Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taliban Catholic,.(and F'n Proud!!)

  Listen to Michael Voris,..While I abhor the use of the term 'Taliban Catholic,' if that's what you want to use to describe me then so be it!  Too often we let the socialist liberal agenda hijack and reinvent meanings for old words,.(ie Marriage.) 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Guilty Pleasures,..

Too often my Catholicity becomes almost pharisee-ical (is that a word?,..Well it is now!! Booyaaa!) that I forget simple pleasures such as humour and sarcasm, two qualities for which I am/was known for.  Admittedly, there has been times when I could have easily described myself as 'rigid' and 'reactionary,' no doubt readers of this blog have noticed.  Well, that being said,..I would like to give a shout out to the Left Footer,..a blogger out of Poland by way of England.  (Link will be put up in the 'Links and Stuff..' section)  This dude has the faithfulness of Mother Teresa, the wit of Chesterton, and the comedic delivery of Leslie Nielson.  His poems well written and deliver there message, plus you get to laugh your ass off at the same time!  What's my point?  Well to show people that just because we are orthodox, we are not all 'doom' and 'gloom.'  Okay so after this cheap plug for my english friend, on to more serious matters...Well not really.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Optimusmastro's Twisted Sense of Humour

Avec le Bloc,..On bloque!

So should read the logo of everyone's favorite tax payer funded waste of time politicians occupying Canadian federal politics!  It would seem, that in light of the latest Harper budget, that the government is set to fall.  Michael(no charisma) Ignatieff and Jack(the Communist) Layton will team with the separatisssss to defeat the Conservatives when the house votes on the budget tomorrow.  Election fever!  wooohooo!  Yeah right,.Jack Layton has a spine made out of cartilage at best, and nobody in Canada wants an election.  Okay, so by now, you've realized this post is not going to be religious, instead political!  (the other controversy...!)  So what am I going to speak about today?  Simple.  The absurdity regarding the existance of the Bloc Quebecois.

As usual, a primer.  The Bloc was formed in the wake of the failure of the Meech Lake Accord in 1990.  Originally comprised of both liberals and conservatives(among them Lucien Bouchard) they chose to sit as independants in the house only to serve Quebec's interests and prepare it for eventual separation.  To this day, this imaginary dream has yet to see it's fruition.  Oh well,.that's another conversation for another day.  (Meech Lake was an attempt by Mulroney to amend the constitution to include Quebec's signature..).  Gilles Duceppe, (see photo) was the first elected official to this fledgling new 'party.'  So,..here's the kicker,.the Bloc only runs candidates in Quebec and openly campaigns though sometimes very ambiguously for Quebec separation!  Way to go Canadian political system! We freely elect treason artists, pay them,. and for what?  To stall parliament and break up the country. 

A short post today, because well,.tomorrow is the no-confidence vote in the House, and for all intents and purposes it looks like we will be going to the polls.  My prediction?  A conservative majority because of Ontario.  Over here in Quebecestan, the Bloc will gain seats, though not in Montreal (where there is money...) but in the rural ridings with populations of 12 people and two cows...

Not gonna invoke a Saint on this one,......Peace.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lenten Reflections and a Potential New Beginning.

Well,.it would seem the silence of Optimusmastro can no longer contain itself.  Too many world events, scandals and personal growth result in a blog post very erratic, contemplative and as usual controversial .  To begin, our thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Japan.  A recent Earthquake(9 on the Richter scale) devasted Japan, and caused a subsequent Tsunami to wash ashore.  On top of that the fall out has affected a few Nuclear reactors causing a worldwide panic.  Economic issues aside, (Japan is the world's third largest economy) the humanitarian crisis has no doubt been at the forefront of this catastophic situation.  What made matters worse, was as a Canadian, our indifferentism manifested itself with a complete lack of prioritization.  Newspapers and talk shows ran amok with opinion and news not on Japan, but on a hockey incident involving Max Paccioretty and Zdeno Chara.  Chara turnbuckled Paccioretti and thus sent Canadians frothing at the mouth!   (Talk about misplaced priorities?!?)  Was it a bad hit?   Well, ya, but compared to a near nuclear meltdown, I think our thoughts and prayers could have been distributed a little differently.  (Note:  Dear Hockey fans,..I too am a hockey fan, but please get your heads out of your asses,..signed,. a concerned citizen.)

