Friday, April 27, 2012

Gracie Diet and Theology

We have all heard it said that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.  The question remains why don't we treat them as such?  Now in the past I've hit hard on the dangers of pornography, masturbation, and how it could ultimately turn you into a zombie, that is mindless, withdrawn and ultimately ineffective.  Yet, we don't often concentrate on food!  What we put in our very bodies! We treat our cars better! My mother and I recently had this conversation and she expressed reservations about me 'offending' overweight people with this post,.well here goes, I'M GONNA OFFEND!!

Going to school at the Grand Seminaire de Montreal offers me a great chance to walk downtown.  What do I see,.an increasing number of overweight people gorging themselves!   Burger King, McDonalds, LaFleur, La Belle Province, whatever...Bottom line is that university students, (you know the ones now making the American news with their protests and riots...) do not find the time to either eat properly or seek out fresh indredients.  What is the result?  Well last year, I met over thirty people with diabetes, all under 25 years of age.  We should be ashamed as members of western society that this is happening.  Parents are not monitoring their children's food intake, while the kids are less interested in sports and instead play Nintendo.  Overweight children, means a shorter lifespan period!  Where are all the social justice blowhards on that one?  (As I write this, I'm in a food court, 'Greenpeace' members are ordering their trios at the McDonalds' whales and environment, yes, all the while treating your digestive system to an all out assault by putting pigeon McNuggets into your body.  hmmm..)  The biggest workout our body does everyday is the very action of digestion. 

As a trainer, I would recommend people eat balanced meals 5-6 times a day.  Obviously portion control becomes a factor, using the inside of your hand as a guide.  A healthy balance of proteins, essential fats, Carbs (not man made sugars!!!!) and greens.  Try to eat 5-6 servings of vegetables a day, raw or steamed.  Eat them first so they enter your digestive system first and use their own enzymes as a breakdown.  If you don't have time to eat 5-6 times a day, then I would recommend something called the Gracie diet.  (Which is what I do!!!  Yaaay!!!)  The Gracie diet, founded by Master Carlos Gracie, which I'm sure you can find online, consists of eating 3 meals a day but knowing what foods combine and don't combine.  An example would be, Acidic fruits are to be eaten alone, so you would have an entire meal of oranges, (Rorion Gracie eats 15 of them!) and also early in the morning, so it will aid the digestion of last night's food.  Group A foods (meat, vegetables and fats) combine with each other plus one from Group B (Starches, Rice, Pasta...).  Group B foods do NOT combine with each other.(there goes the pasta with bread!)  Usually if this is my cooked meal, I will eat it around 4:30 in the afternoon.  Group C foods also combine with each other, plus 1 from Group B.  So a Group C meal would be bananas, honey and bread (brown..)  If you are interested, email me.  (By the way Rener Gracie's Renergy sandwich tastes awesome!!! )  My mother used to make fun of me eating spinach in the morning inside a sandwich and now is about to join me in accepting the Gracie diet.  You basically eat whatever you want, as much as you need, but in the right combinations!

Food is our bodies gasoline.  It, like sex is a 'good.'  The primary reason for food is to sustain us in being, to keep us alive!  That doesn't mean we can't enjoy it, but it has to be looked at from its raison etre.  We are to control food, not it control us, or else like sex, pornography and masturbation, it becomes an addiction.  I am writing this post, because too many people suffer this addiction.  Bored? Eat!  Sad?  Eat!.  Angry?  Eat!  How do we break the cycle?  The same way we break the masturbation/pornography habit!  Be accountable, with a friend, try to place your trust in them to guide you.  Tell them when you fall, and then lift yourself up, dust yourself off and begin again.  As well, don't forget to give yourself a free day!  It will help you psychologically by giving yourself something to look forward to!  For me its Sunday.  I start my day off with the ultimate superfood, the living manna from Heaven that is Eucharist, then pasta, sausige, meatball, brasciole, cookies, cake, maybe even a poutine,..but on Monday, its right back to discipline!

For more info,.or if you need a diet, simply message me, but kindly allow three weeks for me to respond to you.

St Sebastian,...............ora pro nobis!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Nope I didn't found a religion, but I sure as heck gave it a name!  Sorry to my readership as this blog post will be more a venting session, and less of a reflection.  The emails that I'm getting lately are demonic, the confrontations I'm getting to are nuts and finally I've reached my boiling point!  This is not directed towards protestant brethren seeking Truth,..this is directed to my hatemail fan club..

