Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bring Back the Heavenly Choir!

Since the second Vatican Council, our rich history of Liturgical chant, Gregorian has been neglected.  To begin a quote comes to mind from St Augustine,..- To sing once is to pray twice- (an excerpt taken from Confessions.)  Singing has always been part of the Church's Tradition and Latin was always given a place of prominance.  According to the 'spirit of VII' feminist/ecological/social justice/inclusive crowd however we are to 'exclude' Latin and gregorian chant from the Liturgy.  Soooo let's take a gander at what Vatican II says!  (this usually sends modernists running to hide under the nearest fair trade exhibition table as their worst nightmare is someone who actually read the Council documents!)  Here is a link (here!)

My friends, one of the most frustrating innovations of the Spirit of VII crowd is definetly the choice of proper music at Mass.  Let me clear, I love all kinds of music, rock, some metal, hip hop and classical, yet I can't help but believe that there must be a time and place for these types of music.  For instance, if I'm sitting at a 5 star restaurant eating a nice surf and turf, enjoying a glass of Chateau Neuf du Pape, I would probably not appreciate a full blown tribute to Van Halen playing in the backround!  The same standards should apply to the Holy Eucharist.  At Mass, my focus is on God and Redemption.  I'm about to experience Calvary, the one sacrifice made present for all eternity through the Eucharist, so that being said, if I find myself getting caught in 'fun' of singing these songs, then could it be argued that perhaps it is not appropriate?  With Gregorian chant, whether in french, english or latin, we can experience the full beauty of the Liturgy stimulating every sense!  The smell of the incense, the taste of the Body and Blood of Christ, the hearing of chanting, and proclaiming, the sight of a reverent sanctuary...It sends chivers down my spine!  I say this today because my parish priest chanted the Gospel last Sunday and I was in bliss!

Perhaps the next time the we attend Mass, we can poll the people who are there to pray.  When the entrance hymn is 'On Eagle's Wings' do we really feel a sense of the Sacred? (Houston we have a problem!)  It is fine for praise and worship services, but for the Eucharist?  I think collectively God deserves the best!

Frere Andre,...............priez pour nous!



Friday, May 25, 2012

Ottawa And Canada Get a Dose of VORIS

What can I say?  That last night's talk was awesome, masculine, bold and strong?  Well it(the talk) was and that ironically is what Jesus is!!  No wonder members of the 'social justice' religion fear him and want to shut him down.  The Church of 'nice' has terminal rabbies so it is trying its best to undermine(by becoming vicious) the Holy Father, and any loyal sons and daughters of the Church.  Ambiguous coward bishops on the way out and being replaced by younger, orthodox and bold men, successors of the Apostles acting like Apostles! Voris being in Ottawa is no surprise as Ottawa is quite orthodox with the Companions of the Cross as well as St Patrick's gift shop/bookstore which can compared to a Catholic supplement store, a spiritual GNC.  Also of note is that Archbishop Prendergast is the only Bishop who attended Voris's 'No bull in Madrid' frank talk on sexuality, giving him a 'thumbs up.'

Optimusmastro with John Pacheco

Michael Voris was brought in by John Pacheco of SoCon or Bust to deliver an awe inspiring asskicking message that we Catholics need to hear.  Let me put it this way in describing these two warriors,..should Chuck Norris join 'Call to Action' in the States and run wild,.Michael Voris could stop him!  Same thing in Canada with John Pacheco, should the ghost of Jack Layton possess someone, Pacheco could deliver the exorcism!!!  Bold, articulate, and intelligent, a modernists worst nightmare!  My mother, in many respects confused into believing that Vatican II started a whole new Church came out of this talk truly amazed and fortified in her beliefs.  The reality of hell, abortion, same sex unions, and the crises in the Church was all on the table and no punches were pulled.  The other interesting thing was the presence of so many young people! 

Sacred Heart of Jesus,..................................Have mercy of us!

Optimusmastro and Michael Voris   

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pope of Progressives Speaks Infallibly,..

