Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Chicken Sandwich For Freedom!

Following suit on the whole controversy of different companies and entities coming out for the whole gay agenda,..Starbucks, Cheerios, and DC Comics to name a few.,..See some previous posts.  Well, according to the mainstream 'truth' commission otherwise known as the mass media, if you disagree with these companies coming out 'for' so-called gay marriage then you are an intolerant bigot. Freedom of speech anyone?  What even more interesting is the slew of left leaning 'memes' popping up on Facebook showing all the gay people murdered by hate crimes, and underneath it,..'Enjoy your chicken sandwich.'  The place in question was 'Chick Fil - A.' 

First off,..this entire issue supposedly one of prejudism against people is a misnomer.  Chick Fil A is no more against gays than I am.   What they are doing is publically taking a stand supporting traditional Marriage.  (Marriage btw, stems from the Judeo Christian understanding of one man, one woman.)  The owners who are Christian, do not 'hate' gays anyone than anyone else,.but will declare their actions sinful.  We do not hate people, we hate the sin.  The Scriptures being clear is one thing, but common sense and health factors (tearing being one of them..)  play into the issue.  Someone addicted to cocaine, has a cross to bear and must struggle to deal with this issue, not legalize it to justify his attachment to the vice. 

It seems that through this whole issue,.. Philip Jenkins's position was proved right.  That Catholicism is the last acceptible prejudice.  Being pro-life and pro traditional marriage is tantamount to being a 'fanatic.'  I've included a link below,.. (see here ).  You can check up these statistics for yourself.  So according to the 'left' who are always screaming for 'free speech',. Starbucks, Cheerios and other companies coming out for same sex marriage is okay, but Chick Fil A coming out aginst it is intolerant and don't have a right to an opinion?  ,....Has anyone still asked the question as too why these companies take a stand on socio political issues in the first place,..I find that incredibly weird. 

** Sorry for the lackluster posts lately,.. been extremely busy, next one should be published tomorrow, and here's a hint,..its a letter to Cardinal Timothy Dolan...**

St Edith Stein,...................ora pro nobis

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