Thursday, November 4, 2010

Honesty,..the Best Policy

Sad news this week in Iraq when gunmen affiliated with Al Qaeda stormed a Church in Baghdad. The outcry from the muslim community was instantaneous in condemening the attack perpetrated upon Our Lady of Salvation Church,..Err,..actually no it wasn't! Time and time again we fed by the elitist liberal media about how Islam means 'peace' (uh no, it actually means 'submission') and that it is just a minority extremist fringe commiting these attrocities. Okay, fine,..So my question is simple,..Where is the outpouring into the streets in the West of Muslims ready to denounce this horror? By their logic, there should be an overwhelming majority ready to protest and block cars the same way they do it for the Palestinian cause, right? Yet strangely enough we get the cookie cutter politically correct statement from the local imam denouncing acts of aggression,..hmmm,...I smell a rat.

An Open Letter,..

Dear Muslim Community,..

Since quite a while, yes even before 2001, we opened up our borders and welcomed you into the West in search of a better life. All we ask is that in turn, you call a spade a spade so to speak. On this blog, several months ago, I wrote a brief series on Islam. I was taught Islam by Muslim professors who doubled as 'Imams' and thus was confident in what I had written. I have read the Qur'an and believe it or not, I do disagree with it. I do not believe it to be the inspired(let alone verbatim as you claim)word of God, in fact I believe it contradicts basic objective philosophy. Nevertheless, I have no desire to hurt you. As Vatican II stated,(Nostra Aetate) I do believe there are some elements of truth found in your religion, but ultimately they find their true end in the fullness of the Catholic faith. I have also read some works by Averroes, Al Ghazali and some Hadiths, both major and minor. Please stop insulting my intelligence by claiming Islam 'the religion of peace.' I know all about a 'hudna.' (BTW, Muhammed offered a ten year one and broke it in two years) I am also familiar with 'Al Taqiyya' or the art of deception in the name of Islam. (ie Al Qaeda sleeper cells) Finally, I do know about the Dar Al Harb vs Dar Al Islam. In the end, your religion teaches a manifest destiny of conquering the world in the name of God, whereas mine teaches conquering of death through the death and ressurection of Christ Jesus.

So lets put our cards on the table, shall we. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim! Moderate muslims are secular people. period. Now that we know each other we can talk, and no, not about sesame street style interfaith 'dialogue' or whatever garbage was spewed for the last 40 yrs. Let's be frank,.as Pope Benedict puts it! You see it comes down to a matter of salvation! I don't want to go to hell when I die, so please convince me of the truth of Islam! Similarly, as Pope John Paul II puts it, I would like to speak to you about seeing Jesus, but not through broken lenses. I challenge any Muslim reading this to read Summa Contra Gentiles by Thomas Aquinas!! Similarly I'll read anything by Averroes, Ghazali, name it!(oh wait I already did!). Metaphysically your religion does not work, it contradicts and defies logic!!! Verse abbrogation from an eternal God??? C'mon guys!

To conclude, we share many things,..yet I believe in a God of Love, a God of relationships,..(Father, Son ,.Holy Spirit)Your understanding of God is quite different,.with statements like 'God commands us to love Him!' Uh,,.God wants us to freely choose Him! You can't command love. Think about these things..The Trinity is not three gods froming one, (like the transformers' Devastator) but an eternal exchange of Love!

52 Christians died in Iraq. The crime was being Christian. Do not claim that the West has done similar things in the name of God. Read history, if not for Pope Urban II the West would have been muslim. These were defensive measures undertaken. Were there abuses? Probably, but in comparison to what the muslim community is perpetuating in the name of Islam, downright genocidal. Look at the facts,.of about 25 wars in the world today,.21 involve muslims!

To conclude the ball is in your court, if any muslim reads this, I am open to discussion and discourse but with Truth as the clear cut objective! Just please, do not insult my intelligence!

Our Lady of Fatima,...Ora pro nobis!


MikePoli said...

Good stuff Optimus. It's about time people stop beating around the bush!

Teresa said...

Loved your letter, Marco! Islam is not a religion of peace. I believe that there are more Muslims who are willing to commit violence than just a small fragment of the Muslim population. Plus, there are plenty more Muslims who are willing to fund Jihad also.

Muslims obviously don't want to compromise so we in the West must not kid ourselves with trying to compromise or be reasonable with unreasonable, radical people.

TH2 said...

Another beauty.

Good thing you mentioned Sum. con. gen. - Tradition says St. Thomas composed it for the missionaries, for conversions.

Marco said...

@MikePoli,..thanks dude,'s project Poli coming?

@Teresa,...Fundamentally we do need to understand the root of the problem with Islam, and it is philosophy! It is militant simply because their understanding of 'good' differs from what would be considered the standard Aristotelian definition.

@TH2,..Thanks for the comments!,..As much as these are Beauties,..I'm looking forward to the day when I can blog about fun stuff. I love our Church and went through too much to accept anything less,...blogging is therapeutic, but I would rather my faith not be attacked and blog about fish, pro wrestling,..whatever,..

Left-Footer said...

You are right 100%, and your logic is impeccable.

We should, like good soldiers of Christ, perhaps admire and even imitate their zeal while watching our backs.

I fear that the evils seen so far may be dwarfed by the horrors to come.

Thomas said...

Excellent post! Right on the money.

The problem is, Muslims are taught to reject *thinking* about their religion - they seldom philosophize about the faith, or use reason and logic to draw theological conclusions. That's why the Muslim world has never produced a Thomas Aquinas or anything even close, because to do so would mark that person as an apostate - one who uses philosophy to "question" the holy book. Their literalist interpretation of the Koran is far worse than any fundamentalist Christian sect out there. At least the Christian Bible is at its core a message of LOVE (certainly it can be misinterpreted, but the damage is less)... But the Koran, when taken literally has some dangerous and violent stuff that spawns the kind of terror we are experiencing now.