Fr Hans Kung has officially lost his credibility and his marbles.  I will credit  Rorate Caeli for this little tid bit of info.  Fr Kung, or 'Dr' is one of the last living dinosaurs of the MIS interpretation of Vatican II.  He and his goofball theology influenced by an infiltration of modernist subjectivism are the ones responsible for the near collapse of western Catholicsm. The backdrop for this story involves the Pope's potential reconciliation with the Society of Saint Pius X, or SSPX.  It seems Hans is all for ecumenical and interfaith overtures, just not with schismatic/ irregular catholics, in his mind, Catholic-Hindu?  Absolutely!  Jesus can have Sunday, while lord Vishnu can have tuesday,..Catholic Muslim?  Why not!? Catholic-Buddhist? Amituofo!  But Catholic-SSPX??? NO WAY!  It goes against the 'spirit' (poltergeist..) of the council!

Rant time!  Hans Kung is akin to a cranky little child not being able to get his way!  Need I remind you of some of the crap that has been spewed,..just in case someone needs a bowel movement, read this little gem, Open Letter which appeared in of all places the Irish Times!  Dr Kung, as you like to be called, your calls for women's ordination, pro-choice, so-called gay marriage, liberation theology and all the rest of your tired old sh#t along with your hippie residue pot head feminazis and socialists are finished!...You and your ilk hide the true history of Pope Pius XII, you flooded the seminaries and chancery offices with people sharing your mindset, you turned away solid orthodox men trying to discern a potential call to priesthood, and then you cried vocation crisis?  You guys are sooo full of it!  Sucks to be you now that the tide turned!  Remember that Jesus guy?  Well He kinda promised the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church...

Dr Kung, I will pray that my mean spirited-ness will subside.  So that I can look at you as if you were a tired old uncle who sometimes forgets to put on his pants while tending his tomatoe plants.  I know your old, and probably going senile, but any person with a brain must scratch their head when you call for liberation theology, yet you have become a millionaire from your book sales!  I will give you credit though, especially your book on Mohammed from the religion of peace that we all misunderstand even when they mutilate girls giving them clitorectomies, that you are by far the only theologian who can write a 700page book and the reader still doesn't know what the hell your thesis was or is! 

Our Lady of Fatima,...............ora pro nobis!

Monday, May 21, 2012

'Douchebags' and the Blessed Mother

This post is long overdue!  Maybe it will be a little offensive but I could care less.  I am speaking about how you guys wear the Rosary around your neck as a fashion statement. Disclaimer:  I am not speaking about people who wear their Rosary beads as sacramentals and pray using them.  I am speaking about the growing phenomenon of 'douchebag-itis..' that is sweeping Montreal and probably the rest of the western world.

So let's describe this type of person, clearly not an individual because they usually travel in groups of three, and all look like they came out of a photocopier machine.  Mid twenties and tattooed from head to toe.  I'm not speaking of one or two tattoos on your body, but the full out 'tribal' images running right up the neck.  This look is accentuated with 'Affliction' t-shirt, baseball hat, (where the bill is completely straight), jean shorts, or 'jorts' and finally the piece de resistance,..the Rosary hanging aroung their neck.  As for body type, they come in two forms, no muscle tone and full out steroid.  Usually the breed of human is found in or around  a gym, will attempt a 20min workout, buy a protein shake with everything in it.  The two body forms cycle themselves, as  two guys (out of three) will be jacked to the gills with a water retention weight of a pregnant woman while the small guy will have that 'after the cycle' look whereby everything is soft and saggy...(As he awaits his turn on the sauce...)  They are usually rabid MMA fans despite the fact that none of them are really trained and usually end up getting their a#$es handed to them when they try a sparring session.  Weekly at Gracie Barra, this type of person shows up and gets strangled, however if he hangs around more than a week, he begins to alter his image and starts cleaning up his act. 

To conclude, I guess I'm getting old, as the previous generation probably complained about the hip hop style, pants down around the knees,.etc...To be clear, the style would not offend me if not for the Rosary.  Prayer is such a beautiful powerful weapon.  It is where we praise God and thank Him for being Alive!  In contemplating the mysteries of the Rosary we are fully living the Gospel meditating upon Christ's life with the Blessed Mother. Please guys, don't see GSP wearing a Rosary around his neck, and if he did, I KNOW he uses it. 

