Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bill 103,..Quebexico still within the Theatre of the Absurd

Sooo kiddies, I'm back,.and by the way, great feedback for the series on Islam! Thank you to the people who posted, and thank you to the people who flooded my email 'inbox' with opinion and commentary! Now, I'm gonna be stepping away from Catholic issues for today in order to tackle something a little more homegrown, namely the always infantile, consistantly absurd Quebec language laws which have now bled into the school system.

Okay so a little primer, shall we? (Yes, I like that word.) In Quebexico, we have four 'camps' of people if you will dividing up the electorate and saturating the political climate. We have francophones, anglophones and allophones. The fourth group finds themselves heavily concentrated within the francophone community while growing steadily in the allophone community and fringe in the anglophone community. Namely these are the separatisssss! Often occupying key positions within the media, these zealots often try to drum up ridiculous scenerios akin to Elvis sightings when trying to stir up a language war to advance their paranoid agenda. The Objective,..Quebexico, and by any means necessary! Enter the Supreme Court of Canada stricking down a law it felt went against our very fabric (not to mention our freedoms!)So down with bill 104, and now thanks to the supposedly federalist provincial liberals we have bill 103!!! Which means creating a class distinction between people whereby francophone parents wanting to send their children to english school will not only pay more (privately) but also on a case by case basis! Yes this is Quebec! The language zealots who dominate fringe newspapers by actually measuring sign letter sizes have instilled through PQ education critic Pierre Curzi, (himself italian backround!) a sense of paranoia. According to them, by by not closing this loophole and using the Canadian Charter's 'notwitstanding clause' someone, it will cause the french to assimilate and disappear off the North American landscape! Amazing! The fact that the french have survived 400yrs prior without draconian language laws and 'safeguards' completely escapes these people,..oh well!

Usually I end my blog post pettioning a Saint,.yet I can't seem to find a patron Saint for stupidity,...


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