Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas,..btw four priests on the french side should get a life!

Merry Christmas Fr Anctil! Amazing how the Resurrected Christ can speak all languages but in Quebexico He has to comply with the norms of the office de la langue francaise. First off, without going into specifics, has anyone been to a french parish? Well,..excepts for a few elderly patrons it seems to be devoid of any kind of life whatsoever. Yup,..the 'Spirit of Vatican II' is alive and well in those parishes whereby heterodoxy is preached as if it were dogma and marxists run amok disguising themselves as advocates for social justice. It would be like attending a policy meeting of Quebec Solidaire. People,.. I think that when it concerns matters of faith,.we need to be as inclusive as we can. (caution; Lefties who read this should not see this as an endoresement of political correctness, but an invitation to common sense.)

The Church's history in Quebec came to a climax with Maurice Duplessis, a premier often skipped when the french school system is speaking about Quebec. You see, Duplessis together with the hierarchy in Quebec (notice my words...)ruled Quebec with an iron fist. Oh yeah, he never really won any constituancies on the island of Montreal,..but that's another story. Influencing voter tendencies with parish priests from there pulpit saying things such as 'Le ciel est bleu,..L'enfer est rouge!' (Heaven is bleu, hell is red)had an enourmous impact upon les Canadiens Francais. Although they complain about not being in power especially in the work force, the reality is that most off the island could not read. Then of course came the quiet revolution, and with it the demise of Quebec clericalism, replaced by a false nationalism replete with marxist socialist undertones. To any Quebecois (which btw doesn't exist but I'll humour you...) read the writings of Pierre Bourgault and compare them to Rene Levesque. It is coincidental, that this period saw the end the of Vatican Council II, especially Pope Paul VI's 'humanae vitae.' (For more dark satire check out Quebec's divorce and marriage rate compared to the rest of Canada.)...Oh well,..I've ranted, but I think you get my point,..the world is coming together, yet some gang of separatissss want to pull it apart. As far as Quebec's culture being protected,..you don't have to suppress another culture in order for your own to flourish. Ask yourself the question, would Quebec's french face thrive on its own without Canada protecting it? (Section 33 of the constitution 'Notwithstanding clause'...)Imagine an isolated Quebexico, which BTW wouldn't just walk into Nafta having to refuse foreign investment because of a lack of french character?,..Yeah, good luck! Go tell a bunch of little kids that no more McDonalds, Six Flags(La Ronde) and american music because it does not comply! What currency will we use? Where's the army? What are our borders?

All this rant because four idiot priests put their foot in their mouth. Don't like english? Fine. Another excuse to go back to latin. This post is erratic, I know my ADD kicked in early.


Buon Natale

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

C'mon people some freakin' Common Sense!...Please!

Okay so I've been away for a while, meaning that I haven't blogged in a little over a week. Well, there are two primary reasons for this. One Christmas shopping is something that I look forward to as much a root canal,..and secondly, I've been studying...While during the day I pose as everyone's favorite muscle bound theologian and marketing guru,..at night, I nurture these muscles by engaging in weight training and core exercises. Aside from keeping my body in shape, it has also served to preserve my sanity to no end. The stress of everyday life can emotionally find itself an outlet with people who engage in drinking, drugs or other vices,..while I have tried to turn this into a positive,..err...somewhat.

Back to my prospective exam. Without going into the specific company or governing body that will administer this exam, it will take place in early January and will consist of both multiple choice and practical questions. The theory I am not worried about, however the essay might prove troubling as it will involve a potential case study and my approach to it. I plan on writing a blog post when I am done giving some harsh criticism which offend a lot of personal trainers. Oh well,..(gotta get back to studying...) lol!!!literally!

God Bless,..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama snubs Harper, still more fallout from Pope's invitation to Anglicans....Challenge Issued.

It would seem an eternity since I last blogged or at least commented upon something of merit going on? But why? I'm sure we all lead mundane lives and reading the newspaper can account for a great number of us suffering from high blood pressure,..(yes, even at 32!). Oh well, two things are sticking with me this week. The first is the fact that Barrack Obama (the high priest and pseudo messianic figure of liberalism himself...) has snubbed Prime Minister Harper regarding a phone call to international leaders while pledging to commit an extra 30 000 troops to Afghanistan. Our local AM Radio station CJAD(the voice of disgruntled angry anglophones)was awash with an onslaught of the elderly. Was it justified?,..Your freakin right it was! We as Canadians lost troops in Afghanistan and were very much involved,..I think the President should receive a letter from the parents of all those dead soldiers to remind him of his brain fart. The funny thing is how the lefties will try to spin this one!

On a second note, I had a conversation with someone regarding the Pope's invitation to traditional anglicans. This individual pointed out to me that this was a step backward in ecumenical relations and the Pope should be more pastoral and respective of other people's 'faith traditions' whatever that meant. The funny part was that this individual is Catholic! (you know the 1960s progressive kind...)Anyway after absorbing this verbal diarrhea for a few minutes and feeling the need to go to the bathroom (number 2...) I began to mount my defense, at which point I was cut off, (information will always be received by the mode of the receiver...) and promptly informed by this individual that I was narrow minded and practised a type of 'Pope-idolatry.' Weeeellll,..the only thing I learned from this 'dialogue' with a liberal, is that it wasn't a dialogue, it was instead a monologue. People, the 1960s are over, it is time to get back to basics, soooo this individual reads my blog, doesn't have the courage to comment, so I'll make it easy for ya! I challenge you to a debate, whereby the money raised will go towards an authentic social justice issue. This debate will be moderated, so that I can get my points in (does that scare you?) and whereby the winner won't be the one who yells loudest, but the one who puts forth the most logical (Logos) arguments. IF you accept, (which I doubt you will) I would gladly promote it. I have kept your information private, but it seems that if you have an opinion, it should be defensible.

Contact me by email.

God Bless

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catholic Lighthouse Media....(PQ too!)

In life like in anything else, searching for something that gives meaning can often become a mundane if not endless quest to better one's self. We can see it happening within the ranks of the 'New Age' movement whereby an individual will attempt to change their perspective on 'things' by searching for there inner divine, or whatever crap Oprah Winfrey is currently proselytizing. Whether it is called the 'Secret'or Yoga, Zen Buddhism or simply socialism, all act or attempt to act as conduits for life's most complex problems. The question of whether or not these techniques have any truth to them is not called into question, because quite frankly it satisfies a person's emotional needs at that particular moment. Enter my latest venture. Yesterday I had the priveledge/blessing of meeting Cynthia Bredfeldt from Catholic Lighthouse Media. What I encountered was at once an individual who undertook a journey of faith as well as a devoted mother who wasn't afraid to wear her faith on her sleeve. This projects attempst to reach parishes with inspirational CDs and books by such authors as Tim Staples, Fr. John Corapi, Fr. Larry Richards, and Scott Hahn to name a few. Sadly the parishes where I live still have book shelves stocked with literature by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Qur'an and /or the Book of Mormon. The missing piece of the puzzle is solid catecheses alongside authentic inspirational messages. Well, folks it is coming! To all my readers within the Montreal Area, I will be attempting to visit a parish near you! Stay tuned!

On a side note, since this blog covers both Religion and politics,..this past weekend has me reporting on the PQ's national convention. YESSS!!(Can you believe I missed it!?) Oh well, among such motions passed by our favorite xenophobes of eternal francophone assimilation paranoia were suggestions regarding extending bill 101 (the draconian law regarding the predominance of french...)into cegeps! Imagine, we will be telling adults that they can't be trusted with making the so-called right decision to enter french college, therefore must be coerced to make sure french doesn't allegedly dissapear...

Long live Quebexico!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

In defense of a good offense...

Yesterday I had the 'pleasure' of meeting with and engaging with two prominent evangelical Christians. Good people who I used to consider an honor to know and love while calling them my brother and sister in Christ. It would seem however, that much of the Ecumenical love is not reciprocated. I have spoken about my two evangelical friends who run a Christian book store, and with whom I get along with marvelously. All I can say is that no two sets of evangelicals are the same. It would seem that the pair who contacted me via email would consider the bookstore people heretics. First off, they were students and without going into detail about them, they wanted to do a project on Catholicism. Wellllll, I thought, sure, why not? If they were genuinely interested(and they seemed to be...) I would take time out of my day to meet and speak with them. One thing about blogging, is that while it is fun, we run across the gamit of opinion and when we are genuinely solicited, if it is from local people, I will always try to make myself available.

