Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why are most prochoicers environmentalists?...

Where to begin,..welllll,..Brock Lesnar is the new UFC Champion defeating Randy Couture this past Saturday....The Quebec Liberals are still ahead in the polls while the ADQ has pretty much tanked and finally the Habs won on Sunday over St Louis by shootout. On a side note, in my riding of Margerite Bourgeois, the PQ still hasn't put up any campaign posters, which confirms their financial woes.

Last week, I received an email from a friend of mine inviting me to check out RealCatholicTV.com. WOW! It was just the dose of orthodoxy our western pussyfooting world needs. One of the hosts, Michael Voris is absolutely amazing! The show is called the Vortex, and really this guy pulls no punches. I really encourage everyone to check it out, it will be worth your time. Upon checking through back episodes in the archives, I noticed a particular theme that he hammered on, one that I found myself strangely at odds with. The theme is Social Justice.

Now, hold on,..did you catch your breath? All you little hippie wannabes?..Okay, let me explain, from a Catholic point of view. I am very-much pro social justice. It is mandated in our Catechism as well as expanded upon at the Second Vatican Council. What I am against is Social Justice (look,..I even capitalized it for the hippies,..hehehe) tainted by marxist overtones. The Church especially in Quebec has been hijacked by people looking to push their own agenda within the Church. They usually disregard Theology and philosophy and instead push a very broad 'theistic' (huh, yeah barely!)humanist approach to bring about the Kingdom of God,..oops, I mean 'Reign of God.' (We don't want to offend women,..)They discuss or 'dialogue' as they say about every social issue which only they see as unfair. Let's look at some examples; pay equity, women's rights, equality among men,..oops 'people.' All these things are good. Noticably absent from their equity, are the rights of the unborn, protection of the family, and an authentic search for Theological truth. They talk about the environment, animal rights, and how to reform, while dialoging, the oppressive male dominated patriarchal system.

Now it is important to realize that everyone of these issues are important, it is just where they fit in the hierarchy of Truth. If I believe that Abortion is an intrinsic evil, am I against women's rights? If I believe that human beings are much more important in the economy of salvation, am I against nature or the environment? The answer of course is that I am for both. (I will address the issue of women's ordination in another post). Being for both, however must take into account their priorities with the scope of Truth. A majority vote on an issue does not make that issue true, it is an opinion and can be wrong. I am going to stop now, and wait for the flurry of hatemail to arrive in my hotmail account.


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Thanks for this Post!
I am also tired with people who only talk about saving the body without taking care of the soul. Our faith (as well as normal reason) includes both aspects of the human being (body&soul together). It is nice to see that some people, as you, are more "open minded" to accept the reality of our human nature.