Monday, October 20, 2014

The Mission(e)

Well I guess that my blog postings are becoming as rare as Big Foot sightings, but honestly time is playing a big factor.  Where have I been?  Am I still studying for priesthood?  Am I still Catholic?  Well the answer is YES.  The reality that I am living however is a new one!

This year will be my third year as a seminarian, yet I’m considered a 4th year of formation and thus have been sent to live in a Parish for a year.  This field work will allow me to truly experience and apply all the theory that I have accumulated.  Actually it gives me an even greater chance to deepen my prayer life, get closer to Jesus and apply His pastoral style and less of my own.  The spiritual life of any seminarian or priest is the backbone of his ministry.  Being in seminary is great, but being close to God’s people is humbling and a truly Spiritual experience.

God has not taken away my manhood.  My desire to be a father is expressing itself in another way, through the many people I’m encountering, the pastoral team, the Catechists etc…Sooo that being said, I still train and read comic books and love Transformers!  All of these things will be put to good use within and at the service of Christ through the New Evangelization!

(By the way??  The Sacraments are essential, especially Eucharist and Reconciliation!  You would be surprised to see who frequents the Sacraments!) 

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Mary Help of Christians,…………………………………ora pro nobis!