Thursday, November 13, 2008

'Tronna' sports network (TSN)...and Aquinas

Okay, so last Saturday, I was wrong. Happy? I hope so, cause I got enough hotmail concerning the Leafs beating the Habs that I was certain the mayor of Toronto was planning a parade at the corner of Jarvis and Young street. A whopping 6-3 whallop in favor of the Maple Leafs. What does that proove?...and the answer is...NOTHING! The loss said more about the lack of effort the Habs gave in that game than anything else. Plain and simple, undisciplined hockey will net you the results you deserve. After Carbonneau took 'les boys' out to the woodshed, they came back with a shutout victory over Ottawa. Tonight we are in Boston, up against the brilliant coaching mind that is Claude Julien. I don't know if the game is broadcast on TSN and frankly don't care. Even as anglos, friends and I will never miss a chance to watch RDS and hear Pierre Houde,.."Et c'est le buuuuut!!!"

here comes the switch...

I received an interesting email from an evangelical Christian. After 'meeting' me in an apologetics forum, was surprised if not confused to find out I was Catholic. This individual said that I knew my stuff concerning the existence of God and really gave him ammunition when dealing with atheists or secularists. The Catholic label was perplexing to him. After sharing his testimony with me, and articulating how Christ had impacted his life he was 'Born Again.' Next came the million dollar question, (a question which I will go into greater detail when time permits,..)As intelligent as I was (to!!!), why and how could I be Catholic? The answer is one statement..."BECAUSE IT IS TRUE."

God Bless

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