Monday, May 21, 2012

'Douchebags' and the Blessed Mother

This post is long overdue!  Maybe it will be a little offensive but I could care less.  I am speaking about how you guys wear the Rosary around your neck as a fashion statement. Disclaimer:  I am not speaking about people who wear their Rosary beads as sacramentals and pray using them.  I am speaking about the growing phenomenon of 'douchebag-itis..' that is sweeping Montreal and probably the rest of the western world.

So let's describe this type of person, clearly not an individual because they usually travel in groups of three, and all look like they came out of a photocopier machine.  Mid twenties and tattooed from head to toe.  I'm not speaking of one or two tattoos on your body, but the full out 'tribal' images running right up the neck.  This look is accentuated with 'Affliction' t-shirt, baseball hat, (where the bill is completely straight), jean shorts, or 'jorts' and finally the piece de resistance,..the Rosary hanging aroung their neck.  As for body type, they come in two forms, no muscle tone and full out steroid.  Usually the breed of human is found in or around  a gym, will attempt a 20min workout, buy a protein shake with everything in it.  The two body forms cycle themselves, as  two guys (out of three) will be jacked to the gills with a water retention weight of a pregnant woman while the small guy will have that 'after the cycle' look whereby everything is soft and saggy...(As he awaits his turn on the sauce...)  They are usually rabid MMA fans despite the fact that none of them are really trained and usually end up getting their a#$es handed to them when they try a sparring session.  Weekly at Gracie Barra, this type of person shows up and gets strangled, however if he hangs around more than a week, he begins to alter his image and starts cleaning up his act. 

To conclude, I guess I'm getting old, as the previous generation probably complained about the hip hop style, pants down around the knees,.etc...To be clear, the style would not offend me if not for the Rosary.  Prayer is such a beautiful powerful weapon.  It is where we praise God and thank Him for being Alive!  In contemplating the mysteries of the Rosary we are fully living the Gospel meditating upon Christ's life with the Blessed Mother. Please guys, don't see GSP wearing a Rosary around his neck, and if he did, I KNOW he uses it. 

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati,..............ora pro nobis.


Young Canadian RC Male said...

Welcome to the situation inspired by the assholes of the Jersey Shore.

Sensei Mike said...

Well the 80's and 90's have finally reached Canada. Jesse Romero, Catholic Evangelist, was once a Deputy Sheriff, in Los Angeles County, California, USA. The Latino gangsters used to wear Rosaries around their necks, often given to them by their abulelitas (grannies).

Jesse would use it as a teaching moment if he could. If he caught a little hoodlum in something minor, he'd let them off the hook on the condition that they would go and learn about the Rosary they were wearing around their neck.

Sensei Mike said...

Amen! Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, Pray for us!

Sensei Mike said...

From Father Stan Fortuna's "School of the Eucharist."

"hookin up with white boy
producin you
seducin you to speculate about
what if the Virgin Mary
had an abortion
yo proceed with caution
you messin
with the Mother of the real God’s Son
keep walkin that road son
and your chances of salvation
could dwindle down to none
whose gonna take the lead
and deliver the fatal blow?"

Marco said...

@Sensei Mike,.. The 80s and 90s already reached Canada!! I know what you mean,..but I'm speaking about the wannabe MMA guys,..The Latonos, it never bothered, I looked at it as cultural thing,..However the schmucks, with grey goose in one hand and the Rosary around neck,..grrrrr..

@Young Canadian RC Male;...You are bang on! Its a situation inspired by the character, 'the Situation!' lol!!