Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Final Broadcast of Optimusmastro,(Before Seminary..)

After this,..I enter the Seminary and turn into Hot Rodimastro.  Optimus Prime was always the calm, cool, and collected leader,..myself I'm a hot headed guy just trying to do God will in the world. See the parallel,...I 'll be like Hot Rod,..and maybe in a few years Rodimus.  Just joking,..my way of saying that its time for Optimusmastro to enter the desert.   In this video, I ask for prayers,..and basically let everyone know there will be guest bloggers on 'Confessions,'  Some people you know,..some you might not know,.. All you will get to love. 

Pope St Pius X,......................Ora pro nobis!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cybertronian Seminarian (Its Official!)

Yup,..I can't keep the smile off my face!  By the Grace of God,. I am now a candidate for priesthood within the Archdiocese of Montreal.  I got the call on the eve of the Feast of the Assumption.  What does that mean?   Well, since by Her Assumption into Heaven, Mary prefigures our own glorified reality,.. I am completely Hers! I also received a T-shirt from the auxiliary Bishop of Montreal,.. Optimus Prime vs Megatron,..in a pro wrestling style card,..that was the shirt!!! How cool is that??

I got an email from Fr Bertrand Monpetit, an awesome priest, holy and faithful,.. who kind of has a 'Chuck Norris look,' worked as a missionary in South America, and can do a perfect pull- up and chin-up full extension with both supanation and pronation grips!  More to come as I will be releasing a video.  I do however want to thank Jesus, for entrusting me to officially discern as well as my parents, family and friends.  Please continue to pray for me.  I am one of you,..a sinner who is clinging to Jesus.  I find myself within the Gospel as the 'Rich Young Man,' as both sons in the parable of the 'Prodigal Son,' as Zaccheus climbing the sycamore tree, and as Peter who pussyied out when it came time to step up for Jesus,.. We have all denied Christ at one time or another and I'm no different.  I will always 'keep it real' and should the day come, whereby I don't?  Well I train with enough guys to kick my ass back into reality.  The world is in need of Faith, hope and love, if Jesus is indeed calling me,..(and believe I ran for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) then maybe its so that I will be able to sit in a confessional, never judge anyone, and say 'welcome home my brother/sister!' 

This coming August 24th, I will enter the seminary, and hopefully 'Confessions' can be a vehicle for what life is like as I journey toward, (God willing) priesthood!  There will be 'guest bloggers' from time to time, but Optimusmastro will always live on,.......  So will the Confessions of a Thirty Something Cybertronian!

St Augustine of Hippo,......................................... Ora Pro Nobis!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dolan Dilemma,..Part Deux..

I dread writing these posts,..I really do,..because it forces me to choose and thus further divide an already fragile Church in the West concerning issues that really matter..  Case in point,..William Donahue of the Catholic League has now waded into the debate accusing Catholics who are voicing their concern as the 'piety police.'   He recently appeared on Lou Dobbs and well,...see for yourself...

From what I can see on this video, Michael Voris is representing a large number of practicing Catholics who are truly scratching their heads over this issue.  Bill Donahue, using the term, 'Piety Police' is actually the one coming off as harsh and condenscending.  It seems the Cardinal has put himself into a little bit of a political and moral jam.  So,..the establishment 'orthodox' blogs are bending over backwards and putting together articles justifying the Dolan invite to Obama.  Either way,..both now sound like a high end pissing contest,..see for yourself,.. here.

Let me say that I like Cardinal Dolan,.but he, nor myself, nor anyone out there is infallible.  We are allowed to scratch our heads and wonder.  Everyone is entitled to a brainfart now and then, but when you are in the middle of a massive lawsuit which threatens the very freedom of practicing your Faith,.. What would Jesus do?  Did he break bread with criminals?  Absolutely!  However Jesus was also known for rebuffing the Pharisees of His time as well.  Can one take a break from 'yelling' at each other to dine with a president, who in the name of 'women's health' is aborting (that's killing by the way) children day in and day out?  Strangely enough a quote from Chesterton is on my mind,... 'Don't be quick to take down a fence, until you know the reason it was put up.' 

Regardless of what you, me or anybody else may think,..I think we should all remember that it is the Holy Spirit who is in charge.  I will never claim to be wiser, but this issue has weighed heavily on me. 