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati,..............ora pro nobis.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Michael Voris Coming to Town

Well,.it is rare that I post on Sunday, however sometimes a video is worth it if only to give people a taste of Voris no nonsense approach.  In light of the fact that this coming thursday, Optimusmastro and Michael Voris will meet in Ottawa.  The heterodox crowd already has begun sweating....

Our Lady of Fatima,...........ora pro nobis!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Loose Ends,..

I'm going to go ahead and bottom line a situation which has hanging over my head for the last little while.  As a blogger, you really never run out of material to write about, Catholicism, politics, MMA, Transformers,..all the way to diet and nutrition.  Then a few months back I attempted an exercise in futility,..trying to comment on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and how the Church views this.  Well, needless to say, I still have some unpublished posts, but will publish them when the demand gets a little higher.  This issue is so complex, that basically both sides are wrong, both need reconciliation, the Palestinians need pacify themselves, stop there aggression because they should have had their state back in when Israel was being established, they just didn't want Jews in 'Palestine.' They also need to seperate mosque and state and realize that Israel has a right to exist and is not going anywhere, while the Israelis need to understand that the Palestinians are human beings who should be treated with dignity and respect.  When a bomb goes off, one guy in a market,..and your response is scrambling an Apache helicopter strike in a crowded city street, while bulldozing people's houses down, will cause the international community to scratch their heads.

So, how does the Church view this?  Well, the Church distinguishes between Israel and the Jews.  In Catholic theology, we (The Church) in accepting Christ as Messiah are the living Israel.  This position has been held by both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches as well as mainstream protestant denominations.  So what then is with all the money being funded to Israel by Christian groups in the States?  Christian Zionism.  What is this?  Simply put, a belief (recent one..) that the return of the Jews to the land of Israel puts into motion the return of Christ.  They claim Biblical prophesy,as being fulfilled, thus the jews become pawns in their little apocalyptic funky theology, and at the end of time convert to Christianity or are doomed...This type of thought is usually associated with evangelicals and fundamentalists.  The sticking point as evidenced by a 'Sixty Minutes' expose is that there do exist Palestinian Christians too.  Sadly, the Israelis don't discriminate and will collectively punish the Palestinian people, and the Christian Zionists really don't view or care for the indegineous Palestinian people, muslim, christian or otherwise.  The money coming from Christian Zionists in the US usuallly goes to finance settlements, illegal settlements in the occupied territories, therefore constantly annexing land.   Israel has the right to live in peace, considering that they are bordered by the ocean and every Arab State wanting to destroy them  The Palestinians are entitled to running water and human rights...

So this begs the question, what would you do?  Well, I mentioned in the first paragraph, reconciliation and education need to be the focal point, instead of propoganda and fear mongering.  While historically the 'Palestinians' dropped the ball politically, (the fact that they cannot separate from their islamic theology, which is incredibly anti Jewish) Israel needs to undertstand that human rights are human rights, no matter who you are or what you believe in. 

Our Lady of Akita,...............ora pro nobis!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Backward Medievalist!!!

Well that's what I got told I should be from one of my 'anonymous' emails!   It seems I'm some kind of 'Young Fogey!'  No offence to a fellow blogger,..(See here ).  Well,..let me say thank you for your compliment!  However this does beg the question,.whatcha so angry bout' lil fella?  The fact that you and your ilk hijacked the Catholic Church for the last forty years attempting to turn Her into the eco friendly gender neutral marxist freemason lodge specializing in population control?  Weeeell, there is kinda a little problem with that!  You see the dude who founded Catholicism is also well, God Incarnate!  So let's open our politically correct Bible to Matthew 16: 18.  Gosh, guess that sucks to be you...

For years, I was called bitter, rigid, medieval, chauvinistic and every other funny little name you gave me.  Why?  Because (I know your not supposed to begin a sentence with 'because' but if I copy/paste your email to to this site, there are so many grammatical errors that my readership might get a migraine..) as a thirty something man, I called myself a sinner, needed Jesus and desired to live as best I could as a Catholic? Because my generation were the only ones participating in regular confession/Reconciliation that you couldn't use the confessional as a storage unit for the parish?  Now I get it!  It is because of my support for unity between the SSPX and Rome!  You guys are supposed to be sooooo ecumenical!  Is this not ecumenism?  (scratches head...)

Reality Check for the 'stoner' generation,..