We met at a local coffee shop and after exchanging pleasantries (and ordering our required intake of caffeine...)we decided to get down to business. What followed next was an assault. A spiritual handicap match two on one, whereby they decided to ambush me with scripture verse after scripture verse supposedly opposing my Catholic convictions. After about the tenth spiritual jab in the face,..I decided I had had enough,.(I silently prayed a prayer to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and serenity...) and started a Hulk Hogan-like wrestling style apologetical comeback. Answering the typical anti-catholic banter,(Mary, Saints, Purgatory)I launched into an offensive regarding philosophy and the origin of scripture. An appeal was made to their common sense regarding applying the use of reason and then finally I leveled them with some history,..'Look guys, whether you like it or not, the Church gave birth to the New Testament! By accepting it you are accepting the Tradition of the Church! The Councils of Hippo and Carthage! I didn't make that up, that's history! Eat the pill! The Bible didn't fly down out of the sky with a divine table of contents to know what was inspired and what wasn't. Our Lord gave His authority to the Church to decide these things!' (Big Boot, Legdrop!)

At that moment, they decided to leave, (countout victory). For the people in attendance, I'm sure for many it was the first time they saw a Catholic defend his position. I know this cause' many older people commented. Back to the post title, I tell you this story because this is not the way to conduct oneself doing apologetics. I may have won the argument, but I could have lost the souls. Sometimes I agree that we need to be passionate, but we also need to be pastoral, something I definetly have to work on.

Please pray for me.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Heeee's Baaaack!,..(Jacques Parizeau)

The dreaded arch nemesis of Federalists and anglophones has returned to haunt these people with a vengeance only rivaled by Freddy Kruger or Jason. Yes, Jacques Parizeau has launched a new book and looks at ways in which they(separatists) can reinvigurate a movement now known only by graying members. After an appearance Sunday on the popular Quebec program 'Tout le monde en parle,' a show which is based on the French program and hosted by PQ mouthpiece Guy A Lepage, Parizeau has released his book much to the delight of his 'fans.' Or so it would seem. You see, Jacques Parizeau always had a habit of being somewhat of the separatist movement's achilles' heel. Every time they would seem to go ahead in polls, he(Parizeau) would issue a statement so ridicously ill timed that the spin doctors would end up spending the next week cleaning up his damage. Remember 1995's referendum night catastrophe 'money and ethnic votes' that could of incited a riot? Or how about Quebecers being trapped like lobsters in a pot after a 'yes' vote. The most recent one regarding Marois's intention of attempting to repatriate more powers from Ottawa and how that could provoke a crisis? Forget George W. Bush! This guy could provide quotes that could fill a least a two-volume set!

For myself, I kinda liked him. Well at least I respected him. Disagree with him? Oh hell Yeah! (to quote Stone Cold Steve Austin) But he believed in his convictions despite his marketing (or lack there of...) In many respects he's kind of like an old uncle who is dangerously rascist, but because of his age, he's just too cute and cuddly.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Top Five Things,....(that annoy the hell out of me!)

1. Pseudo-liberal agents who are secretly marxist and masquerade as representing authentic social justice! (the 1960s are over people!, Get a f'n life!)

2. Supporters of Eco-feminism (is that even a term?)who have no regard for a hierarchy of truth or being. (see above,..'save the baby seal,..yet pro choice when it comes to little babies!)

3. The way the media (leftist...) downplays anything that could possibly show the Catholic Church in a good light! Yet always rush to remind us that Islam is a religion of piece!

4. Pigeons. (simply put, skyrats! disease carriers)

5. People who bring food or drink to Mass. (Honestly)

Well, wheww, now that I got that off my chest, I feel a lot better,..funny that writing is kind of like therapy!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Throughout the course of being a Catholic apologist, there are always issues that come up when speaking with our seperated brethren, specifically Mary, but in light of the Church's recent two feast days, I thought a little commentary on Purgatory might satisfy the quench of some curious protestants, if not at least equip a Catholic with a little insight into what is most often a misunderstood dogma. Soooo, here goes, to paraphrase the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

A condition or state where the souls of those who, while they died in Grace, must be purged of their sins before entering the Beatific Vision. A condition of suffering, before entering the state of Heaven.

Now, I hope everyone will notice the language that I am using. IT is very philosophical and attempts to explain what our humind mind can't necessarily comprehend. First off, why do I say 'condition?' Well, because 'Time'(the measure of motion) as we understand it ceases to be when we die. IT is not, a 'second chance.' Period. Point final. I hope the protestants reading this get that.

Oh,..I can just hear the echo now,..'But it is not in the Bible!' You Catoliks are adding to the 'pure gospel.' A little catecheses will follow,..and while I do not recommend using 'Maccabees' as a proof text, (Luther removed that book...)there is plenty of scriptural evidence in the New Testament. For example; Matthew 12: 32. This passage speaks about Jesus saying that sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this age, nor in the age to come. We already know that those in Hell, cannot be forgiven their sins, so deduction must be made as to what Jesus is talking about. Another reference is 1st Corinthians 3:15. Paul speaks about people being saved through 'fire.'

Simple deduction can be made as grounds for purgatory. The same deduction used for the Trinity or the Incarnation, two words found nowhere in scripture.

St Thomas Aquinas,..pray for us!

A little self evaluation...

Okay, so my name is Marco and I'm a stress case. In no way am I trying to satirize an alcoholic, but in reality am trying to draw attention to the fact that certain things annoy me. This of course leads to my stress/anger management issues. (think of the prayer, 'Serenity now...') I'm on the eve of turning 32 and realizing that the ideal world is not going come out of anything objective but as Pope Benedict/then Cardinal Ratzinger remarked, our world is one where relativism and mediocrity are batted about in the ocean of existence. Unfortunately our characters, each being different react to things and circumstances in different ways. I have decided to comprise a top ten list of things that make my blood boil. Although this will be a future post I will invite people to write to me and submit things that annoy them.

Well,.that's all for now,..cause' well,..I'm y'know,..annoyed.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Municipal apologetics,...from a Catholic layman...

Well, it would seem that I haven't blogged in quite some time and there is a good reason for it. As was mentioned in previous posts, my city, Montreal was in the middle of an election campaign, (albeit, one with so many twists and turns, that gravol was prescribed to settle the stomach.). The winner and still mayor, Gerald Tremblay for a third time. Although polls showed everyone close on Saturday, the ultimate decision came from Montreal's anglophone and allophone community. (Yes, we all remember Parizeau's 95 referendum concession speech...)

I would like to write a small satirical blurb on each of the respective candidates, considering that the election is over,...so here goes,

Gerald Tremblay: A nerd/mobster associate and former member of the Quebec liberals. He claimed ignorance of anything going on at city hall, (ie, cash, corruption, water meter scandal...kinda like Uncle Junior from the Sopranos...) But he is Federalist! And in a Montreal election, that's all that matters!

Louise Harel: Xenophobic separatist hardliner and mother of the forced municipal mergers. According to some anglo media outlets, was positioned to 'tame' Montreal by becoming mayor, so that separatism would flourish on the island. (just listen to CJAD callers...)

Richard Bergeron: My favorite! One of those pseudo-environmentalist 'kooks' who would normally be found outside a metro station pamphleteering. Believes 911 was an 'inside job.' Managed to gain credibility by joining forces with Justice John Gomery of sponsorship scandal fame.

Well there you have it!! I didn't want want to tarnish anyone's image before the election, but readers from different places will now understand the looney toon land that is Montreal. As for us the voters, the question should have been put to us, 'Who is the best of the worst?' There you have it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Anglican Issue,..a small 'addendum.'

Well it would seem that so many people are in a fuss over the recent move by the Holy Father allowing easier access into the Catholic Church by maintaining their own distinctive rites and customs. One letter in the Gazette suggested that this should be reciprocated by the Anglican communion, whereby the victims of sexual abuse could enter into the Anglican fold. Such horror!, Such uproar! Yet what do the Traditional Anglicans themselves think? The secular media sure won't tell you, but Archbishop John Hepworth of the Traditional Anglican movement welcomed the move calling it 'An act of great goodness on the part of the Holy Father..'

I get sooo tired of liberal media 'spin doctors' either trying to hide the truth or twisted it into something it is not!,..


