Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time,..and Lack Of...

Thomists will define 'Time' as simply the measure of motion. Human beings being both rational(soul) and sensual(body) must live with this constraint. All of our actions whether we like it or not are governed by this fact. Our bodies corrupt everyday as our sensual finality awaits us. Death will come like a thief in the night....Okay, now that I've probably depressed the hell out of you, I would just like to say that because of time, my posts will become more sporadic. But I promise that when I post I gonna rock you!

I recently discovered the King's men. It is a men's group based out of Pennsylvania in the US. Their mission statement is forming men to be leaders, protectors and providers. Their enemy is pornography. Their enemy is my enemy. Two things come to mind,..the first being that there is a crisis in masculinity and second, when did we (men) drop the ball? I recall my youth, in the early eighties,..going to school with an A-Team lunch box, and coming home to watch GI Joe and Transformers. I played hockey, as well as did a lot of martial arts. Oh yeah,..almost forgot, I never threw a handgrenade at anybody, and believe it or not, my father had a gun in the house! How come I didn't become a homicidal maniac which by today's pop psychology standards, I would have been the real victim had I perpetrated a crime because my dad was verbally abusive? The answer is simple, I was priviledged to live in a home with discipline(anybody catch the root word?), boundaries that were enforced and a solid nuclear family that ate supper together every night, no exceptions.

The act of intercourse, if you will, begets the family, so as the family goes, so does the world. In the Universal Church, the family unit is often referred to as the domestic Church. So lets fast-forward to today's Pagan,..ooops(tourettes...) I mean open-minded progressive, politically correct, tolerant sexually liberating utopia which we have always dreamed of (I hope you catch my sarcasm...). Well, we have an AIDS epidemic, (among other STDs) Abortion on demand, so-called gay marriage, feminism (wait,..I don't mean authentic feminism, I mean the power hungry 'feminazis' who are confused about their gender..)and marxist socialism creeping up. Sadly, I think it is pretty obvious about what is happening in the world. If you live in Quebec, it's pretty clear!

About pornography, I have a special hatred for you, because I am a man, and yes men do think differently than women about sex. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was pretty liberal myself before I came into the Church. Being a product of 'Spirit of Vatican II' deceivers...oops! (tourettes again!)I mean good willed teachers I was taught that masturbation is healthy and necessary for psychological balance, y'know we need to release ourselves,..be free. (BTW, that is not 'freedom' that is instead 'license.') Nevertheless, I have since amended my thinking, and continue to struggle everyday with this issue, it is a sin, a mortal sin. The good news is that we can overcome it, through prayer, fasting and being accountable. Also do not get discouraged and go the Sacrement of Reconciliation often. In the past, one could just throw away the porn, now it is everywhere, especially on the internet. St Michael's Brigade (Coming soon!) will tackle this issue head-on, and as men we will fight together! The devil is strong!, but Christ ultimately wins! Men need to be men! The next time someone gives you that hippie BS line about, Oh, what would Jesus do? Quote the Gospel of St John: 2,13-22. (Depending of course on the situation!)

P.S. If anyone struggles with this issue, feel free to email me and I can provide helpful resources as well as prayer.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why are most prochoicers environmentalists?...

Where to begin,..welllll,..Brock Lesnar is the new UFC Champion defeating Randy Couture this past Saturday....The Quebec Liberals are still ahead in the polls while the ADQ has pretty much tanked and finally the Habs won on Sunday over St Louis by shootout. On a side note, in my riding of Margerite Bourgeois, the PQ still hasn't put up any campaign posters, which confirms their financial woes.

Last week, I received an email from a friend of mine inviting me to check out RealCatholicTV.com. WOW! It was just the dose of orthodoxy our western pussyfooting world needs. One of the hosts, Michael Voris is absolutely amazing! The show is called the Vortex, and really this guy pulls no punches. I really encourage everyone to check it out, it will be worth your time. Upon checking through back episodes in the archives, I noticed a particular theme that he hammered on, one that I found myself strangely at odds with. The theme is Social Justice.

