Monday, September 28, 2009

Coffee talk with Crazy People...

Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but local coffee shops in my opinion provide an intellectual mosaic complete with irrational discourse and fundamentalist lunacy. Where do I get this?,..Well observation for one and experience the latter. You see, the cosmopolitain city that is Montreal is a hotbed not just for socialists but for overall nutjobs, adding to the 'je ne sais quoi' that defines our pseudo-European mindset.

Picture this,..a laid back setting at a Coffee Shop that is Second Cup, one can find themselves among two mormon missionaries (not drinking coffee,..)a jehovah's witness, two wiccan new age type followers reading Sylvia Brown, and finally an assortment of muslim students discussing the Qu'ran. Inevitably they become drawn to each other as the well meaning Mormons attempt to impart their understanding the Christian Gospel upon the muslim students who return with an open and honest discourse about the life of Muhammed. Where do I fit in all of this, well,...I guess I was kinda like a silent observer, I did not wish to enter the discussion, yet I would not have shy-ied away had I been approached. What happened next was troubling, Evangelical/Fundamentalist type of individual began to debate everybody, mixing Christian escatology with 2012 kookiness. What was a good discussion turned into a shmoz of nonsensical ranting with one man pronouncing Hell upon everybody. Then again, that's the beauty of free speech...

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Coming Catholic War...

Well it seems that numerically the numbers have shifted,..there are more younger orthodox priests within the archdiocese of Montreal and in my humble opinion, it will only be a matter of time before they are put in positions of authority. For my readers of this blog, who already know that I have a fascination with the fact that the last 40yrs have seen the Church nearly get eroded or worse turned into a sort of social vehicle for left wing concerns. Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV articulates these points beautifully and forcefully I might add, something that has been sorely lacking when it comes to staying loyal to the Pope and the Magisterium.

You see, an incident occured over the weekend. I went to a parish on the South Shore off the island, and wasn't quite sure if I attended a Mass. The Liturgy of the Word started off with type of dialogue (play) depicting the first reading. The Psalm was done as usual, there was no second reading, then a lay minister(woman) got up to read the Gospel. The homily, (Thank God) was given by the priest. (Although it had more to do with some water supply somewhere...)

Sadly the above discription is all too typical of the 'Spirit of Vatican II' polluting people's minds and steering them clear of authentic Church teaching. Similarly, during the week, I attended another Mass, this time on the island within the english sector, and was treated to reverence and respect. So what's point of this rant, you ask? To show that it is a matter of time before the hippies ordained in the 1960s die out and the Church starts to reign in the heretics.

Pope John Paul the Great,...Pray for us.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

So you'd think that a blog calling itself the Confessions of a thirty something cybertronian would leave out any references to Transformers, the absolute greatest cartoon phenomenon of the eighties? Then you'd have to be ridiculous! Of course I'd seen it when it first came out but being a fan, I needed time to divorce my bias from the actual content of the movie...Soooo,.here goes, deep breath,..I can do this,..It SUCKED! There I said it! Spoiler alert,..Optimus Prime dies, then gets back to life, Megatron has a 'boss' if you will,.(the Fallen). As far as Soundwave goes,.it was supposed to be Frank Welker's voice and it was, only they left out the voice synthesizer,.(which was Soundwave's trademark,..I mean C'Mon!!!). Oh yeah, Jetfire is old and 'farts.' Anyway, I'm sure by now that you're getting a headache,.so I'll stop.

My next post will go back to Catholicism, although it was a good break to get away from that subject, even Jesus attended parties (Wedding feast of Cana...)

Our Lady of Fatima,..pray for us!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What the Hell is SEO or SEM?

Now I know that this particular blog post does not fit into the standard category of so-called medieval Catholicism(that'a what one liberal priest told me...)but I wanted to shift gears and talk about online visibility. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization,..and to put it simply is the most essential tool a person can use to gain more visibility through higher rankings with Google, Yahoo or MSN. Quite frankly it is the most important factor in online marketing to date. Think about it, individual could spend thousands of dollars trying to create a corporate website complete with flash, yet if no one can find it, would end up figuratively creating dust in cyberspace. Key word search would enable a company or person to create content that would be easily tracible by the spiders thus many visitors, thereby more chances of a conversion, or in plain speak an ROI. SEM simply stands for Search Engine Marketing. On a side note, in my other life,..(hehehe reincarnation? for all you hippie wannabes expecting another verbal ass kicking)I work doing search engine optimization. Check it out at and drop me a line!

St Joseph patron saint of workers, pray for us!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Post in Haste,..produces regrets,..

As my readers could tell,..the last post was done in haste. I was angry and frustrated not because someone has a differing idea/opinion than that of my own,..but because said individual resorted to personal attacks via email. Well,..the question remains, did I fare any better by emotionally returning 'fire' so to speak. Anger is Biblical,..rage is not and this is where we as human beings possessing freedom must draw a distinction.

Freedom (authentic) is the ability one has to will the intellect over the sense, gain control of one's self. In retrospect, after rereading my last post, perhaps my animal side was showing alot more than my human one. Note to Self: Do not blog if one's anger is getting the better of him.,,Perhaps I should be wise if I follow my own advice.

St Francis of Assissi,.pray for us.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A truly Sad Discovery...

While surfing through the internet, I stumbled upon the website for the Canadian Religious Conference. While in appearance it seemed Catholic with links towards religious communities including priests and laity, upon closer inspection I noticed how Satanic this group really is. Yeah I said it, and I really don't care what politically correct hippie comes out of the woodwork to scold me or should I say 'dialogue' with me. These people have ruined our Catholic Faith and unless we step up, our man-made(sorry 'people-made')vocations crisis will hit a red alert.

This manifesto, included documents adhering to the imaginary 'Spirit of Vatican II' you know the one that isn't substantiated by the 'letter' of Vatican II. Apparently the Canadian Church complete with its heretics will stop at nothing to ordain women, practice contraception and totally disregard any concern for dogma and truth. You see, people like me who are considered way too rigid (that's a code word for faithful to the magisterium)should be silenced to make way for the human experience on their 'Faith Journey.' Well,.I'm about to put my foot up their rear end while on this faith Journey, hopefully it won't lead too many people to hell.

On a side note,..the coward who sends me hatemail, I'd like to invite to dialogue on this blog, cause its becoming painfully obvious your a coward,..especially considering that you said I knew you. I don't mind debate, so what are you afraid of?