Thursday, March 24, 2011

Avec le Bloc,..On bloque!

So should read the logo of everyone's favorite tax payer funded waste of time politicians occupying Canadian federal politics!  It would seem, that in light of the latest Harper budget, that the government is set to fall.  Michael(no charisma) Ignatieff and Jack(the Communist) Layton will team with the separatisssss to defeat the Conservatives when the house votes on the budget tomorrow.  Election fever!  wooohooo!  Yeah right,.Jack Layton has a spine made out of cartilage at best, and nobody in Canada wants an election.  Okay, so by now, you've realized this post is not going to be religious, instead political!  (the other controversy...!)  So what am I going to speak about today?  Simple.  The absurdity regarding the existance of the Bloc Quebecois.

As usual, a primer.  The Bloc was formed in the wake of the failure of the Meech Lake Accord in 1990.  Originally comprised of both liberals and conservatives(among them Lucien Bouchard) they chose to sit as independants in the house only to serve Quebec's interests and prepare it for eventual separation.  To this day, this imaginary dream has yet to see it's fruition.  Oh well,.that's another conversation for another day.  (Meech Lake was an attempt by Mulroney to amend the constitution to include Quebec's signature..).  Gilles Duceppe, (see photo) was the first elected official to this fledgling new 'party.'  So,'s the kicker,.the Bloc only runs candidates in Quebec and openly campaigns though sometimes very ambiguously for Quebec separation!  Way to go Canadian political system! We freely elect treason artists, pay them,. and for what?  To stall parliament and break up the country. 

A short post today, because well,.tomorrow is the no-confidence vote in the House, and for all intents and purposes it looks like we will be going to the polls.  My prediction?  A conservative majority because of Ontario.  Over here in Quebecestan, the Bloc will gain seats, though not in Montreal (where there is money...) but in the rural ridings with populations of 12 people and two cows...

Not gonna invoke a Saint on this one,......Peace.

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