Friday, October 23, 2009

Anglican Issue,..a small 'addendum.'

Well it would seem that so many people are in a fuss over the recent move by the Holy Father allowing easier access into the Catholic Church by maintaining their own distinctive rites and customs. One letter in the Gazette suggested that this should be reciprocated by the Anglican communion, whereby the victims of sexual abuse could enter into the Anglican fold. Such horror!, Such uproar! Yet what do the Traditional Anglicans themselves think? The secular media sure won't tell you, but Archbishop John Hepworth of the Traditional Anglican movement welcomed the move calling it 'An act of great goodness on the part of the Holy Father..'

I get sooo tired of liberal media 'spin doctors' either trying to hide the truth or twisted it into something it is not!,..


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Traditionalists and Elvis sightings...

Within Catholic circles there has since the last forty years or so existed conspiracy theories. Well, to be fair, not just in the Catholic Church but elsewhere on the planet. We have the 'Illuminati,' Big Foot or Sasquatch, alien abduction and finally the sedevacantists('chair is empty'). Why do I lump all these people together? Well because some of the cuckoo stuff that comes from their websites and propaganda. I really don't want to give links to these people, but take my word for it. Stories such as the 'Fake' Pope Paul VI, (because his ear was different in some picture...) the Novus Ordo being the product of Freemasons, (actually to be fair, not quite sure about that one...) and some guy in Kentucky(I think..)being named Pope Pius XIII.

Yup, 'sedevacantists.' Unlike the SSPX, who do acknowledge the Pope, these people maintain that there has been no true Pope since Pope Pius XII. You see, the other ones were anti-popes, bent upon the destruction of Christ's bride. They refuse to accept the Second Vatican council, and consequently go about their business without the Vatican, continually entering schism after schism, all taking their ball and going home, so to speak. Y'know, I've hammered upon the liberal agenda, but sometimes, these guys make the 'progressive' catholics (btw,..there is no such thing!) look mainstream. Of course, the problem lies with the interpretation of the Second Vatican council, whereby both extremes believe a new Church was born.

For myself, I think most of my readers know that I prefer the Extraordinary Form of Mass, as is my right as a Catholic. This doesn't mean that I think that a Novus Ordo, is necessarily evil. It just lends itself to be more accommodating to the personality of the priest, hence liturgical abuses can flourish. The Extraordinary form, to be fair, when rushed can be very mechanical and spiritually dry. To conclude, Myself, Card(s) Ottavianni, Bugnini, Big Foot, Elvis, and E.T. should all stop with the conspiracy charges, and start living our faith!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,...Have Mercy on us!
Immaculate Heart of Mary...pray for us!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Pope reaches out to disgruntled Anglicans...

In what is to be viewed as a concialiatory move towards traditional anglicans, the Pope has made their path to Rome, should they choose to be as less 'bumpy' as can be. It would seem that this would not go over too well within the anglican communion, but that is as much a product of their own undoing as anything else. His tory will testify to the effect that at its inception, the Anglican schism was the result of King Henry not being able to be granted a divorce. Consequently, he declared himself head of the Church, and thus splintered Christianity even further. The schism eventually turned into heresy as the rite of ordination was changed, thus the understanding of priesthood almost lost. Anglican 'orders' were declared void by subsequent Popes and the Church of England spiraled into a cluster of subjectivism coupled with and disguised as 'tolerance.' All one has to do, is consider the Episcopalian communion in the United States, where I kid you not, there is a female priest(esse) who converted to Islam and yet still shepherded her congregation. Only last April was she deposed. (The Rev. Ann Holmes Redding..)

Throughout the turmoil, however there have been pockets of 'Anglo-catholics' as they called themselves who have always sought to be faithful to the Church as they saw it. The Mass, during the Oxford movement was a near direct translation of the Extraordinary form of Mass used today in the Roman rite. These people will now be able to keep their distinctive forms and rites(including married clergy) while being free from the non-sense that has polluted their communion for too long, such as openly gay clergy and women's ordination. These faithful will forever now be able to purge three words from their memory, John Shelby Spong!

To conclude, this was a testament to true ecumenical dialogue as a conclusion was presented. One can easily see the work of the Holy Spirit as opposed to the lowest common denominator ecumenism practised by most parishes with priests ordained during the 'Spirit of Vatican II.'

That they all may be one.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Labonte quits?,.err resigns?,..err fired?

A short post today regarding the ever changing world of the exciting Montreal municipal campaign. It would seem that Benoit Labonte accepted cash as anonymous donations from Tony Accurso, the construction businessman implicated with Mayor Tremblay over the water meter affair. Last Saturday saw Louise Harel defend her 2nd in command over these allegations. The problem was that these allegations were true! Despite Labonte's denials, his cell phone records along with an anonymous source confirmed it would seem that Mr Labonte and this businessman had been meeting quite a few times during 2008. Wellll....that changes everything! Wow aren't municipal elections exciting? They are if you live in Montreal. I think I've wasted enough space,..oh yeah the debate last night on RDI,..according to their spin doctors, they all won.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Louise Harel and the Angryphones...

