Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heterodoxy on the Endangered list?...

In wake of the impending potential speech by President Obama at Notre Dame, prominent Catholics are coming out of the woodwork to add their voice to the growing list of disgruntled faithful. The fact that the most famous Catholic institution in the US would invite the most pro-abortion President in history has finally culminated in a much needed confrontation within the Church. Vatican II on one side versus the 'Spirit of Vatican II' on the other. (It makes me wonder which 'Spirit' the lefties are referring to, cause it sure isn't the Holy Spirit!) Many Cardinals are now weighing in on this matter, and from what credible news sources are reporting,(Thank-you Michael Voris and RealCatholicTV...) the battle is about to intensify. Please go check out RealCatholicTV's Vortex is definetely worth it!

As far as the aging liberal 'priests' and theologians who ultimately are the backbone for this kind of crap,..take comfort in their graying heads, as the Holy Spirit through our Pope Benedict XVI will slowly return the Church to her full glory, so that we'll have to wait for a long time before a pro-abortion politician speaks at a commencement ceremony at a Catholic School. The heretics running that show are on the way out, and it looks like younger orthodox priests and Bishops are on their way into town!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,..Have mercy on me.