in early, but I needed to get this off my chest.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Assault by the Assemblies of God

First off, let me say, that from here on in,..this blog will be dedicated to promoting and defending the Catholic Church, a little along the lines of Apologetics with Attitude. I cannot change my character or disposition, I am a man and make no apologies for being blunt. I am however compassionate and will try to think on the right (intellectually) and my heart will be on the left (socially).

Now, before I begin to cut a promo,..I received an email recently regarding a fellow brother being shaken in his faith by the evangelical/pentecostal anti-catholic crowd. Disclaimer: Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, I am very ecumenical, I believe the Holy Spirit calls us into dialogue so that we can understand our seperated brethren, thereby making it easier for them to come home. Jesus Christ established one Church, (one flock, one shepherd)and did not intend it to splinter into thousands of competing denominations. I do not believe that protestants are necessarily going to hell, but I believe that Christ calls us to know the Truth, so that we can be set free. In other words, the protestants that died and are in Heaven are now Catholic!...Okay, got that out of the way before some flaky universalist attempts to paint me as a bigot!

The arguments and strategies from the evangelicals are very typical,..the conversation, I believe would go something like this..

Prot: Have you been saved?

Cath: What do you mean?

Prot: Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

Cath: Sure I'm Catholic, I go to Church.

Prot: Well that's nice, but if you don't confess Jesus as Lord you'll still go to hell,.The Catholic Church teaches works salvation and has led billions of souls into damnation. It contradicts the Bible.

Cath: What do you mean?

Prot: Where do we find Mary worship? the Saints, Purgatory, the Pope...All we need for Salvation is in the Bible.

Cath: uhhh,..uhhh,...gotta go,..(faith shaken)

You see for the last 40yrs we have experienced a breakdown in the catechism, Catholics are either secular or biblically illeterate. Vatican II (an awesome council!) has been hijacked by people advocating the 'spirit of Vatican II' hippie non-sense, leaving catholics without a sense of identity. So now,..well try to answer some of those objections. For fun, let's start the dialogue one more time,

Prot: Have you been saved?

Cath: Yes, I've been baptized as it says in 1st Peter 3:21. I confess that Jesus Christ died to redeem me and now I work out my salvation in fear and trembling like Saint Paul.(Philippians 2:12)

Prot: So you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

Cath: Yes I'm Catholic,..I try to participate in the Sacrements.

Prot: You can't really be saved,..That's works salvation,.Sacrements aren't in the Bilbe,.what about Mary and the Saints,.Purgatory, the Pope? All we need is the Bible.

Cath: That's not entirely true,..It is the Church who discerned the Bible by the power of the Holy Spirit, under the reign of Pope Damasus and Saint Jerome. As for the other things you mentioned there in the Bible. Gen 3:15 prefigures Mary, and Luke 1 argues her Immaculate Conception,..the Greek word being Kecharitomene). At the Wedding feast of Cana she intercedes on behalf on the bride and groom running out of wine,..In the book of Revelation she is the Woman clothed with the sun giving bith to the man-God,..Dude I really don't know what you're talking about. Purgatory is hinted at in 1st Peter 3:19. The Pope, well Peter is always first among the apostles...

Prot: Whoa,..1st Peter 3:19 doesn't explicitly say Purgatory,.I told you the Bible doesn't say it!

Cath: Okay, then where in the bible do we find the word Trinity or Incarnation?...Didn't think so, is the Church which made explicit that which was implicit in scripture! It is remarkable how you protestant guys tend to ignore Sacred Tradition only when it suits your own man-made dogmas,..

Prot: Never mind,..gotta go.

What a totally different conversation. Anyway to that one reader out there who requested this particular post, I hope this helps. Don't forget to pray (especially the Rosary,..also found in scripture...) and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

That's all for now...


Friday, March 20, 2009

Pope speaks on Africa,..

Pope Benedict XVI once again caused a secular tsunami over his remarks regarding condoms. According to the Pope,..condoms don't prevent AIDS. It is really amazing how the media looks to isolate a sentence thereby making who they want to look stupid,..look stupid. Now for all you media folks out there, I'm about to drop a bombshell,..are you ready, sitting down?,..Okay here goes......THE POPE IS CATHOLIC!..Yes it is true, I figured that would need some clarification, especially in light of the fact that the media is either secular or filled with dissident catholics, y'know the Richard McBrien type...First off, back in the sixties and seventies there was this magical document called 'Humanae Vitae.' It came in light of questions concerning whether or not Catholics would be allowed to use artificial birth control. Pope Paul VI orchestrated this document about the dangers of artificial contraception, (ie promiscuity...etc) and today he looks like a prophet!

The root problem is that we (mankind,..oops humankind) need to humanize the sexual act as a free expression between two married people,..not just a sensual pastime designed in order to get off. OOOOhhhhh, I can almost hear the groans from the left, dissidents everywhere saying, 'yeah, but they're gonna do 'it' anyway, at least they'll be safe with condoms. Well to them I say if their kids are doing heroin, instead of getting to the root of the problem, we should just give them clean needles!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wow,..anything for a story,...

Well,...its been a while since my last post and due to lack of time, this blog is definitely feelin' some wear and tear,...Where to begin? Well how about the coverage of Pope Benedict XVI's excommunication revocation of four schismatic Bishops belonging to the Society of Saint Pius X? First off, the SSPX is NOT in full communion with the Catholic Church. Normalizing four illicit concecrations does nothing to change the canonical status of the Society in question or its adherents. This move was one of reconcialition and a first step towards possible full communion in the future. NOW DA STORY,..! One of the Bishops in question made some ignorant remarks regarding his view of the Holocaust. This Bishop definetly needs a history lesson along with some serious psychological evaluations(my opinion..)regarding his own sanity. Irregardless of his ignorant views regarding a political and historical event, the excommunication revocation had nothing to do with it. The Pope has expressed on many different occasions that he is far from being a Nazi sympathizer. Alas,..the secular media however always looking for a story took a different route...

The Montreal Canadiens are tanking faster than the Titanic,..Guy Carbonneau is gone and the Francophone media is shrieking at the thought of Don Lever possibly being the head coach,..dontcha love Quebec?...We're sooooo progressive! Except when it comes to anything remotely english,..

bye for now...