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Traditionalists and Elvis sightings...

Within Catholic circles there has since the last forty years or so existed conspiracy theories. Well, to be fair, not just in the Catholic Church but elsewhere on the planet. We have the 'Illuminati,' Big Foot or Sasquatch, alien abduction and finally the sedevacantists('chair is empty'). Why do I lump all these people together? Well because some of the cuckoo stuff that comes from their websites and propaganda. I really don't want to give links to these people, but take my word for it. Stories such as the 'Fake' Pope Paul VI, (because his ear was different in some picture...) the Novus Ordo being the product of Freemasons, (actually to be fair, not quite sure about that one...) and some guy in Kentucky(I think..)being named Pope Pius XIII.

Yup, 'sedevacantists.' Unlike the SSPX, who do acknowledge the Pope, these people maintain that there has been no true Pope since Pope Pius XII. You see, the other ones were anti-popes, bent upon the destruction of Christ's bride. They refuse to accept the Second Vatican council, and consequently go about their business without the Vatican, continually entering schism after schism, all taking their ball and going home, so to speak. Y'know, I've hammered upon the liberal agenda, but sometimes, these guys make the 'progressive' catholics (btw,..there is no such thing!) look mainstream. Of course, the problem lies with the interpretation of the Second Vatican council, whereby both extremes believe a new Church was born.

For myself, I think most of my readers know that I prefer the Extraordinary Form of Mass, as is my right as a Catholic. This doesn't mean that I think that a Novus Ordo, is necessarily evil. It just lends itself to be more accommodating to the personality of the priest, hence liturgical abuses can flourish. The Extraordinary form, to be fair, when rushed can be very mechanical and spiritually dry. To conclude, Myself, Card(s) Ottavianni, Bugnini, Big Foot, Elvis, and E.T. should all stop with the conspiracy charges, and start living our faith!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,...Have Mercy on us!
Immaculate Heart of Mary...pray for us!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Pope reaches out to disgruntled Anglicans...

In what is to be viewed as a concialiatory move towards traditional anglicans, the Pope has made their path to Rome, should they choose to be as less 'bumpy' as can be. It would seem that this would not go over too well within the anglican communion, but that is as much a product of their own undoing as anything else. His tory will testify to the effect that at its inception, the Anglican schism was the result of King Henry not being able to be granted a divorce. Consequently, he declared himself head of the Church, and thus splintered Christianity even further. The schism eventually turned into heresy as the rite of ordination was changed, thus the understanding of priesthood almost lost. Anglican 'orders' were declared void by subsequent Popes and the Church of England spiraled into a cluster of subjectivism coupled with and disguised as 'tolerance.' All one has to do, is consider the Episcopalian communion in the United States, where I kid you not, there is a female priest(esse) who converted to Islam and yet still shepherded her congregation. Only last April was she deposed. (The Rev. Ann Holmes Redding..)

Throughout the turmoil, however there have been pockets of 'Anglo-catholics' as they called themselves who have always sought to be faithful to the Church as they saw it. The Mass, during the Oxford movement was a near direct translation of the Extraordinary form of Mass used today in the Roman rite. These people will now be able to keep their distinctive forms and rites(including married clergy) while being free from the non-sense that has polluted their communion for too long, such as openly gay clergy and women's ordination. These faithful will forever now be able to purge three words from their memory, John Shelby Spong!

To conclude, this was a testament to true ecumenical dialogue as a conclusion was presented. One can easily see the work of the Holy Spirit as opposed to the lowest common denominator ecumenism practised by most parishes with priests ordained during the 'Spirit of Vatican II.'

That they all may be one.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Labonte quits?,.err resigns?,..err fired?

A short post today regarding the ever changing world of the exciting Montreal municipal campaign. It would seem that Benoit Labonte accepted cash as anonymous donations from Tony Accurso, the construction businessman implicated with Mayor Tremblay over the water meter affair. Last Saturday saw Louise Harel defend her 2nd in command over these allegations. The problem was that these allegations were true! Despite Labonte's denials, his cell phone records along with an anonymous source confirmed it would seem that Mr Labonte and this businessman had been meeting quite a few times during 2008. Wellll....that changes everything! Wow aren't municipal elections exciting? They are if you live in Montreal. I think I've wasted enough space,..oh yeah the debate last night on RDI,..according to their spin doctors, they all won.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Louise Harel and the Angryphones...

Okay time to talk politics, (amazing, this whacko's interests are politics and religion, what most people will rather swallow nails than discuss these issues at the dinner table,..well not me!!!..I live for this stuff.,..I'm sure that's what my readership is thinking...) specifically the municipal election being held in Montreal.
The candidates, the big two anyway are Louise Harel(Vision Montreal) and Gerald Tremblay(Union Montreal). What is shaping up however is a full blown polarization between constitutional debacle right alongside the issue of snow removal and garbage collection.

A little backround,..Mme Harel was a minister in the last Parti Quebecois government. A convinced separatist and one of the most polarizing figures ever in municipal politics. Her adversary and incumbent mayor, Gerald Tremblay was a minister during Robert Bourassa's Liberal government way back when. Throw in my favorite anglo-montreal media mouthpiece CJAD, and we have an election delving into such absurd depths that their broadcasts will have months of material and folly. You see I wasn't going to blog this morning, however, I felt the need to after listening to Gerald Tremblay declare himself a 'proud Canadian.' My stomach churned not so much at his answer, but the dummy who asked the question. My response would be along the lines of,..does it matter? His administration has been rocked with six separate counts of police administration, yet we, the anglophone community will re-elect him because of his national patriotism. Have we took the time to consider that Mme Harel's number 2 is Benoit Labonte, a former aide to Paul Martin. What about the fact that Tremblay's team has a separatist in Diane Lemieux, or better still an ex-felquist Andre Lavallee.

For the record, I am a strong Federalist. Yet I don't see the connection and how this would impact municipal politics. We lived through two separatist mayors before in Jean Dore and Pierre Bourque,..so really CJAD,..CHILLAX! The sky won't fall and let's concentrate on municipal issues.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So I finally got around to it...and wish I hadn't

What I'm referring to in this blog entry is Richard McBrien's, (oops, I forgot 'Fr' Richard McBrien...)September 08, 2009 article on restoring of Perpetual Adoration within the Archdiocese of Boston. Not surprisingly, McBrien disagrees with this motive calling it to paraphrase, a Theological step backwards. First off here is a little background, soooo, let's start where this article appeared, the National Catholic Reporter.

Often viewed as the Theological mouthpiece for the so-called 'spirit of vatican II' crowd, this propagan..er magazine (which btw could easily double as toilet paper...)serves as a marxist blueprint for Church reform in areas that the authors see fit, which is basically everything. Such noted dissidents as 'Sr' Joan Chittister, 'Fr' McBrien, 'Fr' Curren were all able to brainwash the last two generations since the Council, and make way for their strictly horizontal view of the Church as a vehicle for being 'nice.' It will promote women's ordination, homosexual marriage, a desacramentalizing of the Church Herself, and will do it all in the name of 'aggiornamentto.' What it will NOT promote is authentic magisterial teaching (unless it is Cardinal Mahoney...) loyalty to the Pope, and just general orthodoxy. The result is obvious, scandals in the priesthood, schism at every corner and empty Churches. To sum up their theology, Truth doesn't exist, especially if it offends someone. Secondly, the Church was absolutely wrong, tyrannical, anti-women right up until 1959. Then the Second Vatican Council started this whole new idea of what the Church should be, based on Chapter 2 of Lumen Gentium, People of God. I guess Chapter 3, (The Church is Hierarchical) should be neglected. Thirdly, because Vatican II itself doesn't articulate these points (man the Holy Spirit must taken the day off...), this group and their 'ilk' have taken it upon themselves to write commentaries about the Council in the name of the 'spirit' of Vatican II. Although not part of the Council, Pope Paul VI issued an encyclical entitled Humanae Vitae as a response to Catholic and contraception 'Fr' Curren being the most famous(of said ilk) for his critique of Humanae Vitae. (On a side note, the Canadian Bishops in 1960's issued the Winnipeg statement, thereby also going against the Pope). What is particularly interesting is that the Holy Spirit has chosen Two 'Super' Popes in John Paul II and Benedict to reign this kind of stuff in. Anyway before my ADD goes any further, this is essentially the kind of crap found in the National Catholic Reporter.