Fact:  Extraordianary Form communities are flourishing
Fact:  The New Translation of the Ordinary Form of Mass exists and is better.
Fact:  Anyone under 45yrs of age wants to be faithful to Christ, His Church and His Magisterium.
Fact:  EWTN exists
Fact:  Pope Benedict for all intents and purposes is in relatively good health.
Fact:  Your generation took full advantage of the contraceptive mindset. ...Extinction!!  (Cajunman, Adam Sandler voice from SNL)
Fact:  Your vocation crisis was ma,.err sorry 'peoplemade' and still the Holy Spirit raised up priests.

Isn't God good?  Cookoo Bishops are on the way out and being replaced by Bishops who believe in Catholcism,...I pray for you, some of you were sincere and really did think you were doing good, I pray you have a St Paul Damascus experience.  To those of you with the agenda,..I say,.. Nananana, ..Nananana,... Hey hey Hey,..Goodbye!!!!!!  Your generation, the 'seamless garment' crap waving bye!!!!!!!!

St Jean Vianney,............Ora pro nobis.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

CM Punk to Obama...The Agenda

Once again from the files of the absurd, some moron has to weigh in on an issue that isn't even remotely within their sphere of influence.  CM Punk, via twitter weighed in on the same sex so-called marriage debate and told a fan who disagreed with him to 'drink bleach.'  (See here) This story was exposed, and to his credit Punk responded to the fan, apologizing and claiming he wanted the person to 'better' himself.  This bettering themself idea was later a later reflection of US president Obama's 'evolved' views on so-called gay marriage.  Well, the genie is out of the bottle, where will stop?  Legalized beastiality? 

A quick reflection,... As Catholics we do not 'gay bash.'  In all honesty, the Church is very clear that we do not believe in the homosexual, we believe in the human being.  In this case, the human being is afflicted with a disoredered same sex attraction that becomes his cross.  These people are to be loved, treated with respect and assured that people are praying for them with regards to this particular affliction.  When they fall, just as when we straight people fall,.(won't insult anyone, but those of us that have had conversion experiences have already one night stands..) we can take refuge in the sacrament of Reconciliation, which is first and formost healing.  Jesus saves, not us.  This is true compassion where the human being is called to a life of holiness.  Unfortunately this becomes confused with 'false compassion.'

False compassion occurs when we let our individual experiences override Truth.  If we love someone, then it is only natural that we should want the best for them.  Even recently we heard that the US president has come out in favour of same sex unions!  (Can his agenda be any less hidden? )  He even cited his Christianity as the 'why.'  The call to chastity, (though it is tough, believe me I struggle..) is for all people.  Why the stigma with the same sex attraction, because in the physical union, God can't attempt to complete the act according to Natural Law.  It becomes an act turned in on itself rooted solely for pleasure.  Imagine eating an incredible New York cut steak, and having a bucket beside you, you chew it, enjoy the taste and then spit it out.  Yet, you can accidently swallow some steak and it is 'good' for you.  You get the adequate protein and creatine levels associated with that bite.  I have just described  sex with birthcontrol...Now, homosexual union would like you chewing on tobacco for pleasure.  You are spitting it out, but if you accidently swallow, it can be dangerous, if not deadly.

Back to CM Punk.  Punk, whose character is supposedly straight edge comes off as a 'Bill Maher' type of personality that can easily grind your teeth.  A little guy in a big man's world, who as of late, we've seen that his 'mic' skills are not quite what we thought they were.  For a guy who is straight edge, clearly you miss the dangers of this type of liason?  (See here)  You'll pribably say that this from someone with an agenda,.fine, then look up the sources yourself!  Truth can offend people, heck Jesus offends!  But in the end, Punk, Truth just is.  Perhaps, this was his way of staying relevant?  Who knows!  Stick to wrestling!  If Barrack Hussain is voted out of office, maybe he'll join the WWE and you guys can be a tag team!   'Heading to the ring at a combined weight of 400lbs,..Obama, Punk, STRAIGHT EDGE COMMUNISTS!!!' 

Our Lady of Fatima,..........Ora pro nobis!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Holy Spirit's Smack Upside the Head!

