Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas,..btw four priests on the french side should get a life!

Merry Christmas Fr Anctil! Amazing how the Resurrected Christ can speak all languages but in Quebexico He has to comply with the norms of the office de la langue francaise. First off, without going into specifics, has anyone been to a french parish? Well,..excepts for a few elderly patrons it seems to be devoid of any kind of life whatsoever. Yup,..the 'Spirit of Vatican II' is alive and well in those parishes whereby heterodoxy is preached as if it were dogma and marxists run amok disguising themselves as advocates for social justice. It would be like attending a policy meeting of Quebec Solidaire. People,.. I think that when it concerns matters of faith,.we need to be as inclusive as we can. (caution; Lefties who read this should not see this as an endoresement of political correctness, but an invitation to common sense.)

The Church's history in Quebec came to a climax with Maurice Duplessis, a premier often skipped when the french school system is speaking about Quebec. You see, Duplessis together with the hierarchy in Quebec (notice my words...)ruled Quebec with an iron fist. Oh yeah, he never really won any constituancies on the island of Montreal,..but that's another story. Influencing voter tendencies with parish priests from there pulpit saying things such as 'Le ciel est bleu,..L'enfer est rouge!' (Heaven is bleu, hell is red)had an enourmous impact upon les Canadiens Francais. Although they complain about not being in power especially in the work force, the reality is that most off the island could not read. Then of course came the quiet revolution, and with it the demise of Quebec clericalism, replaced by a false nationalism replete with marxist socialist undertones. To any Quebecois (which btw doesn't exist but I'll humour you...) read the writings of Pierre Bourgault and compare them to Rene Levesque. It is coincidental, that this period saw the end the of Vatican Council II, especially Pope Paul VI's 'humanae vitae.' (For more dark satire check out Quebec's divorce and marriage rate compared to the rest of Canada.)...Oh well,..I've ranted, but I think you get my point,..the world is coming together, yet some gang of separatissss want to pull it apart. As far as Quebec's culture being protected,..you don't have to suppress another culture in order for your own to flourish. Ask yourself the question, would Quebec's french face thrive on its own without Canada protecting it? (Section 33 of the constitution 'Notwithstanding clause'...)Imagine an isolated Quebexico, which BTW wouldn't just walk into Nafta having to refuse foreign investment because of a lack of french character?,..Yeah, good luck! Go tell a bunch of little kids that no more McDonalds, Six Flags(La Ronde) and american music because it does not comply! What currency will we use? Where's the army? What are our borders?

All this rant because four idiot priests put their foot in their mouth. Don't like english? Fine. Another excuse to go back to latin. This post is erratic, I know my ADD kicked in early.


Buon Natale

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