Thursday, June 12, 2014


     I am beginning to believe that the crisis in manhood is hitting epic proportions.  My job/Pastoral summer assignment sees me at the local cemetery, accompanying families for the final prayers when a priest or deacon cannot be present.  It is humbling, and gives a foretaste of the Grace that God will give us to simply be present for families during this time.  The public transportation that I use to get to the cemetery sees me gritting my teeth and refraining from interfering when I hear nothing but constant swearing and an overall lack of manners and common sense.  I guess its part of a global phenomenon?  This will be the subject of another blog post. Whatever the reason, a sense of decency is not the abnormal, but should be part of everyone’s formation. 

     Working at the cemetery allows me to crawl into people’s lives, sometimes by the toes.  Our Lord has shown me incredible Graces, with all sorts of families.  All have one thing in common, LOVE.  The prayers at the gravesite are always full of love and appreciation, my presence in many ways is to show the Compassion and Mercy that God wants to bestow upon families at the time they need it the most.
Perhaps this blog is not as intense as what usually it once was??,.. Blame Jesus! Lol!!!  Being a Seminarian is completely awesome!!! 

Sacred Heart of Jesus,……………….Have Mercy on us!