Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Post in Haste,..produces regrets,..

As my readers could tell,..the last post was done in haste. I was angry and frustrated not because someone has a differing idea/opinion than that of my own,..but because said individual resorted to personal attacks via email. Well,..the question remains, did I fare any better by emotionally returning 'fire' so to speak. Anger is Biblical,..rage is not and this is where we as human beings possessing freedom must draw a distinction.

Freedom (authentic) is the ability one has to will the intellect over the sense, gain control of one's self. In retrospect, after rereading my last post, perhaps my animal side was showing alot more than my human one. Note to Self: Do not blog if one's anger is getting the better of him.,,Perhaps I should be wise if I follow my own advice.

St Francis of Assissi,.pray for us.

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