Friday, August 10, 2012

The Dolan Dilemma

I want to begin this post by stating a simple fact.  That I,.Optimusmastro do not agree with everything Michael Voris says.  I do however agree with everything the Church teaches.  While I do admire Michael Voris for his courage and conviction, I think there are times when he needs to shut up, and let the Holy Spirit guide the Church through Her purification.  A simple fact is that the Church has always moved slow,.from Nicea to Vatican II,..we, (All of us) are on the Holy Spirit's time, not ours.  So that being said, after much prayer concerning the entire Barrack Obama/Archdiocese of New York/Cardinal Timothy Dolan dinner invite penetrating through the blogopshere, I have decided to break my silence and weigh in on this issue.  Again, sometimes I feel Voris jumps the gun,......Well, this isn't one of those times.  He's hitting 'bang on' on a subject that way too many Catholics are deafeningly silent over,..the reality of abortion.

First off,..the reason that I don't readily blog as soon as a story breaks, is that more often than not,. it will produce a reaction, not necessarily a cohesive reflection.  First off,..I'm reminded of a quote from the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen,.'It is the laity that will save the Church.'  I guess until now, I had never really given much thought to such a weighty prophecy.  The laity are circulating a petition to have Cardinal Dolan rescind the invite.  It seems that Cardinal Dolan has invited the US president to the Al Smith dinner, despite leading a massive lawsuit against the Obama administration regarding the forcing of Catholic institutions to cover insurance for which money will be alloted to abortificients and contraception of the guise of health care..  Where to begin?  It seemed that Bill Clinton was not invited to this dinner in the 1990s by then Cardinal John O'Connor because of his abortion stance.  What does this all mean?  Is it being rigid to think that Cardinal Dolan should rescind his invitation to Obama?  After all Obama is leading a charge specifically directed at the Catholic Church!  One of Cardinal Dolan's lines was 'He's given us a year to figure out how we are gonna violate our consciences.'  The blog of the Archdiocese of New York issued a blanket 'damage control' statement, claiming that this is in no way an endorsement of Obama, but still you have to wonder don't you?  How the government and the Church can co-operate helping out the poor.  Hmmmm,..  At prayer, everytime an issue comes up that requires a compromise with morality, let alone an intrinsic moral evil such as what abortion is, image comes to my mind,.. I see the first Christians being marched into the Coliseum,.. they went freely and willingly(some singing hymns) because they believed in a cause, Jesus and the Ressurection.  I pray to God for the courage and fortitude that should I be called to serve as His priest, I may show leadership and balls in the face of danger or evil.  

Dear Cardinal Dolan,.

Despite me being Canadian, the entire free world has watched you lead the charge against the Obama Administration imposing its rules upon the Church in America with a clear violation of your first amendment rights.  I would like to thank you for this.  Abortion is murder, plain and simple and our society is in the shape its in, because of this demonic issue.  The economic crisis can be traced right back to contraception and abortion, because frankly, there is nobody to replace the next generation.  I'm only stating facts.  I would like to ask you a question, say that instead of Fetuses being murdered, it was Jews or Blacks?  I know this may sound provocative, but your Eminence,. would you freely set aside political differences for a night to rally at a fundraising dinner if the President's health care bill forced Catholic institutions to contribute to killing off Jews and Blacks,...My point is that human life is human life period.  You know that.  I know this is a political minefield,..but sometimes we need to make unpopular decisions, whether in business, with friends or with 'life issues.'  

Please pray on these issues, day you may meet one of these aborted children,..

God Bless

St Jean Viannay,........................ora pro nobis.



Left-footer said...

"Please pray on these issues, day you may meet one of these aborted children,.."

Brilliant! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Michael Voris is much needed in this war against the Church. Like it or not, some things rot from inside out. He is not the answer, he is a soldier, and I for one, am glad he was sent to us.