As far as 'Fr' McBrien goes, well what do you expect from this guy. His whole career has been that of a dissident. Last year he preached in a unitarian Church(What was he doing there in the first place?) about how wrong the Church was until the 'spirit' of Vatican II enlightened his generation. Back to the beginning, no Eucharist Adoration, huh 'Fr' McBrien? Well I have a question for you,...Why are the dioceses with orthodox Bishops flourishing while the elderly liberal Bishops are in charge of dioceses flooded with scandal(I mean C'mon its all about Social Justice right?). Perhaps, we should listen to the Holy Spirit and discern the fruits of our time...Like it or not, if(and it is...)the Eucharist IS the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, we should be on knees falling. Maybe Father McBrien should consider the Epicopalian communion, yeah I hear they are doing well...

Sacred Heart of Jesus,...Have Mercy on us!
Immaculate Heart of Mary,..Pray for us!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Falardeau's Funeral...(yes, still more Liturgical Abuses...sigh.)

This past Saturday was the funeral for controversial filmaker and left wing pamphleteer, Pierre Falardeau. He died two fridays ago, from a battle with cancer, he was 62. (Eternal Rest grant unto him oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace.) Whatever one believes of his views, does not change the fact a soul has gone home to meet his Lord in judgement. At his side were his common law girlfriend, and his three children.

Pierre Falardeau, in many respects (not the first time I've mentioned him on this blog...) was an enigma. A left leaning member of the socio-politico intelligentia with strong convictions and even stronger words for people who disagreed with his view of things, Falardeau will be remembered for two things in the Rest of Canada. The first is his public spats with Telefilm Canada over federal funding to spread his separatist bullsh...errr, propaganda, and secondly the creator of Bob 'Elvis' Gratton. The latter was meant as a political send-up to the type of voter Falardeau and his 'ilk' would brand as eternally colonially brainwashed and who ultimately thwarted the 1980 and 1995 referendums. Gratton(portrayed by Julien Poulin, another separatist lefty...) is obsessed by materialism and anything american, including his unhealthy fascination with winning an Elvis impersonator contest. His catch phrase; 'Think Big!..Sti!'

The strange thing is that in any other country, Falardeau's presence would the cause the mainstream media and arts community to crawl into a sewer. An example of this is that while the PQ tries very hard to court anglophone and allophone Quebecers, Falardeau interjects himself by saying that he would like to take a chainsaw to Federalist anglos. Nice going Pierre. Nevertheless, his funeral was attended by all PQ brass as well as BQ leader Gilles Duceppe,.who tried distancing himself from everything Pierre did. (On a side note, Bernard Landry opined that he shared Falardeau's view of things, just would express it differently...I feel a bowel movement coming on...) Surprisingly, Pierre-Karl Peladeau was there which should cause angst within the business community,.then again his girlfriend is Julie Snyder, the proud Quebecer who came back only because her career in France tanked.

As far as the funeral, it was a Liturgy of the Word, at least I think...In typical Quebec style, the priests allowed a layman to read the Gospel, (Julien Poulin attempted to 'act' it, the video is on Youtube, if your normal, it will make you ill...)and tributes were given by Luc Picard (another separatist actor) as well as Falardeau's kids who were dressed one like a hell's angel wannabe, and the other kids like they were going to a skateboard park. Now how's that for respect! Yup 'crayon politically correct don't offend anybody Jesus' was in full force, (when they mentioned Him, and weren't busy celebrating this icon of division.) along with the separatist grand-pappy himeself, the icon, Jacques Parizeau.

To conclude, we must always pray for the salvation of the soul, however I think it is important to conclude that Pierre Falardeau will mostly be remembered as a polarizing figure. An icon of racism and prejudice for many of us in the 'argent et votes ethniques' category. I do pray he rests in peace.

Think Big!..Sti!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Advent of Reality...

So I'm about two months shy of attaining my thirty-second birthday, and the dawn of many new realities is starting to kick in. I can admit finally that I'm an adult, albeit reluctantly as I long for simpler times. My knowledge of pop culture seems outdated at best, tacky at worst. I can claim no authentic appreciation for Rap/Hip-Hop (is that how you spell it?) because frankly KISS RULES!!!. I don't know who 'Shorty' is, much less care whether or not it's her birthday. This past summer saw me return to a nightclub for a friend of mine's birthday, and set a new record of time spent (17mins)all the while trying to figure out how in the hell I actually liked all this crap?

You see, I'm no longer in my twenties, yet still early in my thrities. I exist within an archtype of a cultural limbo, finding no common ground between those who are older and even less with those who are younger. Am I alone in my journey? Probably not. Yet I can know that I'm one of the few people who are overthinking this ideological/cultural shift.

St Thomas Aquinas,...pray for us.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pope Preparing for 'Ad Orientum' document.

It would seem that the latest rumour mill circling out of the Vatican would have Pope Benedict continuing with his 'reform of the reform.' The Holy Father, again it would seem, wants to re-educate the faithful on two areas, mainly Liturgy and Reverance for the Real Presence. All I can say is WOW!!! People's belief in the Real Presence(communion in the hand...) has wained thanks to dissident theologians and priests trying too hard to compromise with the protestant groups (Fr. McBrien anyone?)and the Litugy for the last forty five years or so has turned into a personalized feel good hour, complete with a marxist cause disguised as authentic social justice. I can't wait to see if our Arch Bishop implements these changes should they occur.

The other issue, is the Pope trying to push hard for a return to 'Ad Orientum' Masses. You no where in Sacrosanctum Concilium (The Vatican II Document) does it say Masses should be said versus populem. The result is not the Priest talking to God the Father, but in some cases, it becomes the priest speaking to us. It would still be a Novus Ordo, but Ad Orientum at least for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, would restore a lost reverence with everyone facing the same direction(East). THe liberals of course, will parrot their usual verbal diarrhia, claiming 'He's turning his back to us!' Oh well, tough luck. I look forward to it with enthusiasm if it does come to pass, but I'm sure you already knew that!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,..Have mercy on us!
Immaculate heart of Mary,..Pray for us!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Coffee talk with Crazy People...

Okay, maybe that's a little harsh, but local coffee shops in my opinion provide an intellectual mosaic complete with irrational discourse and fundamentalist lunacy. Where do I get this?,..Well observation for one and experience the latter. You see, the cosmopolitain city that is Montreal is a hotbed not just for socialists but for overall nutjobs, adding to the 'je ne sais quoi' that defines our pseudo-European mindset.

Picture this,..a laid back setting at a Coffee Shop that is Second Cup, one can find themselves among two mormon missionaries (not drinking coffee,..)a jehovah's witness, two wiccan new age type followers reading Sylvia Brown, and finally an assortment of muslim students discussing the Qu'ran. Inevitably they become drawn to each other as the well meaning Mormons attempt to impart their understanding the Christian Gospel upon the muslim students who return with an open and honest discourse about the life of Muhammed. Where do I fit in all of this, well,...I guess I was kinda like a silent observer, I did not wish to enter the discussion, yet I would not have shy-ied away had I been approached. What happened next was troubling,..an Evangelical/Fundamentalist type of individual began to debate everybody, mixing Christian escatology with 2012 kookiness. What was a good discussion turned into a shmoz of nonsensical ranting with one man pronouncing Hell upon everybody. Then again, that's the beauty of free speech...

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Coming Catholic War...

Well it seems that numerically the numbers have shifted,..there are more younger orthodox priests within the archdiocese of Montreal and in my humble opinion, it will only be a matter of time before they are put in positions of authority. For my readers of this blog, who already know that I have a fascination with the fact that the last 40yrs have seen the Church nearly get eroded or worse turned into a sort of social vehicle for left wing concerns. Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV articulates these points beautifully and forcefully I might add, something that has been sorely lacking when it comes to staying loyal to the Pope and the Magisterium.

You see, an incident occured over the weekend. I went to a parish on the South Shore off the island, and wasn't quite sure if I attended a Mass. The Liturgy of the Word started off with type of dialogue (play) depicting the first reading. The Psalm was done as usual, there was no second reading, then a lay minister(woman) got up to read the Gospel. The homily, (Thank God) was given by the priest. (Although it had more to do with some water supply somewhere...)

