Monday, November 29, 2010

Rejuvenation? Yeah Right,..Here we go Again!!! ARGHH!!

Last week, the Archdiocese of Montreal shuffled the Diocesan Curia and promoted some people who will fit their agenda to the 'tee.' Funny thing is, I never wanted to post this, but I feel this is the best tool,.(new media, social networking) to get a message across. So what did I do? Well I waited a week, to settle my blood pressure down,.and thus make sure I wouldn't write an expletive ridden tirade, but instead a more neutral critique(a la John Allen the guy with no balls at National Crapolic Reporter) of the arch diocese brainfart.(Yeah right,.cause I'm neutral..) So that's where I'll begin. First off, its not a brainfart! It is a calculated move to put in place people who want to create the Quebec Church. I remember this stuff going as far back as far as University, whereby my then theology professor, a French Canadien Lutheran, by the way,..would often speak openly about this coming 'schism.'

So let's see, going down the list..vocations in the toilet? Check! Women running around the sanctuary pretending to be priest(tesses)? Check! Attendance at Sunday Mass lower than a bottom feeding plecostamus fish? Yup, check! Here is the kicker,..on the english side of the diocese things are looking up especially within the ethnic parishes, great solid priests are being ordained, what do the brainsurgeon socialists at the Archdiocese do? Well we can't have that now can we? Next they'll start kneeling for Communion! The shock!, the horror! Well for starters they promote every heretic they can find, right up to the number two spot! (people who supported the famous 19 signature priests wanting the Church to change Her position on homosexual marriage). Naturally there was no reprimand for this public show of disobediance, instead you reward them as mavericks!!! Y'know ahead of their time! People, I really don't care how many friends I lose in the archdiocese over this, you need to step up! To my priest friends,.tell me honestly when our Lord called you to priesthood, you freely accepted to die for the Eucharist? Think about it, you freely gave up a wife and kids,..and for what exactly? Campy, cheesy songs from Fr Feelgood who feels the Church is too rigid? If he 'feels' that way,..why the f@#% is still active in the ministry? Social justice crap all over the Sanctuary, in the name of what exactly? By the way, as I've mentioned before, I'm not talking about authentic social justice, one that has abortion as its starting point, I'm talking about marxism cleverly disguised under banner terms like 'liberation theology.' Younger priests, are you ready to die or face alienation/ persecution? One of those priests appointed(in the 'rejuvination') to his position said, to paraphrase,..Vatican II was a compromise between the Holy Spirit and 'les Traditionalistes' and he feels his mission is to hold the hand of the Church as a son holds his dying mother...When the Church as we know it dies,.then a new 'Church' will emerge complete its 'feel good' agenda, relativism and moral ambiguity. So that's it right? We are just going to roll over and die?

So here it is folks,..hold your little referendum,.(I mean Quebecers love referendums right?) and if you vote to leave,..then leave! If you vote to stay, accept the authority and stop trying to undermine and usurp power! You have about a year left, why because our dear Cardinal will be of retirement age,..and just looking at what's happening, I have a feeling that a clean sweep is gonna be coming over Montreal!(not that it matters cause you'll probably take your ball and go home!) I am honestly tired of writing these kinds of posts, but really, you and your 'ilk' (liberals) are the biggest bunch of manipulative lying spineless jellyfish people on the friggin planet! I'm 33,..I love Jesus, I love His Church,.I freely accepted this reality and I am prepared to die for it! Don't be scared though, the way you fight, you don't come head on, you go from behind like any other coward or bully,..Well I'm here, you know where to find me,.and I'm shining a huge flashlight exposing your crap!

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal,.......Ora pro nobis

By the way, I am Catholic, will remain Catholic, and will not succumb to the coming 'Quebec Church' or whatever you will call it. My American friends, you have your own problems, next year the American Catholic Council will meet and more than likely a similar schism will occur!!!!!!!! ITS GO TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Secular Group Think.

Okay kids, a follow up to a post I did yesterday regarding the Pope and condoms. So let's tackle a few issues shall we, so that the socialists along with their Orwellian mindset and revisionist history can crawl back under whatever rock they came out from and thus return to scheming and engineering their next piece of creative writing,..So here goes, are you listening? Hey,..put down your 'Development and Peace' water bottle nonsense, women's ordination crap and your Rainbow whatevers and just listen! The CHURCH is NOT and will NOT change Her position on condoms! Now I encourage everyone to break out their environmentally safe crayons and tattoo that statement on some social justice heads! I suppose within the same degree of common sense, that if a crack addict used clean needles, that would mean I'm justifying his drug use? Common!

Yesterday at the gym, a client asked me my opinion, to which I replied, if I am Catholic, I have already submitted my intellect and will to the Church.(you do that at Confirmation..btw...) She went on to lecture me about AIDS and how condoms prevent them. Really? Reaaaaaally? Y'know what here is a recurring theme,..the Catholic Church is just that, want episcopalian/Anglo whatever? Fine, leave! Stop claiming the title Catholic! You want to prevent AIDS? Stop sleeping around,.be monogamous,..Wow what a novel idea!! Try reading the Theology of the Body,..