Dear FundaMENTALists

Greetings in the name of Jesus.  I respect you as people and respect the Truths that your faith possesses.  Now,  your probably asking yourself why I respect the Truths of your faith?  Well here is the answer in short form,..because they are Catholic Truths first and foremost!  When your heretic founders and cult personality leaders took their ball and went home, the Truths they took with them, what they didn't edit out...(By the Way, Your Biiibull has been edited, humm, what does Revelation 22 verse 19 say about that?) all come from the Sacred deposit of the Faith.  From now on, Confusiondom and its biiibull , which according to you limited theological acumen, magically fell out of the sky one day all bound together!  Within a few more years, another heretic will pop up and declare an apocraphal book of mormon fell on Joe Smith that time he went into the woods!  They probably call themselves 'The Concussed Church of Latter Day Saints?'  Then one of his followers, we'll call him Little Jimmy, he'll disagree with the congregation wearing helmuts, so he'll form something else, called the Reformed helmutless Church of Latter Day Saints... Sounds crazy eh?  Yeah,..You know what else is nuts?  SOLA SCRIPTURA!  Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort need lobotomies advancing the most ill conceived of incoherent pieces of FundaMENTAList nonsense!  So, by your ahem,..'logic,' Jesus Ascends,(going up..) and the Bible, sorry your 66 Biiibull book magazine (at least you have the New Testament, Luther didn't get to hack that one up especially with that whole Epistle of St James being a bit problematic for ya!) floats down?  Hey kinda like an elevator! 

 This dude claimed the end of the world was last May by reading his Biiibull!

Peter Ruckman and the Pensecola Christian Biiibull school have their own little Montreal clique...So boys, pick the Tim Horton's and we'll gladly discuss Theology.  I will ask for you to be open, and we'll start with one issue at a time, arguing God's existence!  Oooh, I almost forgot, you don't recognize philosophy!  Man's search for 'arche.' You begin with the pre supposition that the Biiibull is just THERE!  (Did it materialize like in Star Trek?)  Sorry Aristotle, your not on the ice for this shift...So please tell me how the Biiibull got to be.  If you say the Holy Spirit, what agency put it together?  I can't wait to hear this one!  In High School, I used to smoke up a fair amount,.but I think this (your Biiibull origins) will be an even better story sober!  This gem came from a booklet you stuffed in my mailbox.  That Aquinas created 'sacramentalism.'  WOW!  (nearly peed myself!  I didn't know whether I should argue you, cause I was feeling sorry for you!)   Let's see, Aquinas, 13th Century, the split with Orthodox happened in 1054, sooooooo two possibilities 1, Aquinas time travelled backwards to teach the Eastern Churches about the Sacraments, or 2, they were doing 'Magic?'

Do you guys ever wonder why even within Confusiondom, the further back you go, like in the religions of  Anglicanism/Lutheranism...that it is liturgical?   Why do you suppose that is, when by you figure that Jesus founded Pensecola first baptist?  Honestly guys, if you do believe this stuff, I hope that society takes away your driver's licenses, because your mental aptitudes are clearly in question. 

G.K.  Chesterton,........pray for us!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Optimus Video blog,...

Trying to get a little more familiar with video blogging as our parish is contemplating more of a social media approach.  Holy Father Benedict XVI has issued the call to the new evangelization and of course this is a great avenue to reach more people and more souls.  God Bless!

St Andrew,..............ora pro nobis!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Starbucks Brainfart...

Sometimes, just sometimes its almost too hard to refrain from laughing one's ass off at some of the most bizarre stories to ever make it to print.  Case in point, what the title reads.  I honestly had to doublecheck, pinch myself, look myself in the mirror and finally admit to laughing myself stupid over probably one of the kookiest news reports ever!  Slow day?  Well it must have been, because Starbucks has officially declared itself in favour of gay marriage!  (see here)

A little theological reflection.  We live in a turbulent world where you know the demonic is rampant when social issues like so-called same sex 'marriage' and abortion are already hot button bombs from voter perspectives.  As a Catholic, I've never hid my stripes.  I am pro-life staunchly and pro traditional marriage staunchly.  Nevertheless, doesn't it make anyone else scratch their head and wonder why a coffee chain would come out for or against a social position?  I never truly realized the 'social justice' weight Starbucks has...and here's the other part of the equation,..they sell coffee!!!!!!  Friggin' coffee!!!  Well, along with their minds, they have lost me as a customer, but why in the blue hell, would they ever come out for or against gay marriage,.did I mention they sell coffee?? 

What's next?  Maybe the local Chinese buffet will come out against stem cells, while the Greek dry cleaners pro women's ordination.  I truly believe society needs to hold up a mirror to itself.  Mr Starbucks, you sell friggin coffee!  No one who is mildly sane would ever even think to ask you to weigh in on a social issue!  Now that you have, I have enjoyed my last moka frappa crappa grande latte, or whatever.  I'll stick to Tim Horton's, where in their corporate meetings, the gay agenda probably never comes up...they concentrate on coffee and donoughts, what they were intended for...

G.K.  Chesterton,.........pray for us!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Thursday and Feet...

