Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jiu Jitsu and Life

The last time I posted, I gave a quick 'heads up' that my next post would be about BJJ.  Well here it is.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a martial art I've been practicing exclusively for the last 7years.  Before that I had experience in Traditional Kung Fu, some wrestling and when I was young, some Judo.  Still BJJ is different, waaaaaaay different.  So much so, that most of us who train would spell it 'H' 'U' 'M' 'I' 'L' 'I' 'T' 'Y.'

Learning to tap is definitely an acquired taste.  For most of us, our pride gets in the way and thus our fragile ego gets bruised when as a white belt, (and sometimes being experienced in another style) we get washed clean on the mat and end up in a choke or armbar.  (This happens at every belt, but at white, its especially discouraging)  A 'tap' is essentially a surrender to your opponent or training partner signifying that you are done.  To paraphrase Joe Rogan, a tap is essentially telling the other guy that you are dead, or your arm is in a position to break, and then they'll kill you.  At first, the power game becomes a way of survival at best, but then, you go up against a blue belt 50lbs lighter than you and you quickly realize that throwing your weight around is futile, when he'll want to throw your weight around first and with technique, it becomes a reality check.

Jiu Jitsu is also an investment in one's self and personal development.  Along with 'learning' to 'tap,' and getting your ego in check, you realize that the road to black belt is long and arduous.  Today, people will say that it took them 2yrs to earn a black belt in Karate, but you've been training for 7yrs and your only a purple!   You invite them to do their homework, and then they realize that up until a few years back, it was easier to find a sasquatch than to find a black belt in BJJ.  This art shows leverge and common sense.  It doesn't complicate things and then only way to progress is to train and to roll (spar).  There are no katas, forms or other ways to get promoted, you need to work, accept defeat and keep on truckin!'

God gives us many talents and many gifts.  The Martial Arts are a way to sharpen those talents and gifts putting them at the service of your community.  I've trained BJJ in other academies and the same respect and friendliness is everywhere.  Show me one BJJ/MMA/Kickboxer with a 'punk' attitude and you'll find no so great a fighter, and an even worse human being. 

I'll continue to say it, train BJJ!  You will never regret it, only if you give up.   Your confidence will improve and your humility will be realized.  See you on the mats!

Blessed Pier Georgio Frassati,........................ Ora pro nobis!


Left-footer said...

I guess I'm just a bit too old.

God bless!

Marco Mastromonaco said...

Never too old Footer! God bless!