Click on Facebook, and join us over at Generation Benedict: Orthodox Catholic Young Adults. Big thanks to Jason and Christina for getting the ball rolling, let's light some liberal houses on fire!

St Andre de Montreal,.....priez pour nous!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Journalistic Integrity, Tomfoolery or Plain Ignorance?

I was always told by my father not to read just the headlines, but get the whole story! Sadly,.if only the secular media would get this right. Unfortunately, most journalists do not have a backround in either philosophy or theology, so should we fault them for this kind of shoddy reporting? Absolutely!! Ignorance or sensationalism should not be a reason to promote things that are simply untrue! That being said, the Church was, is and always will be against artificial contraception!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Where to begin?,..Well first off, last week I posted about my paternal grandfather being a POW during WWII,..and subsequent attempts by Italian Canadians to rectify this situation at a federal level. I also thought I would have posted again, something a little more humourous yet filled with Optimusmastro-ishness opinion and ranting. Well,.as you can tell it didn't happen. Ahh, time being of the essence, I must resign to the idea that there are only twenty-four hours in a day, despite my attempts at creating the new twenty-eight hour day! The reason I didn't post, is because of Rememberance Day,.where we honour our fallen brethren who fought for our freedom. In Canada, we should remind the separatists that if not for our brave soldiers, they wouldn't be able to commit acts of treason by voting in people freely accepting a pay from the federal government by attempting to break up the country!

Got that out of the way, on to our neighbors to the South,..The USCCB has apparently listened to the Faithful and riding a wave of authentic orthodoxy elected Bishop Timothy Dolan of New York. Without missing a beat the National Crapolic Reporter's resident pissboy John Allen was quick to offer his 'balanced' view. Declaring of course, that Dolan is known as a 'conservative' and therefore we could potentially see a shift in the USCCB. I'm not putting a link to this stuff,.if anybody wants to read it, go online and find it. Allen, true to his neutral stance,.offers insights as if the US Bishops had elected a politician. By the end of next week, we should get some more verbal diarrhea coming from Bishop Gumbleton and better still, Sister Joan Chittister. My thoughts, well I'm not quite sure. I'm still confused as to how he handled a homosexual oriented parish in his diocese. I'll take a wait and see attitude.

Finally in response to a letter (yes another one) I got in my email 'inbox' concerning my straightforward writing style and supposed lack of respect for other people's opinions. Here's the answer, I welcome dialogue. Period. As long as Truth is the objective, I don't see a problem. When truth is set aside, indifference creeps in,.then we get the so-called 'shades of gray' analogy. This person claims that there is no truth. Ironically this person also teaches high school mathematics, and while correcting exams has marked students wrong. Can we not see the irony? hmmmm......

St Thomas Aquinas,......Ora pro nobis.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grandson of P.O.W. 780

Last October 31st saw the conclusion of Paradise by the River, a play by well-known Montreal playwright Vittorio Rossi which essentially tells the story of Italian Canadians being stripped of their rights and treated as traitors despite being recent immigrants. I was priveledged to see this play in 1998, and thus, because of reasons which will become apparent as this post progresses feel the need the emote my thoughts. The recent update of the play had a picture of eight P.O.W.s in the foyer of the theatre...The online community knows me as Optimusmastro, a strong, right of center, Catholic man, building a reputation for telling it like it is. My readership has come to accept this and will not stand for anything else. My real name is Marco Mastromonaco, and I am the grandson of P.O.W. 780,..aka Giovanni Mastromonaco, one of the eight men in that photograph. Ergo the reason, I did not see this play,..

Upon discovering a letter that my grandfather wrote to my grandmother dated Feb. 10th 1941, several emotions stirred in me. The first was one of curiosity, but then again, one can hardly quantify that as an emotion. The second was shame,.seeing my grandfather, whom I had never met, reduced to writing his 'prisoner of war' number as an identification. The third was anger. Why anger? Well,.we are supposed to be living in a country which is so unapologetically left of center, you'd have thought an apology would have been forthcoming. The letter written in broken english, shows my grandfather's love and concern for my grandmother along with his abiding Faith in God, that they will pull through. My grandmother at the time was pregnant, but the date the letter was written was a day after she had given birth,..the baby in question was my father,..the third child in a clan of eight.

I have always taken pride in my Italian heritage. I have been to Italy to see relatives, and speak italian reasonably well. Obviously due to assimilation, one day we will lose this language, yet we must never forget who we are and where we come from! I have always been proud of Canada as well and have always identified myself as a Canadian. This mark, this blemish has me to a certain degree, questioning (once again) humanity. Don't get me wrong, I understand, that when in a time of war, chances can't be taken, but a quick backround check, and some common sense could eliminate the possibility of a landscape gardener acting as a spy for a foreign government! The world, becoming the global village that it is, has forgotten certain facts. Today's context of 'terrorism' would by their flawed logic see all Arab/Muslims in P.O.W. camps. I think we could all imagine the protests...(please do not waste energy emailing me comparing the US's patriot act to this!!)