Now, hold on,..did you catch your breath? All you little hippie wannabes?..Okay, let me explain, from a Catholic point of view. I am very-much pro social justice. It is mandated in our Catechism as well as expanded upon at the Second Vatican Council. What I am against is Social Justice (look,..I even capitalized it for the hippies,..hehehe) tainted by marxist overtones. The Church especially in Quebec has been hijacked by people looking to push their own agenda within the Church. They usually disregard Theology and philosophy and instead push a very broad 'theistic' (huh, yeah barely!)humanist approach to bring about the Kingdom of God,..oops, I mean 'Reign of God.' (We don't want to offend women,..)They discuss or 'dialogue' as they say about every social issue which only they see as unfair. Let's look at some examples; pay equity, women's rights, equality among men,..oops 'people.' All these things are good. Noticably absent from their equity, are the rights of the unborn, protection of the family, and an authentic search for Theological truth. They talk about the environment, animal rights, and how to reform, while dialoging, the oppressive male dominated patriarchal system.

Now it is important to realize that everyone of these issues are important, it is just where they fit in the hierarchy of Truth. If I believe that Abortion is an intrinsic evil, am I against women's rights? If I believe that human beings are much more important in the economy of salvation, am I against nature or the environment? The answer of course is that I am for both. (I will address the issue of women's ordination in another post). Being for both, however must take into account their priorities with the scope of Truth. A majority vote on an issue does not make that issue true, it is an opinion and can be wrong. I am going to stop now, and wait for the flurry of hatemail to arrive in my hotmail account.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

'Tronna' sports network (TSN)...and Aquinas

Okay, so last Saturday, I was wrong. Happy? I hope so, cause I got enough hotmail concerning the Leafs beating the Habs that I was certain the mayor of Toronto was planning a parade at the corner of Jarvis and Young street. A whopping 6-3 whallop in favor of the Maple Leafs. What does that proove?...and the answer is...NOTHING! The loss said more about the lack of effort the Habs gave in that game than anything else. Plain and simple, undisciplined hockey will net you the results you deserve. After Carbonneau took 'les boys' out to the woodshed, they came back with a shutout victory over Ottawa. Tonight we are in Boston, up against the brilliant coaching mind that is Claude Julien. I don't know if the game is broadcast on TSN and frankly don't care. Even as anglos,..my friends and I will never miss a chance to watch RDS and hear Pierre Houde,.."Et c'est le buuuuut!!!"

here comes the switch...

I received an interesting email from an evangelical Christian. After 'meeting' me in an apologetics forum, was surprised if not confused to find out I was Catholic. This individual said that I knew my stuff concerning the existence of God and really gave him ammunition when dealing with atheists or secularists. The Catholic label was perplexing to him. After sharing his testimony with me, and articulating how Christ had impacted his life he was 'Born Again.' Next came the million dollar question, (a question which I will go into greater detail when time permits,..)As intelligent as I was (to him...lol!!!), why and how could I be Catholic? The answer is one statement..."BECAUSE IT IS TRUE."

God Bless

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Flander's Field...

Today is Remembrance day. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. It certainly does not take very long to offer a moment of thanks to all the fallen soldiers who have given their lives at the cost of our freedom. As Canadians, we are not known as a patriotic people, our common heritage derives from hockey, maple syrup and an overall laid back attitude shared by both official languages. Yet there is something about today that makes us all proud to be Canadian. To all soldiers, past and present, I would like to offer a heartfelt thank-you.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

John Paul II Sexual Revolution...

I hoped I grabbed your attention,..but I'll warn you, I not talking about whether the Great Pope submitted letters to Penthouse Forum. Of course to those who know, I'm talking about Theology of the Body, the Holy Spirit's gift to the world through the late Pope's sexual dissertation. Last night over coffee, my girlfriend and I were joined by a seminarian friend of mine to discuss such issues as politics, religion and of course WWE wrestling. (...But I'm not kidding...) Stemming from our conversation from a few weeks ago, on 'being' we turned our attention to a DVD entitled 'Straight Talk For Men.' The speaker was Christopher West and he went on to articulate a very convincing case for Catholic teaching on sexual matters. The union of man and woman is a foreshadowing of the consumation of Christ and the Church, the dignity of the each sex and how God's innermost secret is revealed as a union of Love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All I can say is WOW! It's funny cause I've given Christopher West's Theology of the Body for beginners books away to secular people and the answer is always the same. WHY WERE WE NOT TAUGHT THIS IN CATHOLIC SCHOOLS?!?