Last night I was with my good buddy Greg, as in Fr Greg Cizcek, a staple of the Italian community in Montreal being the Polish guy able to speak impeccabe Italian.  This of course in dears him to little old 'Nonnas' seeking to gain favour with younger priests by feeding them.  So we went for supper, and then we decided to pray Vespers as the time had come for prayer.  Fr Greg, suggests we go to my home parish and see if my Pastor, Father Gerry wanted to join us.  Long story short, he was at the rectory, but the Church was open.  Monday nights, the Charismatic prayer group meets, and they were only too happy to see us.  First off we prayed Vespers before the Blessed Sacrament, and then, well,..then he suggested that we ask for prayers with the Charismatic group.  Myself, I was too shy, (actually I was too proud) to want to join in,...

The Charismatic Catholic Renewal started in 1967 when a group of priests and laity in Pittsburgh asked for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  The fruits of the Spirit, would descend upon them and they (like the Pentecostals ) would find themselves in a very emotional Christianity which admittedly I was none too comfortable with.  So,..reluctanlty I joined in, and well, let just say 'uncomfortable' was the initial feeling.  The fruits sometimes manifest themselves as speaking 'in tongues' or 'discerning of spirits' or whatever.  For myself at that moment, I just couldn't let go....They would pray and be insprired to look up Scripture verses abd read aloud.  The thought that was crossing my mind, was 'I gave up Adoration of the most Blessed Sacrament for this?!?'  So here is Fr Greg, a whole bunch of ladies singing away, while I'm trying as best not to stare because I'm seriously freaked out!  (I felt like that scene from Forrest Gump when he's singing in the choir, while Fr Greg, who can at times make Pope Pius X look like a modernist is SINGIN' away, with a big smile, while the others are praying spontaneously, tongues, name it!)   We left and asked these women to pray for us.

So, Greg asks me what I thought, and well I answered.  'Dude, (Yes, he's a priest but I knew him before ordination sooo blah! ;)) I'm not sure I'm too comfortable with this type of Spirituality.'  At that point, he asked me to open my heart and check my ego and the door!  WOW!  Did I need that!  He answered that Charismatic practise wasn't his type either, but nevertheless the Holy Spirit would give him a sense of peace, joy, and freedom.  The Holy Spirit has many gifts for many people, St Paul never had the gift of tongues, so I guess I won't either.  Later that night, I was reflecting upon my experience with these sincere women of Faith.  Lying in bed, it came to me!  Written on my heart was St Matthew's Gospel, 18; 3...Unless you become like little children, you will not see the Kingdom of God.

The point through all of this is simple!  The Holy Spirit was reminding me that despite all my theological acumen, degrees, metaphysical knowledge, it all means jack sh%t especially when compared to the sincere trust in the Lord found in these women.  They won't be commenting on Aquinas's undertanding of Act and Potential because that is not their charism!  (Aha moment!)  Different strokes for different folks, all within the beautiful mosaic of Christ's Bride the Church!  So while I didn't experience the fruit of the Spirit while in the prayer group, it was simply because I was too proud to let the Holy Spirit in,..I didn't want to!  I thought it was weird..creepy,..not my culture etc....  Then the Holy Spirit later that night smacked me upside the head and reminded me of the real reason,..PRIDE!  So now today as I write this, I am thanking God for these charismatic women.  Their faith is pure.  Does that mean they don't need to deepen their theology?  Of course not!  Yet in their own way, their hearts from what I could tell and from what was revealed to me were more in line with God's than mine ever was! 

Thank you Holy Spirit for allowing me to see through different lenses, the beauty and majesty of all your gifts.  I may not be speaking in tongues anytime soon, but last night, when I received that peace, joy and freedom, I wouldn't trade it for anything! (Slept like a baby too!)

Come Holy Spirit!,.....................Fill our hearts!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

'Youth Gone Wild' (Not the Skid Row song,..)

 I speaking about recent headlines regarding a Bishop in Wisconsin urging parishioners to forgive and not gossip.  In spirit I agree, but in practicality?  It becomes quite a daunting task.  Bishops are charged with an enourmous responsibilty, pretty much to care for the souls of his diocese and shepherd them home to Heaven.  In plain english, on judgement day, I would hate to be a Bishop standing before Our Lord when He returns as Just Judge.  That's why he has priests to aid him,.the thing is, the younger priests actually believe in what the Church teaches.