Okay time to talk politics, (amazing, this whacko's interests are politics and religion, what most people will rather swallow nails than discuss these issues at the dinner table,..well not me!!!..I live for this stuff.,..I'm sure that's what my readership is thinking...) specifically the municipal election being held in Montreal.
The candidates, the big two anyway are Louise Harel(Vision Montreal) and Gerald Tremblay(Union Montreal). What is shaping up however is a full blown polarization between constitutional debacle right alongside the issue of snow removal and garbage collection.

A little backround,..Mme Harel was a minister in the last Parti Quebecois government. A convinced separatist and one of the most polarizing figures ever in municipal politics. Her adversary and incumbent mayor, Gerald Tremblay was a minister during Robert Bourassa's Liberal government way back when. Throw in my favorite anglo-montreal media mouthpiece CJAD, and we have an election delving into such absurd depths that their broadcasts will have months of material and folly. You see I wasn't going to blog this morning, however, I felt the need to after listening to Gerald Tremblay declare himself a 'proud Canadian.' My stomach churned not so much at his answer, but the dummy who asked the question. My response would be along the lines of,..does it matter? His administration has been rocked with six separate counts of police administration, yet we, the anglophone community will re-elect him because of his national patriotism. Have we took the time to consider that Mme Harel's number 2 is Benoit Labonte, a former aide to Paul Martin. What about the fact that Tremblay's team has a separatist in Diane Lemieux, or better still an ex-felquist Andre Lavallee.

For the record, I am a strong Federalist. Yet I don't see the connection and how this would impact municipal politics. We lived through two separatist mayors before in Jean Dore and Pierre Bourque, really CJAD,..CHILLAX! The sky won't fall and let's concentrate on municipal issues.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So I finally got around to it...and wish I hadn't

What I'm referring to in this blog entry is Richard McBrien's, (oops, I forgot 'Fr' Richard McBrien...)September 08, 2009 article on restoring of Perpetual Adoration within the Archdiocese of Boston. Not surprisingly, McBrien disagrees with this motive calling it to paraphrase, a Theological step backwards. First off here is a little background, soooo, let's start where this article appeared, the National Catholic Reporter.

Often viewed as the Theological mouthpiece for the so-called 'spirit of vatican II' crowd, this magazine (which btw could easily double as toilet paper...)serves as a marxist blueprint for Church reform in areas that the authors see fit, which is basically everything. Such noted dissidents as 'Sr' Joan Chittister, 'Fr' McBrien, 'Fr' Curren were all able to brainwash the last two generations since the Council, and make way for their strictly horizontal view of the Church as a vehicle for being 'nice.' It will promote women's ordination, homosexual marriage, a desacramentalizing of the Church Herself, and will do it all in the name of 'aggiornamentto.' What it will NOT promote is authentic magisterial teaching (unless it is Cardinal Mahoney...) loyalty to the Pope, and just general orthodoxy. The result is obvious, scandals in the priesthood, schism at every corner and empty Churches. To sum up their theology, Truth doesn't exist, especially if it offends someone. Secondly, the Church was absolutely wrong, tyrannical, anti-women right up until 1959. Then the Second Vatican Council started this whole new idea of what the Church should be, based on Chapter 2 of Lumen Gentium, People of God. I guess Chapter 3, (The Church is Hierarchical) should be neglected. Thirdly, because Vatican II itself doesn't articulate these points (man the Holy Spirit must taken the day off...), this group and their 'ilk' have taken it upon themselves to write commentaries about the Council in the name of the 'spirit' of Vatican II. Although not part of the Council, Pope Paul VI issued an encyclical entitled Humanae Vitae as a response to Catholic and contraception 'Fr' Curren being the most famous(of said ilk) for his critique of Humanae Vitae. (On a side note, the Canadian Bishops in 1960's issued the Winnipeg statement, thereby also going against the Pope). What is particularly interesting is that the Holy Spirit has chosen Two 'Super' Popes in John Paul II and Benedict to reign this kind of stuff in. Anyway before my ADD goes any further, this is essentially the kind of crap found in the National Catholic Reporter.

As far as 'Fr' McBrien goes, well what do you expect from this guy. His whole career has been that of a dissident. Last year he preached in a unitarian Church(What was he doing there in the first place?) about how wrong the Church was until the 'spirit' of Vatican II enlightened his generation. Back to the beginning, no Eucharist Adoration, huh 'Fr' McBrien? Well I have a question for you,...Why are the dioceses with orthodox Bishops flourishing while the elderly liberal Bishops are in charge of dioceses flooded with scandal(I mean C'mon its all about Social Justice right?). Perhaps, we should listen to the Holy Spirit and discern the fruits of our time...Like it or not, if(and it is...)the Eucharist IS the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, we should be on knees falling. Maybe Father McBrien should consider the Epicopalian communion, yeah I hear they are doing well...

Sacred Heart of Jesus,...Have Mercy on us!
Immaculate Heart of Mary,..Pray for us!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Falardeau's Funeral...(yes, still more Liturgical Abuses...sigh.)