Sacred Heart of Jesus,...........................Have mercy on us.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Dolan Dilemma

I want to begin this post by stating a simple fact.  That I,.Optimusmastro do not agree with everything Michael Voris says.  I do however agree with everything the Church teaches.  While I do admire Michael Voris for his courage and conviction, I think there are times when he needs to shut up, and let the Holy Spirit guide the Church through Her purification.  A simple fact is that the Church has always moved slow,.from Nicea to Vatican II,..we, (All of us) are on the Holy Spirit's time, not ours.  So that being said, after much prayer concerning the entire Barrack Obama/Archdiocese of New York/Cardinal Timothy Dolan dinner invite penetrating through the blogopshere, I have decided to break my silence and weigh in on this issue.  Again, sometimes I feel Voris jumps the gun,......Well, this isn't one of those times.  He's hitting 'bang on' on a subject that way too many Catholics are deafeningly silent over,..the reality of abortion.

First off,..the reason that I don't readily blog as soon as a story breaks, is that more often than not,. it will produce a reaction, not necessarily a cohesive reflection.  First off,..I'm reminded of a quote from the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen,.'It is the laity that will save the Church.'  I guess until now, I had never really given much thought to such a weighty prophecy.  The laity are circulating a petition to have Cardinal Dolan rescind the invite.  It seems that Cardinal Dolan has invited the US president to the Al Smith dinner, despite leading a massive lawsuit against the Obama administration regarding the forcing of Catholic institutions to cover insurance for which money will be alloted to abortificients and contraception of the guise of health care..  Where to begin?  It seemed that Bill Clinton was not invited to this dinner in the 1990s by then Cardinal John O'Connor because of his abortion stance.  What does this all mean?  Is it being rigid to think that Cardinal Dolan should rescind his invitation to Obama?  After all Obama is leading a charge specifically directed at the Catholic Church!  One of Cardinal Dolan's lines was 'He's given us a year to figure out how we are gonna violate our consciences.'  The blog of the Archdiocese of New York issued a blanket 'damage control' statement, claiming that this is in no way an endorsement of Obama, but still you have to wonder don't you?  How the government and the Church can co-operate helping out the poor.  Hmmmm,..  At prayer, everytime an issue comes up that requires a compromise with morality, let alone an intrinsic moral evil such as what abortion is,..an image comes to my mind,.. I see the first Christians being marched into the Coliseum,.. they went freely and willingly(some singing hymns) because they believed in a cause, Jesus and the Ressurection.  I pray to God for the courage and fortitude that should I be called to serve as His priest, I may show leadership and balls in the face of danger or evil.  

Dear Cardinal Dolan,.

Despite me being Canadian, the entire free world has watched you lead the charge against the Obama Administration imposing its rules upon the Church in America with a clear violation of your first amendment rights.  I would like to thank you for this.  Abortion is murder, plain and simple and our society is in the shape its in, because of this demonic issue.  The economic crisis can be traced right back to contraception and abortion, because frankly, there is nobody to replace the next generation.  I'm only stating facts.  I would like to ask you a question, say that instead of Fetuses being murdered, it was Jews or Blacks?  I know this may sound provocative, but your Eminence,. would you freely set aside political differences for a night to rally at a fundraising dinner if the President's health care bill forced Catholic institutions to contribute to killing off Jews and Blacks,...My point is that human life is human life period.  You know that.  I know this is a political minefield,..but sometimes we need to make unpopular decisions, whether in business, with friends or with 'life issues.'  

Please pray on these issues,..one day you may meet one of these aborted children,..

God Bless

St Jean Viannay,........................ora pro nobis.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Chicken Sandwich For Freedom!

Following suit on the whole controversy of different companies and entities coming out for the whole gay agenda,..Starbucks, Cheerios, and DC Comics to name a few.,..See some previous posts.  Well, according to the mainstream 'truth' commission otherwise known as the mass media, if you disagree with these companies coming out 'for' so-called gay marriage then you are an intolerant bigot. Freedom of speech anyone?  What even more interesting is the slew of left leaning 'memes' popping up on Facebook showing all the gay people murdered by hate crimes, and underneath it,..'Enjoy your chicken sandwich.'  The place in question was 'Chick Fil - A.' 

First off,..this entire issue supposedly one of prejudism against people is a misnomer.  Chick Fil A is no more against gays than I am.   What they are doing is publically taking a stand supporting traditional Marriage.  (Marriage btw, stems from the Judeo Christian understanding of one man, one woman.)  The owners who are Christian, do not 'hate' gays anyone than anyone else,.but will declare their actions sinful.  We do not hate people, we hate the sin.  The Scriptures being clear is one thing, but common sense and health factors (tearing being one of them..)  play into the issue.  Someone addicted to cocaine, has a cross to bear and must struggle to deal with this issue, not legalize it to justify his attachment to the vice. 