Sadly the above discription is all too typical of the 'Spirit of Vatican II' polluting people's minds and steering them clear of authentic Church teaching. Similarly, during the week, I attended another Mass, this time on the island within the english sector, and was treated to reverence and respect. So what's point of this rant, you ask? To show that it is a matter of time before the hippies ordained in the 1960s die out and the Church starts to reign in the heretics.

Pope John Paul the Great,...Pray for us.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

So you'd think that a blog calling itself the Confessions of a thirty something cybertronian would leave out any references to Transformers, the absolute greatest cartoon phenomenon of the eighties? Then you'd have to be ridiculous! Of course I'd seen it when it first came out but being a fan, I needed time to divorce my bias from the actual content of the movie...Soooo,.here goes, deep breath,..I can do this,..It SUCKED! There I said it! Spoiler alert,..Optimus Prime dies, then gets back to life, Megatron has a 'boss' if you will,.(the Fallen). As far as Soundwave goes,.it was supposed to be Frank Welker's voice and it was, only they left out the voice synthesizer,.(which was Soundwave's trademark,..I mean C'Mon!!!). Oh yeah, Jetfire is old and 'farts.' Anyway, I'm sure by now that you're getting a headache,.so I'll stop.

My next post will go back to Catholicism, although it was a good break to get away from that subject, even Jesus attended parties (Wedding feast of Cana...)

Our Lady of Fatima,..pray for us!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What the Hell is SEO or SEM?

Now I know that this particular blog post does not fit into the standard category of so-called medieval Catholicism(that'a what one liberal priest told me...)but I wanted to shift gears and talk about online visibility. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization,..and to put it simply is the most essential tool a person can use to gain more visibility through higher rankings with Google, Yahoo or MSN. Quite frankly it is the most important factor in online marketing to date. Think about it,..an individual could spend thousands of dollars trying to create a corporate website complete with flash, yet if no one can find it,..it would end up figuratively creating dust in cyberspace. Key word search would enable a company or person to create content that would be easily tracible by the spiders thus many visitors, thereby more chances of a conversion, or in plain speak an ROI. SEM simply stands for Search Engine Marketing. On a side note, in my other life,..(hehehe reincarnation? for all you hippie wannabes expecting another verbal ass kicking)I work doing search engine optimization. Check it out at www.yellow-solutions.com and drop me a line!

St Joseph patron saint of workers, pray for us!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Post in Haste,..produces regrets,..

As my readers could tell,..the last post was done in haste. I was angry and frustrated not because someone has a differing idea/opinion than that of my own,..but because said individual resorted to personal attacks via email. Well,..the question remains, did I fare any better by emotionally returning 'fire' so to speak. Anger is Biblical,..rage is not and this is where we as human beings possessing freedom must draw a distinction.

Freedom (authentic) is the ability one has to will the intellect over the sense,..to gain control of one's self. In retrospect, after rereading my last post, perhaps my animal side was showing alot more than my human one. Note to Self: Do not blog if one's anger is getting the better of him.,,Perhaps I should be wise if I follow my own advice.

St Francis of Assissi,.pray for us.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A truly Sad Discovery...

While surfing through the internet, I stumbled upon the website for the Canadian Religious Conference. While in appearance it seemed Catholic with links towards religious communities including priests and laity, upon closer inspection I noticed how Satanic this group really is. Yeah I said it, and I really don't care what politically correct hippie comes out of the woodwork to scold me or should I say 'dialogue' with me. These people have ruined our Catholic Faith and unless we step up, our man-made(sorry 'people-made')vocations crisis will hit a red alert.

This manifesto, included documents adhering to the imaginary 'Spirit of Vatican II' you know the one that isn't substantiated by the 'letter' of Vatican II. Apparently the Canadian Church complete with its heretics will stop at nothing to ordain women, practice contraception and totally disregard any concern for dogma and truth. You see, people like me who are considered way too rigid (that's a code word for faithful to the magisterium)should be silenced to make way for the human experience on their 'Faith Journey.' Well,.I'm about to put my foot up their rear end while on this faith Journey,..so hopefully it won't lead too many people to hell.

On a side note,..the coward who sends me hatemail, I'd like to invite to dialogue on this blog, cause its becoming painfully obvious your a coward,..especially considering that you said I knew you. I don't mind debate, so what are you afraid of?


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Humility,..2 Theologians and a Car...

Last Sunday, I found myself rediscovering the act of humility while ending up in a most unusual if not humourous situation. My friend, a Catholic seminarian, whose car had a burnt front light, found itself an unlikely source of salvation! It came in the form of my ever resourceful girlfriend!!!You see, I'm about as automotively (is that a word?) oriented as a humpback whale attempting to burrow underground. That being said, what transpired was actually quite funny, if not downright sad. My friend and I share many common interests, including theology, metaphysics and liturgical appreciation, yet changing a tire or repairing a burnt light is not our forte. The scene, both of us, with our facial hair holding a wrench and plyiers while discussing how DesCartes set into motion the decline of Western Civilization, caused my girlfriend to quickly assess that this scenerio was in total need of an intervention. Twenty minutes later, my girlfriend had successfully installed our seminarian friend's new car light, and I found myself with a new sense of humility. Needless to say, I'm still getting bugged for it, as my girlfriend found the ultimate tag team partner to chastise me,....MY FATHER!!! oh well,..

St Jude,(patron saint of hopeless cases..) Ora Pro Nobis!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the Evangelical Appraisal....

For quite some time now, I have been getting my books through the Christian Book Depot in Montreal's West Island. It is operated by two of the most spirited faith filled individuals I have ever met. The beauty is that they wear their faith on their sleeve and are not afraid to evangelize it publicily. (I can recall Daniel Ali saying that he wished Catholics would be more easily identifiable and less 'private.') In truth, these individuals through their prayer and support have reaffirmed me in my walk with Christ, by the constant witness evident in their own lives. My heart is one with them as well as we both share the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

The question remains, however what keeps us separated? Aside from the obvious answer that arose out of the sixteenth century with Luther,.I would have to say slight indifferentism as well as a lack of understanding the proper ecclessiology. The faith they share, understands the Church as purely an invisible gathering of believers who have had a secondary conversion. That being said, there are true Christians in every denomination, Baptist, Catholic, Presbytarian,..so on. While this is true, the Catholic would argue that the fullness of Salvation can only come from the Catholic Church. So while every Christian group shares the scriptures, a moral code, Sacrements/ordinances,..all these 'things' properly belong to the Catholic Church.

I pray for my friends everyday. While their living testimony and love of Sacred Scriptures is beautiful, there is nothing like encountering Jesus's Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Eucharist! Unfortunately, misconceptions, (Mary, the Pope...) still exist, the main thing we as Catholics can do is start living our faith! That would be the best witness of all!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,..Have mercy on us!
Immaculate Heart of Mary,..pray for us!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Heat,..

Well it has been a while indeed since I last blogged. To repeat myself, I find it truly amazing how an individual can start off by sincerely wanting to post at least one article per day and end up posting (or barely...)one per month.

Of interest to me right now is some news that came out of the Vatican recently about Pope Benedict wanting the faithful to receive the Eucharist on the tongue kneeling. Now obviously, there would be exceptions, for the aged and infirmed, but really what's the problem with that request? Catholics believe in the Real Presence, right? So for all intents and purposes we are receiving the body, blood, soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ truly present in the Eucharist, a Substantial presence which contains no potency. What that means is that we receive our Lord's 'Esse' under the appearance or accidents of bread and wine, simply put we don't chew on Jesus's fingernails, or limbs. Of course I say this because the 'Spirit of Vatican II' crowd complete with its lack of philosophical training, (yet all with degrees in psychology or emotional subjective psychobabble) seem to cringe when the Holy Father says something. The Motu Propio of 2007 comes to mind...Back to the issue at hand,..these sixties priests, all with good intentions, I hope cannot downplay the Real Presence anymore, yet they still do. Imagine joining a company, reading the terms and conditions of employment, if the Boss says something, it should override mid-level management. Apparently not in my diocese. I ask for Rosaries to be prayed,..

Sacred Heart of Jesus,..Have mercy on us!
Immaculate Heart of Mary,..pray for us!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Rigidity of Truth!