Call to action time! Any Canadians reading this, please help promote our cause by pressuring the Senate ratify Bill C-302, which would recognize the injustice that was done to persons of italian origin, and therefore will help in the knowledge and education of Italian Canadian history. I promise to blog again this week, I know it wasn't a fun post,..

St Michael the Archangel,........Ora pro nobis

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Honesty,..the Best Policy

Sad news this week in Iraq when gunmen affiliated with Al Qaeda stormed a Church in Baghdad. The outcry from the muslim community was instantaneous in condemening the attack perpetrated upon Our Lady of Salvation Church,..Err,..actually no it wasn't! Time and time again we fed by the elitist liberal media about how Islam means 'peace' (uh no, it actually means 'submission') and that it is just a minority extremist fringe commiting these attrocities. Okay, fine,..So my question is simple,..Where is the outpouring into the streets in the West of Muslims ready to denounce this horror? By their logic, there should be an overwhelming majority ready to protest and block cars the same way they do it for the Palestinian cause, right? Yet strangely enough we get the cookie cutter politically correct statement from the local imam denouncing acts of aggression,..hmmm,...I smell a rat.

An Open Letter,..

Dear Muslim Community,..

Since quite a while, yes even before 2001, we opened up our borders and welcomed you into the West in search of a better life. All we ask is that in turn, you call a spade a spade so to speak. On this blog, several months ago, I wrote a brief series on Islam. I was taught Islam by Muslim professors who doubled as 'Imams' and thus was confident in what I had written. I have read the Qur'an and believe it or not, I do disagree with it. I do not believe it to be the inspired(let alone verbatim as you claim)word of God, in fact I believe it contradicts basic objective philosophy. Nevertheless, I have no desire to hurt you. As Vatican II stated,(Nostra Aetate) I do believe there are some elements of truth found in your religion, but ultimately they find their true end in the fullness of the Catholic faith. I have also read some works by Averroes, Al Ghazali and some Hadiths, both major and minor. Please stop insulting my intelligence by claiming Islam 'the religion of peace.' I know all about a 'hudna.' (BTW, Muhammed offered a ten year one and broke it in two years) I am also familiar with 'Al Taqiyya' or the art of deception in the name of Islam. (ie Al Qaeda sleeper cells) Finally, I do know about the Dar Al Harb vs Dar Al Islam. In the end, your religion teaches a manifest destiny of conquering the world in the name of God, whereas mine teaches conquering of death through the death and ressurection of Christ Jesus.

So lets put our cards on the table, shall we. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim! Moderate muslims are secular people. period. Now that we know each other we can talk, and no, not about sesame street style interfaith 'dialogue' or whatever garbage was spewed for the last 40 yrs. Let's be frank,.as Pope Benedict puts it! You see it comes down to a matter of salvation! I don't want to go to hell when I die, so please convince me of the truth of Islam! Similarly, as Pope John Paul II puts it, I would like to speak to you about seeing Jesus, but not through broken lenses. I challenge any Muslim reading this to read Summa Contra Gentiles by Thomas Aquinas!! Similarly I'll read anything by Averroes, Ghazali, name it!(oh wait I already did!). Metaphysically your religion does not work, it contradicts and defies logic!!! Verse abbrogation from an eternal God??? C'mon guys!

To conclude, we share many things,..yet I believe in a God of Love, a God of relationships,..(Father, Son ,.Holy Spirit)Your understanding of God is quite different,.with statements like 'God commands us to love Him!' Uh,,.God wants us to freely choose Him! You can't command love. Think about these things..The Trinity is not three gods froming one, (like the transformers' Devastator) but an eternal exchange of Love!

52 Christians died in Iraq. The crime was being Christian. Do not claim that the West has done similar things in the name of God. Read history, if not for Pope Urban II the West would have been muslim. These were defensive measures undertaken. Were there abuses? Probably, but in comparison to what the muslim community is perpetuating in the name of Islam, downright genocidal. Look at the facts,.of about 25 wars in the world today,.21 involve muslims!

To conclude the ball is in your court, if any muslim reads this, I am open to discussion and discourse but with Truth as the clear cut objective! Just please, do not insult my intelligence!

Our Lady of Fatima,...Ora pro nobis!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Diversion,..'.Il Cane' by Suela

Chill. After the politics, heterodoxy, and the overall garbage coupled with verbal diarrhea polluting our intellectual and social landscape, even I need downtime! Yes,..even a beast like Optimusmastro can appreciate a good song. Notice, she's not talking about anything 'risque'(by the way if you have a problem with this song, need medical help, seriously) just a great tribute, albeit in Italian to man's best friend! Therein lies true talent...Sit back and enjoy what I think is a good song, You can link to it from my twitter feed. She is local talent, ambitious,..with an unbelievable drive, unbelievable voice and infectious work ethic! Good Stuff Suela! Even the dragon known as Optimusmastro can appreciate it! Simple enough, it is a song about 'dogs.' In Italian,..'il cane.' Enjoy!

Simple enough,..yet relaxing,..

Cause Optimus said so! Got a problem? (I think I want a puppy! ;)