Bishop Morlino issued a pastoral letter because one parish in his diocese began to actually follow the correct liturgical procedures.  Basically, the priests assigned to St Mary's follow a traditional spirit, so no alter girls, no extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist.  This caused hurt and strife among the faithful who had not been used to this sort of thing.  Whether or not the priests explained a little catechesis on the 'whys' and 'why nots' remains unclear.  The point of contention in all of this, is that essentially this is what happens when bishops were timid, lukewarm, heterodox/liberation theologians(1970s style..) or in any other way exercized their ministry in opposition to the Magisterium.  The people in the pews became pawns for dioceses that went a little goofy, and a whole generation of Catholics were lost and not fed.  In its place a chancery office full of bureaucrats and 'professional' katholics took its place, drumming the usual nonsense(women's ordination, ecology,.yadadadada),..  Now that the tide is turning, the aging dinosaurs of socialism are huffing and puffing (usually because of all the bad weed from the 60s) about how the Church is going backwards. 

Younger priests are Vatican II priests.  That means when the call came, they understood and were ready to forsake a biological family in order to offer the Eucharistic Sacrifice.  They believe in the Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.  Younger Bishops are also being consecrated and placed into dioceses.  The result, has been an upswing in vocations (see here) and this disturbs the 'spirit of VII' mentality.  As far as Alter girls are concerned,.this is an excellent article (see here).  Now the million dollar question,  what would I do if God willing I am ordained and assigned to a heterodox parish?  The short answer is pray.  However I would probably do a series of homilies instructing the Faithful as to what the Church teaches and why.  I would use the Catechism, and Vatican II plain and simple!  My own parish priest has shown me a great example, as he catechizes during his homilies and slowly but surely has brought Christ, truly present in the most Blessed Sacrament back as the focal point.  Alter girls?  Well traditionally alter boys have been the breeding grounds or garden for growing future priests. I would not exclude girls, but would attract the boys by maybe doing a little less arts and crafts, maybe a little more paintball!  As Scripture says, sometimes you have to be as meek as the lamb, but as wise as the serpent!  Slowly but surely, the Holy Spirit has a way of working things out.  Where the diocese is faithful, vocations are abounding, where it is uhhh, 'different' well not so much. 

As lay people we are called to fully participate in the Eucharist, not by taking the place of the priest, but instead uniting our prayers to his, as he leads us to Christ.  We give audible responses and can share in different ministries.  Marriage preparation?  Absolutely!  However Liturgical functions?  I mean if we can't see something off with lay people blessing babies as their parents approach for Eucharist,..we need to rethink why have priests.  The Church is not a democracy.  She is a divinely instituted reality by Our Lord Himself!  Why we obey the Magisterium, is because Christ intended it that way!  Plain and simple! 

I commend Bishop Morlino,especially for trying to keep his flock together, but I challenge all Bishops to teach.  We, and our parents, (usually a lot more goofy in the Liturgy than we would care for..) are the lost generations.  We need to meet Jesus, not as a nice guy, or social justice model, or champion of the environment,..blah, blah, blah,.If you haven't gotten a younger priest yet, they are on their way!  Eucharistic adoration and Marian devotion.  They will probably wear a cassock, and be open to celebrate the Extraordinary Form as well.  Will you support them?  Pray for them?  Encourage them?  One word best describes this new generation of priests, orthodox!  Remember this journey of life ultimately ends with Heaven or hell, and all they want to do, their very 'being' if you will is to aid the Bishop in shepherding souls!

St Thomas Aquinas,................ora pro nobis.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

LCWR(cheers?) SSPX(boos?) Strange Times Indeed...

So we've all heard the news, tweeted it, facebooked it, Digg'd it,..whatever form of social media you use, there are two current hot trending topics within the Church today.  The first, according to the secular media is the current attempt at cleaning up the LCWR(Leadership Conference of Women Religious) by the patriarchal, rigid, out of touch with modernity, pre conciliar hierarchy led the EVIL VATICAN,. (Say it with an echo...).  The second, not really covered by the secular press, unless in a negetative light,.. but covered by the Church Herself,. is the possible (with the Grace of God) potential reconciliation and reunification of SSPX with Rome.