This past Saturday was the funeral for controversial filmaker and left wing pamphleteer, Pierre Falardeau. He died two fridays ago, from a battle with cancer, he was 62. (Eternal Rest grant unto him oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace.) Whatever one believes of his views, does not change the fact a soul has gone home to meet his Lord in judgement. At his side were his common law girlfriend, and his three children.

Pierre Falardeau, in many respects (not the first time I've mentioned him on this blog...) was an enigma. A left leaning member of the socio-politico intelligentia with strong convictions and even stronger words for people who disagreed with his view of things, Falardeau will be remembered for two things in the Rest of Canada. The first is his public spats with Telefilm Canada over federal funding to spread his separatist bullsh...errr, propaganda, and secondly the creator of Bob 'Elvis' Gratton. The latter was meant as a political send-up to the type of voter Falardeau and his 'ilk' would brand as eternally colonially brainwashed and who ultimately thwarted the 1980 and 1995 referendums. Gratton(portrayed by Julien Poulin, another separatist lefty...) is obsessed by materialism and anything american, including his unhealthy fascination with winning an Elvis impersonator contest. His catch phrase; 'Think Big!..Sti!'

The strange thing is that in any other country, Falardeau's presence would the cause the mainstream media and arts community to crawl into a sewer. An example of this is that while the PQ tries very hard to court anglophone and allophone Quebecers, Falardeau interjects himself by saying that he would like to take a chainsaw to Federalist anglos. Nice going Pierre. Nevertheless, his funeral was attended by all PQ brass as well as BQ leader Gilles Duceppe,.who tried distancing himself from everything Pierre did. (On a side note, Bernard Landry opined that he shared Falardeau's view of things, just would express it differently...I feel a bowel movement coming on...) Surprisingly, Pierre-Karl Peladeau was there which should cause angst within the business community,.then again his girlfriend is Julie Snyder, the proud Quebecer who came back only because her career in France tanked.

As far as the funeral, it was a Liturgy of the Word, at least I think...In typical Quebec style, the priests allowed a layman to read the Gospel, (Julien Poulin attempted to 'act' it, the video is on Youtube, if your normal, it will make you ill...)and tributes were given by Luc Picard (another separatist actor) as well as Falardeau's kids who were dressed one like a hell's angel wannabe, and the other kids like they were going to a skateboard park. Now how's that for respect! Yup 'crayon politically correct don't offend anybody Jesus' was in full force, (when they mentioned Him, and weren't busy celebrating this icon of division.) along with the separatist grand-pappy himeself, the icon, Jacques Parizeau.

To conclude, we must always pray for the salvation of the soul, however I think it is important to conclude that Pierre Falardeau will mostly be remembered as a polarizing figure. An icon of racism and prejudice for many of us in the 'argent et votes ethniques' category. I do pray he rests in peace.

Think Big!..Sti!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Advent of Reality...

So I'm about two months shy of attaining my thirty-second birthday, and the dawn of many new realities is starting to kick in. I can admit finally that I'm an adult, albeit reluctantly as I long for simpler times. My knowledge of pop culture seems outdated at best, tacky at worst. I can claim no authentic appreciation for Rap/Hip-Hop (is that how you spell it?) because frankly KISS RULES!!!. I don't know who 'Shorty' is, much less care whether or not it's her birthday. This past summer saw me return to a nightclub for a friend of mine's birthday, and set a new record of time spent (17mins)all the while trying to figure out how in the hell I actually liked all this crap?

You see, I'm no longer in my twenties, yet still early in my thrities. I exist within an archtype of a cultural limbo, finding no common ground between those who are older and even less with those who are younger. Am I alone in my journey? Probably not. Yet I can know that I'm one of the few people who are overthinking this ideological/cultural shift.

St Thomas Aquinas,...pray for us.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pope Preparing for 'Ad Orientum' document.

It would seem that the latest rumour mill circling out of the Vatican would have Pope Benedict continuing with his 'reform of the reform.' The Holy Father, again it would seem, wants to re-educate the faithful on two areas, mainly Liturgy and Reverance for the Real Presence. All I can say is WOW!!! People's belief in the Real Presence(communion in the hand...) has wained thanks to dissident theologians and priests trying too hard to compromise with the protestant groups (Fr. McBrien anyone?)and the Litugy for the last forty five years or so has turned into a personalized feel good hour, complete with a marxist cause disguised as authentic social justice. I can't wait to see if our Arch Bishop implements these changes should they occur.

The other issue, is the Pope trying to push hard for a return to 'Ad Orientum' Masses. You no where in Sacrosanctum Concilium (The Vatican II Document) does it say Masses should be said versus populem. The result is not the Priest talking to God the Father, but in some cases, it becomes the priest speaking to us. It would still be a Novus Ordo, but Ad Orientum at least for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, would restore a lost reverence with everyone facing the same direction(East). THe liberals of course, will parrot their usual verbal diarrhia, claiming 'He's turning his back to us!' Oh well, tough luck. I look forward to it with enthusiasm if it does come to pass, but I'm sure you already knew that!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,..Have mercy on us!
Immaculate heart of Mary,..Pray for us!