Tonight is the night, when the priesthood is born.  For me this year, as an external student at the grand seminary, tonight's Mass becomes almost an act of conception.  God willing, should I be accepted in Septembre, the journey toward this ontological change will continue.  The very thought that I might one day share in Christ's priesthood at once frightens me and excites me.  This Liturgical year, which will climax Saturday Vigil with the 'Gloria in excelsis Deo!' will signal a complete turning away, I'm viewing as 'dying to myself.'  I have been told by friends that I need a good shrink(already had one!  anger issues...hehehe), why don't I just get married? (umm, to settle?,..riiight..and I'm the one needing the shrink...) Well, the point of discernement is to see what exactly God is calling me to.  However, since I've been a student at the seminary, it has refurbished its gym, gotten a dojo/studio, punching bag, focus mitts, and instituted Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament!!!!!!!  As well, my Spiritual Director is a kyokushin guy, who has also trained in other styles..(I have spoken about this before...)  My home parish, has slowly recovered its Catholic identity, with an amazingly solid orthodox Pastor.  What more bitchslaps from the Holy Spirit do I need???  (Some Optimusmastro 'isms')

Lately I've received some emails concerning my temperament, and how through my writing, it is undergoing a change.  I guess old age is kickin' in...Though the Optimusmastro character was in essence a reaction to an ongoing conversion experience which in many ways I ran away from... So, I grew bitter, disenchanted and almost to a point phariseeical (is that a word?) .  My excuses were typical, the liturgical silliness, the feminization of the Church, dissidence, disobediance,..yet through it all,.my conscience was never at peace.  At times I lived my life more like Charlie Sheen and less like Fulton Sheen, yet Jesus never gave up on me.  In the Gospels, Jesus is much more tougher on the Pharisees because simply put, they should know better, and were hypocrites...Now time for some questions:  (All paraphrased,..but I inboxed messaged these people that I would be responding on 'Confessions.')

1.  Ques:  You recently put up an article mentioning mandatum abuse on your facebook account, What is so wrong with washing the feet of women?

Ans;  Strictly speaking, this act of Christ which appears only in John's Gospel is understood by the Church as a pre ordination.  The practice is optional, but should it be performed, the message is linked toward priesthood.  It shows Christ, being the lowest of all servants, and the 12 Apostles, being prepared to be sent forth.  There was a case, whereby a parish in the US was allowed to wash women's feet for because of pastoral concern, and I believe were granted permission to do so by the Holy See.  Today, the abuse is rampant, and the theology of it twisted to suit to the so-called social justice agenda, So in the name of women's equality, creative funny priests from the silly sixties washed women's feet too!  Fr Z has an excellent blog post on the subject,.(see here)  Obviously this confuses people.  

2. Ques:   Why can't priests be women?

Ans;  Simply put, because that is not their vocation.  The Church has no authority whatsoever to confer ordination upon a woman.  Think about it, the only other person able to say 'This is my body' and mean it would have been the Blessed Mother, and She was not NOT ordained!  I've explored this topic before form a theological perspective on this blog, (you can search the archives..).  Regardless of what you, I or any other may think, Pope John Paul II closed that debate infalliby.  (see here)

To conclude, I wish everyone a Blessed and Holy Easter Triduum!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,...............Have mercy on us!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Media's Guide to Fixing the Church.

Last night, as I was watching Wrestlemania, friend of mine emailed me a clip from the popular Quebec talk show 'Tout le Monde en Parle.'  Guy A Lepage, a left of centre separatist mouthpiece and his creepy little co-hort Danny Turcotte had as a guest Montreal's new Archbishop Christian Lépine.  (see here)  What was really interesting are the aggressive tones that the media take in trying to put the Archbishop in the corner.  Monseigneur Lépine to his credit, answered as Faithfully as he could while Richard Martineau, another writer from the separatist intelligentia kept getting more and more aggressive.  Martineau claimed that the United Church of Canada (which basically tolerates everything, even sin) was the best choice for him and his wife when they went 'Church' shopping.  Arturo Bracchetti, also on the panel, describes himself as a child of Vatican II, and was more in touch with Pope Paul VI, a Pope on the 'left.' (Humanae Vitae on the left?  Get your head out of your a@$)

It seems the easiest solution to fill up the Churches, is to basically re make them as if the Truth are up for debate.  Disagreeing with Holy Mother Church is not about opinion, it comes down to disagreeing with Jesus Himself!  Imagine?  Sorry Lord, but your wrong about the gays!  The Church calls all people outside of marriage to chastity.  Whether its 2012, or 3012, the Church is the anchor.  Remember, Scripture says that God made us in His image.  Instead we are trying to create a god in our image. 

Another article making the rounds comes to us via CNN.  What's funny is that once again, we get the same pile of drivel always thrown at us during Holy Week.  Seven Reasons Why People Leave the Catholic Church.  (see here )  Number 1?  Yup!  You guessed it,..the sex abuse crises.  First off, one case of abuse is one too many!  However let's contextualize this shall we?  I have stated before that there are actually more abuse cases found in the protestant communities than there are in the Church.  Measuring the numbers, there are almost ten times the amount of teachers abusing children!  What about coaches?  You can look up the numbers for yourself,. but the media's faulty logic, usually advanced by heresy agenda driven priests, (the ones they parade on CNN, when they need a Catholic soundbite, or still John Allen, who traded in his testicles for 'being in the centre') or women religious.  The Church has been around for 2000 years, and its generally no coincidence that the enemy always attacks during Lent!

Jesus promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against Her.  Can you name any other organization that has lasted this long, even in the face of scandal?  That's all for now!

Our Lady of Fatima,............ora pro nobis.