Monday, April 2, 2012

The Media's Guide to Fixing the Church.

Last night, as I was watching Wrestlemania, friend of mine emailed me a clip from the popular Quebec talk show 'Tout le Monde en Parle.'  Guy A Lepage, a left of centre separatist mouthpiece and his creepy little co-hort Danny Turcotte had as a guest Montreal's new Archbishop Christian Lépine.  (see here)  What was really interesting are the aggressive tones that the media take in trying to put the Archbishop in the corner.  Monseigneur Lépine to his credit, answered as Faithfully as he could while Richard Martineau, another writer from the separatist intelligentia kept getting more and more aggressive.  Martineau claimed that the United Church of Canada (which basically tolerates everything, even sin) was the best choice for him and his wife when they went 'Church' shopping.  Arturo Bracchetti, also on the panel, describes himself as a child of Vatican II, and was more in touch with Pope Paul VI, a Pope on the 'left.' (Humanae Vitae on the left?  Get your head out of your a@$)

It seems the easiest solution to fill up the Churches, is to basically re make them as if the Truth are up for debate.  Disagreeing with Holy Mother Church is not about opinion, it comes down to disagreeing with Jesus Himself!  Imagine?  Sorry Lord, but your wrong about the gays!  The Church calls all people outside of marriage to chastity.  Whether its 2012, or 3012, the Church is the anchor.  Remember, Scripture says that God made us in His image.  Instead we are trying to create a god in our image. 

Another article making the rounds comes to us via CNN.  What's funny is that once again, we get the same pile of drivel always thrown at us during Holy Week.  Seven Reasons Why People Leave the Catholic Church.  (see here )  Number 1?  Yup!  You guessed it,..the sex abuse crises.  First off, one case of abuse is one too many!  However let's contextualize this shall we?  I have stated before that there are actually more abuse cases found in the protestant communities than there are in the Church.  Measuring the numbers, there are almost ten times the amount of teachers abusing children!  What about coaches?  You can look up the numbers for yourself,. but the media's faulty logic, usually advanced by heresy agenda driven priests, (the ones they parade on CNN, when they need a Catholic soundbite, or still John Allen, who traded in his testicles for 'being in the centre') or women religious.  The Church has been around for 2000 years, and its generally no coincidence that the enemy always attacks during Lent!

Jesus promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against Her.  Can you name any other organization that has lasted this long, even in the face of scandal?  That's all for now!

Our Lady of Fatima,............ora pro nobis.

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