Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Obama's Favorite 'Catholics.'

So the imminent news coming out of Washington (besides the oil spill) is that the Holy See according to the US Supreme Court will not receive diplomatic immunity as legally it should regarding the HOMOSEXUAL priest crisis in the US. Thoughts anyone? Well, I have a few! Amazing how these so-called agents of the Sprit of the Second Vatican Council on issues like liturgy, jurisdiction, married clergy, decentralization and whatever hippie crap left over from the silly sixties, are actually going to absolve the local ordinary and place the blame on Rome. Hey liberals! Rome has been speaking, but clearly not welcome in most western hemisphere dioceses. You see, the Bishop (local) has total control of his chancery office and staff. Rome can remove a bishop, and should, but very rarely does the Pope interfere.

What is most interesting about these HOMOSEXUAL priests (there's that word again,.look at the gender and age of the victims)is that most occurred during the reign of these so-called reformers. God forgive me, but the media darling that was Cardinal Bernadin with his 'seamless garment' crap polluting the minds of pewsitters across the west along with men like Roger Cardinal Mahoney (whose diocese by the way, produced the most predators of any...) watering down the faith, making the it a man made mainstream protestant social justice marxist love-in with no substance whatsoever! The war is on people! For the Catholic Church and for souls everywhere, its number one enemy is socialism, cleverly dressup up as a modern utopia propagated by so-called 'catholics'! Why is socialism the enemy? Because it sets up mankind as his own 'saviour' denying the reality of original sin. Period. Exclamation mark!

Obama has surrounded himself with his favorite type of catholics, (ones who by there numbers are heading for extinction...) The US has jumped the shark even with Obamacare which is nothing more than an affrontery on individual rights disguised as health care. People who are prolife, by there tax dollars will be funding abortions under the guise of women's reproductive health, all in the name of health! That is freakin BS! In wartime, its important to know your enemies, so here are a few of Obama's theological advisors (through their writings).

Fr Hans Kung: The infallible 'pope' of heretics and dissidents everywhere. Can write a 800 page book without a thesis. Calls himself loyal opposition, yeah well, I'm the loyal opposition to the laws of gravity,..perhaps this afternoon, I'll decide to fly, all in the name of being open minded!

Fr Richard McBrien: CNN's favorite mouthpiece on anything catholic. Tolerates everything except the authentic faith. Published a book, 'Catholicism' which was actually NOT endorsed (surprisingly) by the USCCB.

Gregory Baum: Former priest, now resident canadian heretic promoting everything in the name of social justice except of course, the Faith!

The National Catholic Reporter: With the exception of John Allen, a leftist rag full of socialist crap, and the vehicle to drive the ideas of the previous two.

Call to Action: Another entity dedicated to changing the dogmas of Catholicism. Using the priest abuse scandal as a driving force. They claim to be in the 'spirit' of the Second Vatican Council. I'll claim they never read it!

These are but a few examples. Now is the time to fight,.JPII generation, get ready because we are inheriting a world and a Church at the crossroads. The battle lines have been drawn, and even though we know the outcome, (Our Lord's victory has already been won!) satan is still on the loose. Remember, that Jesus wants us to be meek, NOT WEAK!

St Michael the Archangel,....Ora Pro Nobis!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Anglican Extinction and Thoughts on 'La St Jean.'

Back again with one of my 'theatre of the absurd' observations regarding the Christian fabric of Western Civilization. From what has been reported, it seems that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams is about to enact a sort of clause to protect 'tradionalist' Anglicans from women Bishops. Looks like someone is feeling the sting, and the bad experiment known as anglicanism/episcopalianism is about to implode. What can I say? I don't want to sound arrogant, but thanks be to God I'm Catholic! Our truths are unchanging and despite numerous attempts by so-called liberal, progressive, modernist, social-justice/marxist, and feminist 'catholics,' the Church will always and forever stand her ground! Jesus promised the gates of hell would not prevail against her and guess what? Hasn't happened yet! Boooyahhh!

