Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Final post from Cybertron. (Time to return to Earth.)

Its been over a year since I posted, and despite some setbacks, the Call to Holiness remains strong and a clearer vision and path is now in front of me!  Its true, that in order to move forward, sometimes one has to take a step backward.  In my case long overdue.   While still on the road to priesthood, my path will take a little longer.  This past January, (4th) I suffered a nervous breakdown and thanks to many awesome confreres, I am now able to bounce back!  Our Lord will often use a means of purification that we have no control over, and in the end, despite the hardships it is all to make us more humble!

As an aside, what is saving me right now is Jiu Jitsu.  The ultimate act of humility.  'Tapping' isn't fun, but it is a way of crushing one's ego to the point of fragile psychological acceptance!  This blog will somewhat take a different tone, but still Faith, politics and of course WWE will be analyzed! 

This video is only fitting as the official end to 'Confessions of a Thirty Something Cybertronian.'

God bless and see you soon under a new name!