Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obamamania running wild with 54% of Catholic vote.

Welllll,...its been a while and obviously for good reason. This past November 4th, Barack Hussein Obama became the president elect and will assume office on January 20 of 2009. (May God have mercy on Catholic souls...) Why has this election been more significant than any other in the past? Because for the first time, the United States have elected a black president. Personally, I don't care if an individual is black, white, yellow, green or pink with purple polka-dots, it is the issues which matter. Clearly our subjective moral compass has defined the common 'good' by what is popular. ('Good' is philosophy is defined by 'that which is in accord with the nature of the thing.') Social issues aside, what I find most distressing is that a country which espouses religous values, blatantly ignored the bishops repeated appeals to common sense. Is war bad? Absolutely. But in the hierarchy of truths, there is only one issue described as an intrinsic evil. (War on the other hand falls into categories of bad judgement, because differing factors can play a part...)

Some Catholics, I am told, referenced the US bishops guide to forming a 'conscience' and took out the line that, 'catholics are not a single issue voting block.' Well, of course not! But in the scheme of things, where does absolute Truth fit in? Perhaps there were too many 'Spirit of Vatican II' bishops around, not enough Vatican II ones... To a Catholic, the life issue does not fall into dogma, it falls into divine law. Perhaps Hollywood, the left, and every other pro-bama entity claiming to be Catholic, should gather a translation commitee and revise the chapter of St. Luke's Gospel,(St Luke 1:44) I'll paraphrase Father Corapi; "For as soon as I heard the sound of your greeting, the abstract fetal tissue leaped for joy." I guess for the Catholic liberals (an Oxymoron...)being politically correct and following the crowd means more than absolute truth. Father McBrien must be pleased.

On the Quebec side,...its offical! We go to the polls December 8th!

Whatcha gonna do when election fever runs wild on you?!!! Arghhh!!!(flex)....Brother!

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Anonymous said...

interesting point of view,..but is the social issue the only issue,..something that we have to think about...