Staying with the politically correct bombshell of both religion and politics, I would like to wish all French Canadiens a very happy 'Fete de la St Jean Baptiste!' Wait for it,..okay here comes the bomb,.the so-called 'fete national' or whatever BS that is propagated throughout Quebec by separatist forces can have their imaginary holiday right along with their fictitious country of Quebexico,.(actually based on recent demographics,.Quebecistan!) What's the difference you ask? Well, the St Jean represented the all french canadiens especially their Catholic roots which were instrumental in founding and preserving french canadien culture, ideals and traditions. The cheap replacement, the so-called 'fete national' is nothing more than an excuse for separatist propaganda funded by tax payers. As an anglophone, today becomes a day whereby we board up the house and stay indoors for fear of a reprisal regarding the crime of being english. All in all, I have nothing against french canadiens. Some of my family are french canadien, whose own families are warm, generous and welcoming. They are the salt of the earth and the reason I love Canada. Myself, being perfectly bilingual will (God willing) have children being perfectly bilingual. The separatissss, on the other hand, are another story, my opinions on them should encourage you to read the archives of this blog!

Saint Jean Baptiste,....prier pour nous!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pope Begins a New Inquisition!!!

Okay so one, its not exactly a new inquisition (but it got your attention right?) and two, its not myself who asked to be the grand inquisitor as it regards to liturgical abuses liking the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to something that WWE might put on. My last post dealt with the ordination of my friend to the priesthood. As was mentioned the liturgy was beautiful, reverent and holy. The fruits of this, I believe we will see in the coming two years (new translation of Mass!! Yessss...!)with the retirement of hippie Bishops and them being replaced with orthodox ones! Oh yeah, and a full Church!

Well,.a week before Fr Greg's ordination, I was a sponser at a confirmation, an honor bestowed upon me by the young man in question and that I was humbled to have been chosen for. The liturgy was on the french side, specifically on the South Shore of Montreal, reminded me of Cirque du Soleil. The Bishop's vestments were neon pink, he wore a Britney Spears type microphone headset,..there were more extraordinary ministers of communion (women) than clergy. The same ministers handed out the Eucharist as if it were a cafeteria line, the homily was devoid of any substance, and the 'catechist' later told the same young man, that he didn't need to come to Mass!!!! I was right there when SHE said it!!! Oh well,.but there's more, here's the kicker! They were trying to figure out why no one comes to Mass anymore!!!Amazing!

Last Sunday, Pope Benedict in his homily spoke about Bishops disciplining dissident priests, and finally it looks like the Church, like a phoenix, is about to rise from its ashes! Go Holy Father, drop the big elbow on heresy and set-up dissidence for the piledriver. Hey liberals,..your reign(don't want to say 'kingdom' cause that would offend women, y'know...)of terror is over! Last point, the next time some feminazi social justice marxist lesbian wannabe nun speaks about the lack of priests, ask them why the FSSP seminaries are full? Just a thought.


St Joseph,...pray for us.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Optimusmastro commentary Father Greg post ordination

Special Post Alert!!! Congratulations to Father Greg Cizcek! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Okay so I don't usually post on the weekend, but I'll make an exception for today. Last night I had the honor and priviledge of assisting at the ordination to the priesthood of one of my best friends! Congratulations to Father Greg! Our Lord has conferred ministerial priesthood upon one of the most solid/stand up guys you could ever meet! A few observations, (you know I'll make them anyway, hehe...)if you will. The Liturgy was one of the most beautiful experiences this side of Heaven! Let me set the stage, a packed to the gills Church, about 15-18 altar BOYS, (yes I capitalized that as bait for any feminazis lurking...) and countless priests and deacons alongside the Cardinal Archbishop and his auxliary. What more can I say? A lot.

Your Eminence, what you experienced last night was the Catholic Church in all her glory, fully represented as Christ's Mystical Body. It was a reverent, beautiful and joyous event highlighting what adherence to orthodoxy is all about. The youth want Vatican II,.not the lab experiment known as the 'spirit of the council.' Those of us under 40, weren't brought up as professional protestors, intent of instilling a subjective experimental feel good kumbaya fest,..WE WANT THE CHURCH! Listen to the Holy Spirit who is guiding Pope Benedict, (BTW, it's the same Holy Spirit that conveyed the second Vatican Council,...hear that liberal freakos!) who free the Tridentine Mass and is cleaning house! Yes we are about Love, but sometimes Love is tough!

