Welcome to the OptimusCookbook!  I've mentioned before that this was in the works, and for right now I would like to make this interactive!  First off, I'm health food nut, but that doesn't mean that I eat only boring foods!  Quite the contrary, my diet is diverse and exciting with many unique tastes and blends.  As a Catholic man, who has struggled with ahem,..worldly temptations, (girls, porn, etc...) I have found that a healthy diet can sometimes help calm the libido. Everyday I try to eat spinach, blueberries and acai berries minimum!   That doesn't mean it you won't have urges,..For my married readership rest assured your wives will be happy, but for single guys who struggle, eating red meat only once a week(even less) will do wonders for you!  Imagine the freedom!  If you can get control over your appetite, you can get control over anything!  Grace is a free gift from God, but we do our part by co-operating with it.  God Bless and enjoy!

1.  First up,..the Optimusandwish

 .  Notice the spelling?  Well, its meant that way, in case Hasbro creates an Optimusandwich and sends me a cease and desist,..The Optimusandwish is power, pure power!  A breakfast sandwich soooo strong it sends the McMuffin into witness protection!  Let do it!  You'll need,..

1.  English muffin
2.  Spinach
3.  Egg whites
4.  Avocado
5.  Almond butter

In a pan, lightly cook the spinach and mix in the egg whites, until you make a patty.  Next, place the english muffin in the toaster.  Cut the avocado in half, and then into slices.  Start building your sandwich by spreading almond butter on both sides of the english muffin.  Next, place the patty on one of the english muffin halves followed by the sliced avocado.  Close the sandwich and enjoy!  God bless!
** Nothing like homemade wine!  My father's that is!  Cheers!

2.  Optimushock!

 Its a protein shake done the Optimusmastro way!  For best results right after your workout and within your anabolic 'window' so to speak!  This shake will cause you to feel like tearing a phone book in half while at the same time causing you mental alertness...So, in the heat of battle, you can outhink your opponent in chess, choke 'em out if your sparring and engage in St Thomas' Summa Theoligica should you encounter an apologetical moment with an evangelical or a muslim!

1.  50grams of Whey Isolate Protein
2.  Water
3.  Spinach
4.  Banana
5.  Peanut butter
6.  one espresso coffee (for alertness!)

Put it all in a blender, then blend!!!!!!!  Roaaarrr!!!!!!! (Yes,..It looks gross, but tastes AWESOME!!!)


3.  Protein Sharkticon Salad


They were the executioners on the planet Quinetessa, now you can gain their power by eating the organic version of sharkticons!  Tuna!!! 

1.  Tuna
2.  Spinach(energeon)
3.  chopped onion
4.  low calorie salsa

Mix and enjoy!


4.  Protein Gone Bananas!!!

A snack?  If crave a snack, there is nothing like frozen bananas.  They taste like ice cream without being ice cream!!!!!!  How cool is that?

1. Banana (cut in half)
2. Protein powder,..(whey isolate chocolate...)

Sprinkle protein on banana, stick in them in the freezer, then enjoy in a couple of hours!

No protein?  Then sprinkle some cinnamon if your feeling freaky!!!!!!!  Then it becomes, just 'Going Bananas!'  Muahahahahaha


5.  OptimusCereal Destruction

Put a choke hold on breakfast with a cereal made using creativity and taste.  Breakfast is the most important meal on the day.  Imagine going on a long car ride without gassing up?

1.  Banana Cheerios
2.  Blueberries (cancer killers, preferably fresh and organic)
3.  No fat yogurt,
4.  Almonds, (no salt..)
5.  One spoon of chocolate Whey Iso Protein...

Mix and eat!


6.  The Cobra La Salad of Champions.

When the Joe forces followed Cobra Commander into the Himalayan Mountains, they found themselves amidst an organic civilazation where everything was alive,..overgrown insects and plants.  The Joes were attacked by 'salad' shooting insects.  What do you do in a situation like that?  Turn the negative into a positive and eat your way through!

1.  Spinach
2.  Onion, (Red Onions are even better)
3.  Touch of salt and pepper, lots of black pepper,..(fresh if you can...)
4.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5.  Balsamic

Mix in a bowl and voila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Leftover Laserbeak on Organic Whole wheat,. (We cooked a Thanksgiving decepticon!) ;)

1.  Two pieces of organic whole wheat bread,..(toasted)
2.  Left over turkey,..white meat,
3.  Spinach,..
4.  teaspoon of non-fat mayonaise.
5.  black pepper

Build your sandwich and voila!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tasty and healthy,..plus you get your dose of carbs!

sorry for the blurr,.... But you get the point,..(Soundwave was in the vacinity and we needed to move quickly!,.).


1. Beautiful Salmon steak.(make sure the skin is on!)
2. salt and pepper
3. Montreal Salmon spice (you can buy it in the States as well...)
4. pinch of butter,.
5. lemon

Season your salmon steak with salt and pepper, next up add the montreal salmon spice, coating as much as your like.  Finally add butter to the top and wrap in aluminum foil.  Place on the BBQ medium to high heat for 81/2 minutes each side.  Press down with your spatula to get good lines in your fish.. Makes sure your fish flakes nicely, if not, cook an additional minute.  Then enjoy!


Where do I get all my energy????  Well,.I always supplement with fish oils, Omega 3, 6 and 9,.. Aaaand I start my day with an awesome Breakfast,....OPTIMUSMUSH!

-Blueberries (a handful)
-Blackberries (a handful)
-Mangos (cubed a handful)
-Chestnuts (a fistful,..protein!!!!!!  Roaaarrrr!!!!)
-Pure Fiber Cereal, (not even half a cup)
-Watermelon (1slice)
-Cantelope (1 slice)
-Honeydue (1 slice)

In a bowl, mix them all together,..cut up the melons and put them in as well.  Cover it with the probiotic Yogurt(35 calories), and mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then enjoy!  OPTIMUSMUSH!!!!!!!!!


Two Optimusmastro videos showing the latest evolution of Optimusandwish awesomeness!!!!



Amaris said...

I love these recipes! They are healthy and delicious and easy to make! Thanks for caring & sharing!

Optimusmastro said...

Thanks Amaris!