Moammar Gaddaffi, champion defender of the religion of peace has been causing quite a world ruckus whereby he's been firing weapons at his own people.  Libya, has been following the lead of other Arab,...err,.no,..MUSLIM countries and attempting to undertake a reform through a type of people's revolution.  Egypt, Tunisia and other countries were/are demanding change in their respective regimes and thus potentially paving the way for democracy.  Well,.Libya is a little different, just a little...You see Libyan leader Moammar Gaddaffi has decided to kill his own protestors,..and the left including Barrack Hussain were a little late in realizing this magnitude.  You see, in the name of tolerance, peace and every other buzzword, 'right' and 'wrong' never seem to factor into the equation!  (Also, interesting to note that Barrack Hussain's Pastor, Jeremiah Wright is chummy chummy with Gaddaffi,..not surprising!)  To 'bottom line' it,..Gaddaffi needs to be removed plain and simple, and no it is not a crusader mission of aggression! 

Fr John Corapi, the popular priest has, through his website released that there have been letters of accusations sent to several Bishops regarding sexual missconduct and drug abuse with several women.  Fr Corapi is vigourously denying these charges and until he's proven guilty, I will stand by him.  Every Lent it would seem, a new attack is launched with regards to someone trying to undermine a 'good' that is happening. Well,..Fr Corapi got in front of his accusers and is calling them out!  Good for you Father!  (I wouldn't be surprised if his accusers weren't liberal weak kneed bishops attempting to discredit his reputation and name,..a sad reflection on my part,..)

As far as the quagmire that is my emotional stability, a new/old front has surfaced on the horizon.  Where this adventure will lead me,.no one knows.  I will say this;  The Greeks taught that one of the degrees of Love is 'Philia.'  My new adventure has begun with Philia(Friendship), and never have I been happier.  The one thing that I can appreciate is that despite anything else, this aspect is now deepening to see if it can be taken to another level.  The qualites that I appreciate in Philia, only amplify themselves watching a selfless individual putting herself always at the service of others.  Her own notwitstanding, but two others who are sorely in need of a true authentic role model.  How many people in life can say they've met a truly self giving person?  After this week, I can attest to it. 

Our Lady of Akita,...Ora Pro Nobis

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For Lent,..Let's give up 'Social Justice.'

Being a proud Canadian, I have come to accept certain realities pertaining to my 'home and native land' as a matter of culture bordering on patriotism.  As Canucks, we are not exactly known as a 'superpower' in terms of military strength, and our laid back attitude is known world wide for being a 'too nice' and too (ready for it??)  Socialist.  Well this week, inserted into the Parish bulletin was a little gem put forth by Development and Peace, a 'Catholic' organization run by people so left of centre, they make Lenin look like Stephen Harper.  It seems, with the approval of the Canadian Catholic Bishops no doubt,. we can all make our lent a little more social justice conscious.  Well,..isn't that the silliest pile of bullshit perpetrated as yet to date by the eco-feminazi terrorist heterodox forces still in full control of the Canadian hierarchy!  So let's see, let's not have a 'call to holiness' instead let's make sure the trees and whales are safe, along with migrant cell phone workers getting recompensated for suffering carbon emmissions.  (Or whatever else can distract from pro life issues,... no mention of abortion/gay marriage..)  So by now your thinking when is this guy gonna stop ranting about social justice?!?  Well the answer is when social justice actually becomes social justice instead of a cleverly (not so much anymore...) disguised form of marxism used to keep people in ignorance.  (See my posts on Socialism and its relationship/denial of original sin...)   So we Canadians, through Development and Peace tag teamed with heterodox 'theoligians' will mark our foreheads with ashes this ash Wednesday, and you'd better make sure those ashes are eco-friendly!  Next we'll suffer through yet another Lenten Retreat reaffirming our 'okayness' and celebrating the US's election of Obama,..(YES WE CAN!) Sometimes the ridiculousness gets so out of control, I feel the need to call in Christina Beattie and the Young Americans for Freedom to purge Canada of this socialist crap!  Gregory Baum, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe, Michael Igniatieff beware!!!!!  (insert GI Joe Season 1 theme...)

So my fellow Canadians, let's all take this opportunity this Ash Wednesday to medidate upon Jesus in the desert.  The Ashes, calling to mind our own mortality, that we are dust.  Our sins caused the Passion and death of our Lord.  His Ressurection gives us reassurance of Eternal life!  This Lent let's all give up the social justice bullshit and concentrate on our relationship spiritually with God.  Perhaps a conscience exam before we go to bed, frequent confession maybe a little corporal mortification.  What we give up, we do freely and thus we suffer.  Let's not forget to unite that suffering to the Cross.  Canada,.our country was founded by the two solitudes, french and english, Catholic and protestant.  Quebec, my province at one time the jewel of the Vatican and North America's Catholic enclave has now become more secularized than an atheist visiting Amsterdam,.all because of this mentality that although dying, isn't dying out fast enough!  This Lent, let's offer it up for our immortal souls,..and leave the water supply in Bangladesh for a later thought.  We let Jesus fix our souls, I have no doubt the rest will flow from it.

Our Lady of Fatima,....Ora Pro Nobis.