So shall we begin with the heretics,..err 'women' religious?  This has to be the biggest steaming pile of BS coming out of 'catholic' circles in 2012!  These so-called 'nuns' have done more to harm the Church by advancing an agenda which simply isn't Catholic all in the name of (drum roll please....) SOCIAL JUSTICE... If this term does not cause Catholics to roll over, vomit, contemplate running into a wall and maybe even slicing your wrists, well frankly I don't know what would!  By now, you've probably been so desensitized by the progressive crowd to think that its normal to hear a marxist homily on Easter Sunday,..(I been there, the Glory of the Ressurection, and the priest will speak about the dangerous shortage of migrant coffee bean pickers in South America., or clean water, trees, and my favorite, women's rights! ,..including 're-thinking' presbyterial ordination in the name of women' rights,..)  These blow hard retreads, and Vietnam protesters fanagled their way through seminaries run by masculine nuns, err,..women 'religious' and the priests who were 'a little light in the loafers.'  Now, to be fair, I am not speaking about authentic Social Justice, which would start in the womb, protection of the unborn, protection of traditional marriage and then, move toward the TEMPORAL justice outlined by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount.  Nononononooo,..I am speaking about the 'Spirit of VII' poltergeist, which inhabits the LCWR, causing them to shed their habits, grow sideburns, embrace religious indifferentism, study the New Age, and finally offer courses in Transcendental meditation for those who moved 'beyond' Jesus.  (Michael Voris' latest Vortex...) .  These 'nuns' have raped and pillaged the faith until vocations were in the toilet, and religious education looked like a childrens' five year old day camp, where even little boys played Mr Mommy, and learned how to emotionally share with other little boys.. Now the nuns are crying foul and the secular media is eating it all up!  Do they not realize that this type of non sense led to the sex scandal?  (Yes I said it...)   Here is the CDF from the Holy office,..See here

Dear Sr Rainmoondance Sunshineharekrishna,  CND...

Your founders did incredible work.  They prayed, sweat and gave long hours understanding their vocation as true Brides of Christ.  I am reminded that Jesus' promise in the Gospel about the gates of Hell not prevailing against the Church have not rung more truer than they are now.  The Holy Spirit chose Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI for a reason.  That Vatican II, must be understood in continuity with all the Councils and not as a departure from it.  When you discerned your 'call' did you not understand that it was a Catholic order that you were joining?  Have you not noticed how the communities faithful to Christ are thriving?  You made vows, you knew the rules.  Sorry but that's just the way it is!  Humble yourselves, abandon the crap and return to your vow of OBEDIANCE!  You do not disgree with me, but with Christ and His Holy Church.


Now, on to issue number two.  The talks between the SSPX and Rome are progressing!  Bishop Felley of the SSPX has signed the doctrinal preamble and thus we can move forward.   Now, you probably didn't hear of it, or you heard from the Jerusalem Post, albeit in a negative way.  The issue between the Holy See and SSPX has primarily to do with the 'religious freedom' issue spoken about at Vatican II.  The illicit consecrations, constituted a schismatic act, and thus put the society on the outside looking in.  I and many other observers often wondered aloud what it take to rejoin.  The answer is simply we are on the Holy Spirit's time, not our own.  One of the Bishops of the SSPX, Bishop Williamson questioned the Holocaust.  Now,..honestly, Bishop Williamson needs a lobotomy to not understand that the Holocaust happened, that 6 million Jews, gays, gypsies and yes, Catholics were killed during Nazi germany's attempt to create an arian race.  However, what does this have to do with Catholic dogma?  Bishop Williamson is not denying the Trinity, he's just historically retarded.  He does not speak for the Society, he just exposes himself as an ignoramus.  The fun part about all this fuss over the SSPX has come from the ecumenically friendly progressive 'catholics' who have no problem dialoging with Wahabi Islam, while inviting the Taliban for milk and cookies, but the thought of the Latin Mass sends them frothing at the mouth?  hmmmm....(My spider senses are tingling..)

Perhaps we will see an end to the schism, and in an act of goodwill, the SSPX will be put in charge of exorcisms and prayers of deliverance over the LCWR,..causing the good sisters to realize they are feminine,  to hang up the polyester pant suits and reclaim their habits!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,..............Have mercy on us!