Once again going back to the issue of orthodox Catholicism, after a brief flirtation with the Quebec political scene, I am finding myself at a loss for words. The liberal heterodox crowd, complete with their innovative vocabulary with words like 'dialogue' or better still 'freedom of conscience' have once again began to ruffle my feathers. This time, the verbal diarrhea is aimed squarely at Pope Benedict XVI. In a recent conversation I had with an aquintance, I found myself defending a notion that believe it or not 2+2=4!. Okay, well not that simplistic, but I think you get my point. It seems for some self-styled hereti,..ooops, I mean 'progressive catholics' Pope Benedict is just way too rigid! That I should be more able to 'discern' the signs of our times and be way more open to the 'Spirit of Vatican II.' Fair enough, let's start.

For the last 40some years we have seen a dramatic decrease in Mass attendance, a prerequisite bare bones minimum for a practising Catholic. The Liturgy has been turned into some kind of do it yourself monstrocity reflecting the personality of the priest(or female liturgists in some parishes), instead of the unbloody sacrifice of the Cross. Humanae Vitae from Pope Paul VI has been almost completely ignored and has spawned open dissent, thanks to some cowardly Canadian bishops. Finally the Real Presence has been undermined. The Result? A vocations crisis, (partly man-made) and scandal. This, my friends, is the Spirit of Vatican II.

Now let's take a look at Vatican II itself. Personal prelatures such as FSSP and Opus Dei, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, a vibrant adherence to orthodoxy, and Marian devotions. An emphasis on ecumenism with apologetics, the return of Adoration. There is also EWTN(especialy Father Corapi!) and Michael Voris' Real Catholic TV. The result, vibrant parishes and plenty of vocations.

The conclusion, for all my liberal friends is simple. Be faithful to the magisterium, your parish will grow and flourish, be faithful to relativism, your and your community will die out. Need proof? Compare the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration to the 'Dominican sisters of Erie Pennsilvania;..Case closed!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The unending circle of Separation...

Well it is starting to loom its ugly head again,.. Louise Harel running for municipal politics and Pauline Marois rattling her troops like a pavlovian dog,.SEPARATION is back! Well,...er at least trying to make a last comeback to a dying generation, by presenting itself as open federalism. You see, the latest scheme cooked up by the PQ has the Quebec government bitching (yes you read that right...)about decentralizing more powers from Ottawa, until there is nothing left to grab, then just leave. Hey Pequistes! You bunch of whiners,.! how about worrying about the recession, jobs, health care, education and maybe infrastructure. For Federalists, this is good news, because everytime the PQ talks separation, people stop listening, well except for a few union people and some left leaning cummunis..er ooppps, I mean students.

Can't we all just get along?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mme Harel?,..municipal politics?

I'm gonna shift gears for a moment and speak about another issue near and dear to my heart.,..POLITICS!!! Yes well, er,..municipal politics, so not exactly the most exciting realm of intellectual discourse, more of a haven for verbal diarria. (if that is how it is spelled...) Louise Harel, former PQ minister who speaks about as much english as I do swahili will run under the banner of the Vision Montreal ticket. This of course means that Benoit Labonte will step aside as leader. Aside from being an open separatist (I refuse to use the term 'sovereignist' as one cannot imply the action of sovereignating from anything...)she is also the mother of forced municipal mergers on the island of Montreal. I cannot see how federalist fortresses such as the West Island will come out and vote for someone with her record. Tremblay aside, it is time for a change, but not for a unilingual advocate for the future Republic of Quebexico to take his place. Another irony is that Labonte was the assistant to Paul Martin!

Mme Harel,..I will not be voting for you this coming fall!...

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Tragedy, a struggle, and a loss...

Wow it has been a while since I last updated,..however I'm still feeling the shock and sadness over the decision taken by Father Alberto Cutie to leave the Catholic Church and join the Anglican communion. Watching the press conference was heartbreaking, yet it led me to a moment of sincere reflection that ultimately all of us are human and everyone needs our prayers. Father Cutie is a heterosexual man who freely chose the vocation to celibacy and ultimately priesthood. This is not a new trend, men who love our Lord so much, that they freely give up wanting to be a husband and father so that others may live. While I strongly disagree with Father Cutie's decision to leave the Church, I admire his comments about loving the Catholic Church and her discipline of celibacy within the Roman rite. There is one interview on youtube, which I'm sure the heterodox crowd doesn't want you to see, the one from CBS. Father Cutie defends priestly celibacy within the context of vocation, and states that his struggle was not a 'fly by night' occurence. Becoming an episcopalian priest, Father will continue to work for ecumenical causes in the context that he is validly ordained,..this should proove interesting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heterodoxy on the Endangered list?...

In wake of the impending potential speech by President Obama at Notre Dame, prominent Catholics are coming out of the woodwork to add their voice to the growing list of disgruntled faithful. The fact that the most famous Catholic institution in the US would invite the most pro-abortion President in history has finally culminated in a much needed confrontation within the Church. Vatican II on one side versus the 'Spirit of Vatican II' on the other. (It makes me wonder which 'Spirit' the lefties are referring to, cause it sure isn't the Holy Spirit!) Many Cardinals are now weighing in on this matter, and from what credible news sources are reporting,(Thank-you Michael Voris and RealCatholicTV...) the battle is about to intensify. Please go check out RealCatholicTV's Vortex programs...it is definetely worth it!

As far as the aging liberal 'priests' and theologians who ultimately are the backbone for this kind of crap,..take comfort in their graying heads, as the Holy Spirit through our Pope Benedict XVI will slowly return the Church to her full glory, so that we'll have to wait for a long time before a pro-abortion politician speaks at a commencement ceremony at a Catholic School. The heretics running that show are on the way out, and it looks like younger orthodox priests and Bishops are on their way into town!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,..Have mercy on me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Divine Mercy...

Yesterday was Divine Mercy Sunday,..one of the most Grace filled days in the Catholic Church. Based on the Revelation to St Faustina in 1932, Divine Mercy implores poor sinners to Trust in Jesus as a font of Mercy. In many respects it is a continuation of the Sacred Heart Devotion and can also be linked to Fatima. Pope John Paul II issued that an indulgence to be granted to those who participate in the Divine Mercy. The conditions are Confession, Eucharist and prayers for the intentions of the Pope, along with the prayer, Jesus, I trust in You! Because I live in liberal looney-toon land Montreal, I had to drive out to the West Island where one english parish was celebrating a bilingual service. Truly sad how progressive theologians along with their subjective philosophy and relativistic morality have indeed crippled the Faithful and robbed them of an amazing opportunity to receive God's grace sacramentaly,..

Jesus, I trust in You! St Faustina,..pray for us...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Madness...

I'd like to begin by wishing everyone a Happy and Holy Easter season,.and with it the joy of the Resurrection bringing about abundant Grace to change our lives. This Easter like other Easters I found myself attending the Easter Vigil on Saturday night at St Patrick's Basilica in Montreal. What an impressive sight! The darkness, the incense, the procession into Church,..all commemorating the Lord's passing from death to life! Finally the Gloria is sung and the Sanctuary comes alive with the Ressurection! What an intense feeling! I personally don't care what anyone thinks, but anyone who calls themselves Catholic and doesn't appreciate that Liturgical moment is in need of a lobotomy! The joy of celebrating the Eucharist with new Catholics is incredible!

Then there's Easter morning,.although not obligatory because the Vigil is considered a Mass, it is still nice to attend....Except.....(All you politically correct people, I'm about to drop a bomb, cause Lord knows the priests won't do it!) the twice a year catholics(small 'c') are out in force! My question is simple,.What the hell are they going for? Is it customary? To please Grandma? Perhaps its just something they 'do.'? I know a lot of these people and they range from universalists(everyone is going to Heaven cause God is Love...)to atheists who think Jesus was a really nice man...But the Resurrection is sooooo far from their thought process that if we ask the ones who are parents, you'll wind up with answers ranging from Jesus is a magic man who travels with the Easter bunny(in december its Santa Claus)bringing chocolates,..all the way to blank stares. Wait though, here is the kicker! As if this exercise in the absurd isn't enough, they rush up for Communion as if it were a cafeteria line and exit the Church quicker than Judas at the Last Supper. The ones that don't, still occupy pews that the church pillars sit in. Not the concrete pillars, I'm speaking about the little blue haired old ladies praying the Rosary and faithfully attending, it becomes painful to see them standing because there isn't enough room, and some of that crowd need a place to put their Tim Horton's coffee.(I kid you not!...)

Is there a positive side? Yes they are there. We can petition Almighty God during the Eucharist that some grace may penetrate just one soul, and it will all be worth it. We must be compassionate to these people, but we must love them enough to tell them the truth. This, my friends is where we as Catholic Christians are failing miserably.

Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven especially those who are in most need of thy Mercy.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Thursday,..

Ora Pro Nobis,..

Holy Thursday,..Lord let me stay awake with you,...ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmW5pD9Qdvch

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A 'Pastoral' Lenten Retreat

Throughout Holy Week, my thoughts began turning towards the reality that I feel the Holy Spirit calling me to,.the defense of the Catholic Faith. Last year, I attended a Lenten retreat inspired by some youtube content by the Fathers of Mercy. The youtube stuff was powerful! A challenging and inspiring wakeup call to live my Faith more fully both from a worship and active perspective. Needless to say, the retreat I attended was nothing more than a reaffirmation of my 'okayness' and that we must move forward to be yet even more 'inclusive' 'tolerant' and most of all socialist! (listen to the little Obama cult salivating at that word!)

What the hell happened? Well, anyone who has read this blog knows what happened,.Vatican II was hijacked by a subjective/liberal agenda. The reality we are facing right now is a changing of the guard,..the liberals are dying out and the Catholic Church in the West is about to return! The John Paul II generation is poised and ready with orthodox seminarians (although still in hiding...)and a generation of Bishops about to retire. So what do the youth do in the meantime? A gallop poll showed that younger people who practise their Faith are generally more orthodox than their parents, and therefore don't relate to the 'anti-establishment' mentality. Simply put,..the youth must pray, and do penance. Social justice will flourish out of that, (authentic social justice that protects the unborn as well...)in the end we win. In the now, we suffer, we offer up our Lent,..we grin and bear it just as Jesus bore his cross. Believe me, there are times when I feel like attending an evangelical service just to hear a challenging homily, and then run back to the Catholic Church when it is time for the Eucharist.

To get back to my title, when did the word 'pastoral' become 'effeminate.' Is it 'pastoral' to allow someone to continue in their sin and risk hell? But what about validating their little feelings? Oh,.I forgot, liberal 'clergy' don't speak of hell because just like the Real Presence, to them it is medieval non-sense. Their always talking about discerning what the Holy Spirit is doing,..well, the fact remains that worldwide vocations are up and the Extraordinary Form of Mass is back. Remember you hippie parriahs, the same Holy Spirit who convened Vatican II is the same one who chose Pope Benedict! Chew on that!

St Michael the Archangel,..pray for us.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Oratory's Divide...

Being a Montrealer has several advantages, a wonderful multicultural city, enthusiatic hockey fans(I being one of them..)and Saint Joseph's Oratory. The Oratory which is no doubt the fruit of the Holy Spirit operating through Andre Bessette by the intercession of Saint Joseph has been a spiritual oasis for many Catholics in Montreal. Many a night, one can find pilgrims entering the deafening silence that is the Crypt Church, lit only by candles and a faint smell of incense calling to mind your visit on Holy ground.

The last few visits, however call to mind a divide existing within the Church of today. The fact that many of the priests are foreign born, does not strike me, yet their adherence to orthodoxy does. As many of you know, I am of the John Paul II generation, and have no time for sillyness and dissidence in the Faith. Yet at the Oratory, I am confronted by two different worlds, the Quebec born priests wearing their suits and the 'others' wearing clerical garb. Even going to confession is different. A quebec priest will stress about psychology while the foreign priest will invite the penitant to repentance,...

I am just sayin,..isn't it curious? (And we wonder why Quebec has a 'vocation' crisis...)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama and Notre Dame,...

The buzz in Catholic news circles in the last few days has shifted from the secular media's manipulation of the Pope's comments on condoms in Africa and has landed on the Obama/Notre Dame controversy. Notre Dame school located in Indiana has always given itself the moto,'where the Church does her thinking..' Well,...clearly the Church must be suffering from a brain fart of the highest magnitude. Notre Dame which literally means 'Our Lady' in reference to the Blessed Mother, who through her Immaculate Conception gave the world it's Saviour, is about to compromise its principals by giving US President Barack Obama a platform to speak at the graduation!...So what's the problem you ask?.,Well the fact that he's the most pro-abortion/anti-life President in the history of that country is causing a ripple...To say the friggin' least! Yeah, yeah, I know about all the other good, blah, blah, blah,..But when it comes to this issue, even f'n snakes allow their young to be born before they eat them! The right to life should be a given, unfortunately in our western self serving civilization, pregnancy can be regarded as a punishment(Obama's words! not mine.)

A Rosary campaign should get under way, and if you haven't started one, get going. We need to end the scourge on life that is Abortion, and only by God's grace can it get done! The womb should never be a tomb!

Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have mercy on us.
Immaculate Heart of Mary: Pray for us.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On Bad Philosophy...

A few months back I posted about bad philosophy giving rise to bad theology. I spoke about post enlightmentment non-sense creating a moral vaccuum in which garbage like DesCartes and later Alfred North Whitehead's ideas thrive. These 'thinkers' who either deny objective reality or claim that it is constantly in a state of 'becoming' follow the typical model of what becomes heresy. Heresy always starts out as containing truth, (however in differing quantities)and then injects one idea based upon a single or collective experience. From the Theological standpoint, this has led to an all out assault upon classical Catholic thought.

First off let's go to the start, Vatican II. When Blessed John XXIII's idea came to opening up the Church to meet the world, he had in mind a pastoral concern, not a doctrinal one. Hey, all you hippy poncho wearing liberals who have smoked yourself stupid, actually the few who are left (most have contracepted themselves out of existence..,)would you please read the opening statement of our Blessed Pope when Vatican II was convened! Okay, got that out of my system...All 16 documents reflect the living Tradition of the Catholic Church, and are to be read in light of the Church's Tradition not in opposition to it! The sad reality is that they can't be read in opposition to it, and these heretics go around claiming that a 'new' church must be born, and reformed....Hey Liberals,..where does it say in Sacrosanctum Concilium that we are to have clown masses?(out of respect for the Mass I will not capitalize the letter when preceded by the word 'clown.') The point is, it doesn't, so these cute people go around and distort the Faith by claiming the 'Spirit of Vatican II' (they have to say so, because the letter sure as hell doesn't)in order to justify their hippie crap and destroy God's Church.

Now its getting to the point where their last breath is about to be taken, so Hans Kung, Richard McBrien, and the rest of the commune are getting louder. The hysterical oops, historical critical scholarship crowd of process theologians and atheists otherwise known as the 'Jesus Seminar' deny the Ressurection, miracles believe that Marian piety must be abbrogated in order to please the protestants and the list goes on,...My question is, How come there were soooooooo many martyrs if none of t were true? The sad reality is that these guys and their ideological offspring have controlled the chancery offices, universities and seminaries for far too long, (I am reminded about Pope Paul VI's statement about the 'smoke of satan' entering the Sanctuary...) and what fruit has it brought? Mass attendance is down nearly 75%, the Real Presence is questioned, sexual immorality is rampant, an artificial vocations crisis created, and finally the homosexual scandal in the Church. (It is not a pedophilia crisis, please read the report!)

My ADD kicked in early, but I needed to get this off my chest.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Assault by the Assemblies of God

First off, let me say, that from here on in,..this blog will be dedicated to promoting and defending the Catholic Church, a little along the lines of Apologetics with Attitude. I cannot change my character or disposition, I am a man and make no apologies for being blunt. I am however compassionate and will try to think on the right (intellectually) and my heart will be on the left (socially).

Now, before I begin to cut a promo,..I received an email recently regarding a fellow brother being shaken in his faith by the evangelical/pentecostal anti-catholic crowd. Disclaimer: Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch, I am very ecumenical, I believe the Holy Spirit calls us into dialogue so that we can understand our seperated brethren, thereby making it easier for them to come home. Jesus Christ established one Church, (one flock, one shepherd)and did not intend it to splinter into thousands of competing denominations. I do not believe that protestants are necessarily going to hell, but I believe that Christ calls us to know the Truth, so that we can be set free. In other words, the protestants that died and are in Heaven are now Catholic!...Okay, got that out of the way before some flaky universalist attempts to paint me as a bigot!

The arguments and strategies from the evangelicals are very typical,..the conversation, I believe would go something like this..

Prot: Have you been saved?

Cath: What do you mean?

Prot: Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

Cath: Sure I'm Catholic, I go to Church.

