Thursday, October 22, 2009

Traditionalists and Elvis sightings...

Within Catholic circles there has since the last forty years or so existed conspiracy theories. Well, to be fair, not just in the Catholic Church but elsewhere on the planet. We have the 'Illuminati,' Big Foot or Sasquatch, alien abduction and finally the sedevacantists('chair is empty'). Why do I lump all these people together? Well because some of the cuckoo stuff that comes from their websites and propaganda. I really don't want to give links to these people, but take my word for it. Stories such as the 'Fake' Pope Paul VI, (because his ear was different in some picture...) the Novus Ordo being the product of Freemasons, (actually to be fair, not quite sure about that one...) and some guy in Kentucky(I think..)being named Pope Pius XIII.

Yup, 'sedevacantists.' Unlike the SSPX, who do acknowledge the Pope, these people maintain that there has been no true Pope since Pope Pius XII. You see, the other ones were anti-popes, bent upon the destruction of Christ's bride. They refuse to accept the Second Vatican council, and consequently go about their business without the Vatican, continually entering schism after schism, all taking their ball and going home, so to speak. Y'know, I've hammered upon the liberal agenda, but sometimes, these guys make the 'progressive' catholics (btw,..there is no such thing!) look mainstream. Of course, the problem lies with the interpretation of the Second Vatican council, whereby both extremes believe a new Church was born.

For myself, I think most of my readers know that I prefer the Extraordinary Form of Mass, as is my right as a Catholic. This doesn't mean that I think that a Novus Ordo, is necessarily evil. It just lends itself to be more accommodating to the personality of the priest, hence liturgical abuses can flourish. The Extraordinary form, to be fair, when rushed can be very mechanical and spiritually dry. To conclude, Myself, Card(s) Ottavianni, Bugnini, Big Foot, Elvis, and E.T. should all stop with the conspiracy charges, and start living our faith!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,...Have Mercy on us!
Immaculate Heart of Mary...pray for us!

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