Friday, May 25, 2012

Ottawa And Canada Get a Dose of VORIS

What can I say?  That last night's talk was awesome, masculine, bold and strong?  Well it(the talk) was and that ironically is what Jesus is!!  No wonder members of the 'social justice' religion fear him and want to shut him down.  The Church of 'nice' has terminal rabbies so it is trying its best to undermine(by becoming vicious) the Holy Father, and any loyal sons and daughters of the Church.  Ambiguous coward bishops on the way out and being replaced by younger, orthodox and bold men, successors of the Apostles acting like Apostles! Voris being in Ottawa is no surprise as Ottawa is quite orthodox with the Companions of the Cross as well as St Patrick's gift shop/bookstore which can compared to a Catholic supplement store, a spiritual GNC.  Also of note is that Archbishop Prendergast is the only Bishop who attended Voris's 'No bull in Madrid' frank talk on sexuality, giving him a 'thumbs up.'

Optimusmastro with John Pacheco

Michael Voris was brought in by John Pacheco of SoCon or Bust to deliver an awe inspiring asskicking message that we Catholics need to hear.  Let me put it this way in describing these two warriors,..should Chuck Norris join 'Call to Action' in the States and run wild,.Michael Voris could stop him!  Same thing in Canada with John Pacheco, should the ghost of Jack Layton possess someone, Pacheco could deliver the exorcism!!!  Bold, articulate, and intelligent, a modernists worst nightmare!  My mother, in many respects confused into believing that Vatican II started a whole new Church came out of this talk truly amazed and fortified in her beliefs.  The reality of hell, abortion, same sex unions, and the crises in the Church was all on the table and no punches were pulled.  The other interesting thing was the presence of so many young people! 

Sacred Heart of Jesus,..................................Have mercy of us!

Optimusmastro and Michael Voris   

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