Sunday, March 23, 2014

Some Days,..

There are days,.. Yup one of those posts.  Sometimes I take strength in prayer and some days I feel as if Heaven is closed off to me.  All normal, all part of the journey.  I haven’t blogged in a while, because frankly I’m working on me, my weaknesses are of the emotive sort and everyday I die to myself, I hear the whisper of the enemy gently attempting to seduce me. 

The Seminary is a house of formation, a time to grow and deepen one’s relationship with Jesus.  Everyday, I am more and more certrain of this Call  that for years I ran from.  That doesn’t change the fact that I remain a man.  Seeing friends with kids makes me wonder what if I would make a good dad?  Would I be the early morning hockey coach dad?  Bringing kids to sports, dance,.. Being involved in school, teaching them Martial Arts?  Its also tough to see ‘Ex’s in relationships, ..Would I make a good husband?  Then I find myself in ministry, in the field so to speak, and whether I am speaking to someone in jail, a gang leader, drug dealer, biker, doctor, lawyer or anyone, I realize that I have begun to love them.  God is realizing my own paternity in a different way.

In all God has blessed me abundantly.  Lots more work to do on me, and 2014 will see me change even further.  The toughest thing has been ‘letting go’,..  

Our Lady of Perpetual Help,...................ora pro nobis.

Monday, March 3, 2014

My 'To do' List!!!!

As a seminarian, there seems to be lots of things that annoy me and certain things that I want to do to be annoying, (I mean C’mon, I am a celibate man!!! For the love of all things, let me have some fun!)

…Before ordination to Priesthood, in the next few years, God willing, I think I need to get some stuff out of my system!  Certain annoyances, wishes, pet peeves and what not;  Soooooooooo here goes!
.       Find all the people who leave shopping carts abandoned in Grocery store parking lots and take a key to their respective cars.
.       Invite all the people who don’t wash, to not take public Transportation.  Instead be forced to walk slowly through a full car wash…backwards
.       Enter and leave every room in the house blasting Europe’s  ‘The Final Countdown’ complete with smoke and fireworks,..    pro wrestling style.
.       Play really loud bagpipes, while walking through a public library…
.       Answer 17! (Really enthusiastically )to the people at a restaurant who ask ‘How many ketchups do you want?’
          Wear a DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince t-shirt in Harlem while quoting random ‘Arnold ‘ from Diff’rent Strokes,… ‘Whachoo talkin’bout Willis?’
.       Feed red Skittles to 18 year old douchebags in the gym, telling them it’s a flavored pro hormone that will not only increase their size and strength but also their libido,…Sit back and watch placebo take effect…
.       Introduce myself as George Costanza, representative of the human fund,.(to a newly arrived immigrant)
.       Eliminate all pigeons.  (Because they are kamikaze sky rats who will try to pick food off the street within an inch of the wheel of your car.)
.      Find a list of all Jehovah’s Witnesses in the neighbourhood, ring their doorbells and hand out free copies of MAD magazine…

God bless!