Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama snubs Harper, still more fallout from Pope's invitation to Anglicans....Challenge Issued.

It would seem an eternity since I last blogged or at least commented upon something of merit going on? But why? I'm sure we all lead mundane lives and reading the newspaper can account for a great number of us suffering from high blood pressure,..(yes, even at 32!). Oh well, two things are sticking with me this week. The first is the fact that Barrack Obama (the high priest and pseudo messianic figure of liberalism himself...) has snubbed Prime Minister Harper regarding a phone call to international leaders while pledging to commit an extra 30 000 troops to Afghanistan. Our local AM Radio station CJAD(the voice of disgruntled angry anglophones)was awash with an onslaught of the elderly. Was it justified?,..Your freakin right it was! We as Canadians lost troops in Afghanistan and were very much involved,..I think the President should receive a letter from the parents of all those dead soldiers to remind him of his brain fart. The funny thing is how the lefties will try to spin this one!

On a second note, I had a conversation with someone regarding the Pope's invitation to traditional anglicans. This individual pointed out to me that this was a step backward in ecumenical relations and the Pope should be more pastoral and respective of other people's 'faith traditions' whatever that meant. The funny part was that this individual is Catholic! (you know the 1960s progressive kind...)Anyway after absorbing this verbal diarrhea for a few minutes and feeling the need to go to the bathroom (number 2...) I began to mount my defense, at which point I was cut off, (information will always be received by the mode of the receiver...) and promptly informed by this individual that I was narrow minded and practised a type of 'Pope-idolatry.' Weeeellll,..the only thing I learned from this 'dialogue' with a liberal, is that it wasn't a dialogue, it was instead a monologue. People, the 1960s are over, it is time to get back to basics, soooo this individual reads my blog, doesn't have the courage to comment, so I'll make it easy for ya! I challenge you to a debate, whereby the money raised will go towards an authentic social justice issue. This debate will be moderated, so that I can get my points in (does that scare you?) and whereby the winner won't be the one who yells loudest, but the one who puts forth the most logical (Logos) arguments. IF you accept, (which I doubt you will) I would gladly promote it. I have kept your information private, but it seems that if you have an opinion, it should be defensible.

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