Prot: Well that's nice, but if you don't confess Jesus as Lord you'll still go to hell,.The Catholic Church teaches works salvation and has led billions of souls into damnation. It contradicts the Bible.

Cath: What do you mean?

Prot: Where do we find Mary worship? the Saints, Purgatory, the Pope...All we need for Salvation is in the Bible.

Cath: uhhh,..uhhh,...gotta go,..(faith shaken)

You see for the last 40yrs we have experienced a breakdown in the catechism, Catholics are either secular or biblically illeterate. Vatican II (an awesome council!) has been hijacked by people advocating the 'spirit of Vatican II' hippie non-sense, leaving catholics without a sense of identity. So now,..well try to answer some of those objections. For fun, let's start the dialogue one more time,

Prot: Have you been saved?

Cath: Yes, I've been baptized as it says in 1st Peter 3:21. I confess that Jesus Christ died to redeem me and now I work out my salvation in fear and trembling like Saint Paul.(Philippians 2:12)

Prot: So you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

Cath: Yes I'm Catholic,..I try to participate in the Sacrements.

Prot: You can't really be saved,..That's works salvation,.Sacrements aren't in the Bilbe,.what about Mary and the Saints,.Purgatory, the Pope? All we need is the Bible.

Cath: That's not entirely true,..It is the Church who discerned the Bible by the power of the Holy Spirit, under the reign of Pope Damasus and Saint Jerome. As for the other things you mentioned there in the Bible. Gen 3:15 prefigures Mary, and Luke 1 argues her Immaculate Conception,..the Greek word being Kecharitomene). At the Wedding feast of Cana she intercedes on behalf on the bride and groom running out of wine,..In the book of Revelation she is the Woman clothed with the sun giving bith to the man-God,..Dude I really don't know what you're talking about. Purgatory is hinted at in 1st Peter 3:19. The Pope, well Peter is always first among the apostles...

Prot: Whoa,..1st Peter 3:19 doesn't explicitly say Purgatory,.I told you the Bible doesn't say it!

Cath: Okay, then where in the bible do we find the word Trinity or Incarnation?...Didn't think so,...it is the Church which made explicit that which was implicit in scripture! It is remarkable how you protestant guys tend to ignore Sacred Tradition only when it suits your own man-made dogmas,..

Prot: Never mind,..gotta go.

What a totally different conversation. Anyway to that one reader out there who requested this particular post, I hope this helps. Don't forget to pray (especially the Rosary,..also found in scripture...) and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

That's all for now...


Friday, March 20, 2009

Pope speaks on Africa,..

Pope Benedict XVI once again caused a secular tsunami over his remarks regarding condoms. According to the Pope,..condoms don't prevent AIDS. It is really amazing how the media looks to isolate a sentence thereby making who they want to look stupid,..look stupid. Now for all you media folks out there, I'm about to drop a bombshell,..are you ready, sitting down?,..Okay here goes......THE POPE IS CATHOLIC!..Yes it is true, I figured that would need some clarification, especially in light of the fact that the media is either secular or filled with dissident catholics, y'know the Richard McBrien type...First off, back in the sixties and seventies there was this magical document called 'Humanae Vitae.' It came in light of questions concerning whether or not Catholics would be allowed to use artificial birth control. Pope Paul VI orchestrated this document about the dangers of artificial contraception, (ie promiscuity...etc) and today he looks like a prophet!

The root problem is that we (mankind,..oops humankind) need to humanize the sexual act as a free expression between two married people,..not just a sensual pastime designed in order to get off. OOOOhhhhh, I can almost hear the groans from the left, dissidents everywhere saying, 'yeah, but they're gonna do 'it' anyway, at least they'll be safe with condoms. Well to them I say if their kids are doing heroin, instead of getting to the root of the problem, we should just give them clean needles!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wow,..anything for a story,...

Well,...its been a while since my last post and due to lack of time, this blog is definitely feelin' some wear and tear,...Where to begin? Well how about the coverage of Pope Benedict XVI's excommunication revocation of four schismatic Bishops belonging to the Society of Saint Pius X? First off, the SSPX is NOT in full communion with the Catholic Church. Normalizing four illicit concecrations does nothing to change the canonical status of the Society in question or its adherents. This move was one of reconcialition and a first step towards possible full communion in the future. NOW DA STORY,..! One of the Bishops in question made some ignorant remarks regarding his view of the Holocaust. This Bishop definetly needs a history lesson along with some serious psychological evaluations(my opinion..)regarding his own sanity. Irregardless of his ignorant views regarding a political and historical event, the excommunication revocation had nothing to do with it. The Pope has expressed on many different occasions that he is far from being a Nazi sympathizer. Alas,..the secular media however always looking for a story took a different route...

The Montreal Canadiens are tanking faster than the Titanic,..Guy Carbonneau is gone and the Francophone media is shrieking at the thought of Don Lever possibly being the head coach,..dontcha love Quebec?...We're sooooo progressive! Except when it comes to anything remotely english,..

bye for now...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Okay, now can everyone get back to reality?

So its done. This past tuesday, Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th president of the United States,..translation; the leader of the free world. Amidst all the hoopla, bells and whistles, I decided to conduct an informal survey, (among Canadians, in my neighborhood) on what policies they like within the new administration. We already know where he stands on the life issue (the biggest one!), but what are his positions on the economy? Kindly email me if you don't want to participate, but I would really like to know...I mean he can articulate, but then again so can the Rock,...(wait for it....)...IF YOU SMELL WHAT I'M COOKIN!'....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What the hell is Process Theology?!?

Last week I had a conversation with a seminarian friend of mine and a couple who are trying their best to live out the Faith. As usual, the conversation steered its way into high Theology, giving opinions on such giants as Aristotle, Aquinas and Jacques Maritain. We laughed at how we as young people (under 35) were all considered radically conservative by our current hierarchy in Montreal. Each one of us recounted a story concerning an experience in being silenced by the open-minded liberal majority who don't believe in silencing except if it is sound Catholic dogma. I was asked if I ever heard of Process Theology, to which I answered that I had not. Its 'father,' Alfred North Whitehead, argues basically that God changes with time (subject to time?) and change is constant. The notion of 'Being' vs 'Becoming?' Now this can easily give birth to the 'Spirit'(which one?!)of Vatican II and all the rest of the koombaya BS polluting our Sanctuar..,err 'worship space.'

Folks, the moral of this story is that crappy Theology comes from crappy philosophy. The irony is that our 'leadership' openly wonders why parishes are closing when we are constantly subjected to this kind of crap. Note to the hippie priests still in control, your generation is dying and the return of the Church is inevitable. (Pope Benedict XVI, Motu Propio, younger orthodox priests...)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have mercy on us!
Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Guess who's back,...bigger stronger and more politically incorrect than EVAAAH!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone first off had a great Feast of Mary Mother of God and secondly a wonderful secular New Year!

Well due to complications I have been away, (meaning my internet access was limited) and I have a few things to address. Not having access to something as basic as internet caused me to reflect upon Western culture's addiction to technology. This has happened before when I lost my cell phone and subsequently felt that my left arm had been amputated. What does that say about me? About the culture we live in and specifically where we are headed? Not much, only that our dependancy upon gadgets will strip away our basic humanity and leave us with more debt. (Case in point, I was witness to someone using their GPS navigation to go to the store).

Jean Charest has been re-elected with a majority government (thank God!) so the left of Lenin Communist hippies still dreaming about the imaginary country of Quebexico will be given another five years of trying think up a trickier question for the next referendum. I feel the need to contribute to their thought process,..

-Question: Do you believe Quebec should be decentralized more from the federal government of Canada thereby requiring a political, social, economic and military association while of course maintaining the Canadian dollar within the scope of an agreement signed outside time and space by the ghost of Rene Levesque supported by the bill respecting the future of Quebec as well as Gilles Duceppe's unborn great grandchild?


NO (really means no association with Canada, so again separation!)

Imagine,..this way both headquarters could chant,..'On veut un pay!'

While keeping on the political front, Michael Ignatieff has become leader of the Federal Liberal Party replacing the epidimy of charisma himself,..the one, the only...Stephane Dion!

WWE rules! The rumormill has Christian returning to WWE, while Austin will be honored at Wrestlemania 25! All you TNA fans, please stop emailing my hotmail account before you actually watch the product,..I think TNA should rename themselves WCW pt 2,.(especially the way there going...)

All for now, until next time...