It seems that through this whole issue,.. Philip Jenkins's position was proved right.  That Catholicism is the last acceptible prejudice.  Being pro-life and pro traditional marriage is tantamount to being a 'fanatic.'  I've included a link below,.. (see here ).  You can check up these statistics for yourself.  So according to the 'left' who are always screaming for 'free speech',. Starbucks, Cheerios and other companies coming out for same sex marriage is okay, but Chick Fil A coming out aginst it is intolerant and don't have a right to an opinion?  ,....Has anyone still asked the question as too why these companies take a stand on socio political issues in the first place,..I find that incredibly weird. 

** Sorry for the lackluster posts lately,.. been extremely busy,..my next one should be published tomorrow, and here's a hint,..its a letter to Cardinal Timothy Dolan...**

St Edith Stein,...................ora pro nobis

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Relativism or Martyrdom? Up to You..

How is it that I keep finding myself writing mini editorials and reflections especially with regard to our current culture 'shift' that is steadily underway?  The secularist alliance with Islam and the political 'left' have whipped up a subjectivist mentality, and modern man drinks this stuff by the gallon.  We are to tolerate all,..except one thing,..Christianity.  I guess its fitting, because Jesus caused such political unrest...So why now?  Why this utter assault upon anything remotely Christian while everything else is off limits...Why?  Because Christianity, The Catholic Church is the one true Faith, and let's face it, the only obstacle to satan.

Within Salvation history, we know satan has been defeated in Eternity.  The Passion, Death and Ressurection of Jesus redeemed humanity from the clutches of death.  In time, however, satan wishes to take as many souls with him as he can.  His tools of choice?  'Political correctness,' So called 'Feminism' and the 'Social Justice' marxist movement.  Too many Catholics are asleep at the wheel and forget that our Faith calls us to witness to the Truth. Either that, or they have become incredibly secularized to the point that their 'Catholic' identification is more cultural and less of a true relationship with God. 

How did we get to this point?  At one time or another, most of us who have experienced a conversion (ongoing) felt as if we had all the answers!,..Well right now it would seem,..we (or I anyway) are trying to find all the right questions instead.  God creates us in His image, we do not create God in ours.  Socio Political issues (their words..) such as abortion are wrong, not because they go against a discerned Catholic dogma, but because they go against the very Divine Law itself.  (5th Commandment,..'Though Shall Not Kill').   This issue seems to be a no-brainer for the greatest thinkers of our time,..yet we still have the pro-'choice' crowd.  An issue, seeking to murky the waters by aligning it to 'women's rights.'  What if in the name of 'women's rights' we decided that Blacks or Jews can be killed instead of babies?  We need to seriously ponder this reality.  If a society can kill babies, we are capable of any other evil.  As Catholics we cannot be complicit with evil. 

Since birth we are conditioned to put 'man' first and God second.  So is it any wonder why we are now in the State we are in?  The 1960s saw the sexual revolution complete with its demonic agent of birth control.  'Humanae Vitae' was ignored, and behold a shrinking population so bad we won't be able to sustain our retirees in a few years.  I drank the Kool Aid of casual sex as did most of my generation, I am now trying by the grace of God to undo all these habits, and believe me, there are times when storms gather that I need a good jog at 3am,..while clutching my Rosary.  I have already accepted the idea that the next generation will live in a completely different world.  A world whereby the population is overwhelmingly muslim.  This is not a cryptic prediction, but an upcoming reality.  Have we become so desensitized to the point where even within the Ecumenical 'dialogues' that we have with other 'Christian' brethren, we have become afraid to tell them the truth?  My friends, ecumenism is set up to help bring our separated brethren home!  While yes, it must start with coffee and getting to know each other,..but we've had nearly 60 years of that,..we need to take action.  The Catholic Church is not one denomination among many, She is the Church of Christ which subsists in Her!  That is not me,..that is what Vatican II states! 

The danger with any heresy is that it mixes itself up with 'good,' and both plays to our ego and what is conveniant.  The adherents of the so-called 'social jstice crowd fit this bill.  Authentic Catholic social justice has at its heart the dignity of man.  It must start in the womb.  We must be free to love and through our love imitate Jesus by feeding the hungry and clothing the naked.  However when it becomes the primary forced issue, it leaves out the salvific one.  We forget that we are a pilgrim people and that Heaven, communion with God is our true home.  Christianity is not conveniant.  Christ came to die so that man could be redeemed.  We must take up our Cross and follow Him, yes, even if it means to death.  I have included then Cardinal Ratzinger's homily from 2005,. (see here ).  The world is changing,..Islam will dominate, the population will shrink, economies are starting to collapse, abortion is on demand, being pro Traditional Marriage is seen as being 'intolerant.'  As Christians we are called to Love,..we must be tolerant of people, that doesn't mean we must tolerate their ideologies. 

Our Lady of Fatima,.....................ora pro nobis.