Pondering this sad reality gets me angry, cause the culprits are often the same misguided priests from the 1960's with an allergic reaction to anything than is even remotely orthodox. These wolves in sheeps clothing that were charged with pastoring God's faithful sought to undermine everything Objective and replace with a emotionally sensitive kumbaya festival. GENTLEMEN, Wanna know why your parishes are empty? (anyway, side note, my ADD acting up again..) On matters of human sexuality, 'freedom,' often confused by liberal elites becomes 'license.' Ask yourself the question, if people lived the teaching of the Church, (ie,a man and woman)would there exist abortion, AIDS, STDs,..Don't bite my head off, I'm just asking you to think...

180 degree turn,...

The Habs lost last night in a shootout. (4-3) Although the Canadiens outshot the Bluejackets, they just didn't find their legs. Jaroslav Halak seemed to be fighting the puck. Tonight, a new day! Habs in Toronto facing the Maple Laughs,..er..Leafs. Carey Price back between the pipes. Ca sent la victoire des Canadiens...!BTW, they are not for sale!

Apparently Pauline Marois is a snob,..just thought I'd mention that in passing...

A recent argument/debate/name calling contest with a separatist is leading me to take up a collection to build a monument of Rene Levesque in downtown Toronto,..cause that's where most businesses relocated to from Montreal. Think about it, if La Belle Province wasn't soooo politically unstable, would the Hockey Hall of Fame really be in 'Toronna..'

WWE released Paul London and Chuck Palumbo,..I don't think I'll be losing sleep if they show up in TNA.(Totally Nonsense Action.) Knowing Vince they probably have no-compete clauses...

Had enough? I bid you adieux...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obamamania running wild with 54% of Catholic vote.

Welllll,...its been a while and obviously for good reason. This past November 4th, Barack Hussein Obama became the president elect and will assume office on January 20 of 2009. (May God have mercy on Catholic souls...) Why has this election been more significant than any other in the past? Because for the first time, the United States have elected a black president. Personally, I don't care if an individual is black, white, yellow, green or pink with purple polka-dots, it is the issues which matter. Clearly our subjective moral compass has defined the common 'good' by what is popular. ('Good' is philosophy is defined by 'that which is in accord with the nature of the thing.') Social issues aside, what I find most distressing is that a country which espouses religous values, blatantly ignored the bishops repeated appeals to common sense. Is war bad? Absolutely. But in the hierarchy of truths, there is only one issue described as an intrinsic evil. (War on the other hand falls into categories of bad judgement, because differing factors can play a part...)

Some Catholics, I am told, referenced the US bishops guide to forming a 'conscience' and took out the line that, 'catholics are not a single issue voting block.' Well, of course not! But in the scheme of things, where does absolute Truth fit in? Perhaps there were too many 'Spirit of Vatican II' bishops around, not enough Vatican II ones... To a Catholic, the life issue does not fall into dogma, it falls into divine law. Perhaps Hollywood, the left, and every other pro-bama entity claiming to be Catholic, should gather a translation commitee and revise the chapter of St. Luke's Gospel,(St Luke 1:44) I'll paraphrase Father Corapi; "For as soon as I heard the sound of your greeting, the abstract fetal tissue leaped for joy." I guess for the Catholic liberals (an Oxymoron...)being politically correct and following the crowd means more than absolute truth. Father McBrien must be pleased.

On the Quebec side,...its offical! We go to the polls December 8th!

Whatcha gonna do when election fever runs wild on you?!!! Arghhh!!!(flex)....Brother!