St Jean Vianney,..pray for us! (Especially Fr. Greg!)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bill 103,..Quebexico still within the Theatre of the Absurd

Sooo kiddies, I'm back,.and by the way, great feedback for the series on Islam! Thank you to the people who posted, and thank you to the people who flooded my email 'inbox' with opinion and commentary! Now, I'm gonna be stepping away from Catholic issues for today in order to tackle something a little more homegrown, namely the always infantile, consistantly absurd Quebec language laws which have now bled into the school system.

Okay so a little primer, shall we? (Yes, I like that word.) In Quebexico, we have four 'camps' of people if you will dividing up the electorate and saturating the political climate. We have francophones, anglophones and allophones. The fourth group finds themselves heavily concentrated within the francophone community while growing steadily in the allophone community and fringe in the anglophone community. Namely these are the separatisssss! Often occupying key positions within the media, these zealots often try to drum up ridiculous scenerios akin to Elvis sightings when trying to stir up a language war to advance their paranoid agenda. The Objective,..Quebexico, and by any means necessary! Enter the Supreme Court of Canada stricking down a law it felt went against our very fabric (not to mention our freedoms!)So down with bill 104, and now thanks to the supposedly federalist provincial liberals we have bill 103!!! Which means creating a class distinction between people whereby francophone parents wanting to send their children to english school will not only pay more (privately) but also on a case by case basis! Yes this is Quebec! The language zealots who dominate fringe newspapers by actually measuring sign letter sizes have instilled through PQ education critic Pierre Curzi, (himself italian backround!) a sense of paranoia. According to them, by by not closing this loophole and using the Canadian Charter's 'notwitstanding clause' someone, it will cause the french to assimilate and disappear off the North American landscape! Amazing! The fact that the french have survived 400yrs prior without draconian language laws and 'safeguards' completely escapes these people,..oh well!

Usually I end my blog post pettioning a Saint,.yet I can't seem to find a patron Saint for stupidity,...


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Islam,..part 4 The Qur'an.

Back again,..and continuing on with this series on Islam, which today's post will focus on the word of God in Islam,.the Qur'an. Once again, I will mention that these entries are nothing but a primer and are intended to give the readership a basic, if not elementary standing of Islam and how it compares with Christianity. To Qur'an or Koran literally means the 'recitation' and is believed by muslims to be the eternal uncreated word of God given to Muhammed though a series of 'revelations.' In this light, it would be more accurate to compare the Qur'an with Jesus Christ Himself in Christianity instead of the Bible, which Christians see as God's love story to mankind written through human experience.

The Qur'an, as has already been mentioned is what muslims believe to be the final instruction manual for mankind. It contains various accounts from both the Old and New Testaments, often not agreeing with the former,.as well as Apocryphical accounts from once again both Jewish and Christian heretical sources (infancy Gospel of James...)coupled with Zoroatrian and local pagan beliefs. Its style is written in arabic poetry and believed by muslims to be so perfect that the rhyming style is not to be questioned. Two sets of revelations are believed to seperate differing accounts depending upon where Muhammed was in his building up of the 'Umma.' In all the 114 suras or chapters divide themselves between the 'Mecca' revelations and the 'Medina' revelations. Continuing with the breakdown, it has been put forth by Islamic scholars, that each verse itself is 'ayat' or a miracle. Also because of the lack of chronology between the Meccan and Medina suras, each are ordered together in terms of length. The difference, however can be seen within Muhammed attitude towards the 'people of the book.' In the Meccan suras, it can be argued that Muhammed just assumed he would be accepted as a prophet and therefore spoke about the common salvation of Jews, Christians, Sabians. In the Medina suras, this attitude seems to change somewhat dramatically. (Reference Sura 5:69 with Sura 98:6).

To conclude about the Qur'an, because of verses being changed on the whim, it can be argued from the Christian vantage point that Allah is not pure Truth. His will can change. Therefore, because of these obvious contradictions, scholars argue that Allah abrogates verses, and even the devil himself can cause a verse to be inserted in the Qur'an, then later abrogated. These questions were put forth in a book by Salmon Rushdie entitiled the 'Satanic Verses' and to this day, a decree of death still hangs over his head. In all, the Qur'an, because of its insistance on being the verbatim word of God, makes itself open to all sorts of error and contradiction because of a lack of metaphisical knowledge springing from muslim concept of God.

Our Lady of Guadalupe,...pray for us.