Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dolan Dilemma,..Part Deux..

I dread writing these posts,..I really do,..because it forces me to choose and thus further divide an already fragile Church in the West concerning issues that really matter..  Case in point,..William Donahue of the Catholic League has now waded into the debate accusing Catholics who are voicing their concern as the 'piety police.'   He recently appeared on Lou Dobbs and well,...see for yourself...

From what I can see on this video, Michael Voris is representing a large number of practicing Catholics who are truly scratching their heads over this issue.  Bill Donahue, using the term, 'Piety Police' is actually the one coming off as harsh and condenscending.  It seems the Cardinal has put himself into a little bit of a political and moral jam.  So,..the establishment 'orthodox' blogs are bending over backwards and putting together articles justifying the Dolan invite to Obama.  Either way,..both now sound like a high end pissing contest,..see for yourself,.. here.

Let me say that I like Cardinal Dolan,.but he, nor myself, nor anyone out there is infallible.  We are allowed to scratch our heads and wonder.  Everyone is entitled to a brainfart now and then, but when you are in the middle of a massive lawsuit which threatens the very freedom of practicing your Faith,.. What would Jesus do?  Did he break bread with criminals?  Absolutely!  However Jesus was also known for rebuffing the Pharisees of His time as well.  Can one take a break from 'yelling' at each other to dine with a president, who in the name of 'women's health' is aborting (that's killing by the way) children day in and day out?  Strangely enough a quote from Chesterton is on my mind,... 'Don't be quick to take down a fence, until you know the reason it was put up.' 

Regardless of what you, me or anybody else may think,..I think we should all remember that it is the Holy Spirit who is in charge.  I will never claim to be wiser, but this issue has weighed heavily on me. 

Sacred Heart of Jesus,...........................Have mercy on us.

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Mike said...

This is, indeed, one of the things that most puzzles me about this situation, how some orthodox Catholics are shocked that fellow Catholics have an objection to such an invitation to Obama. I can't claim that I've given as much thought to this situation as I probably should, and hence do not have a strong opinion myself at this point. I'm taking more of a wait and see approach. On the one hand, I am indeed willing to concede that there might definitely be a strong case to be made for Cardinal Dolan's actions. On the other hand, perhaps he is simply mistaken. Given what I have heard of him, I am more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he has some insight that simply eludes me. Between the fact that he has been a good shepherd, it seems, and that he is certainly no fool, it would not surprise me if that is the case. And anyway, I would hesitate to criticize too harshly even if he is mistaken in this instance, because it would seem to be a lapse of judgment, a blind spot in this particular instance, and not something malicious in intent nor showing him to be a fool. Certainly I am grateful for how he has been such a strong leader. And again, he might know something that his critics are overlooking. So, like I said, at this point I am undecided on what to think about the issue itself.

That said, what I cannot understand is how so many people find it shocking that others are concerned. Perhaps such people might think these concerns are unfounded in the last analysis (and who knows? They may be right.) But still, it is obvious one need not be some type of "piety police" to wonder what is going on. Even if Cardinal Dolan is, in fact, taking the best course of action (which may or may not be the case), it is not self-evident, to put it mildly. Consequently, as long as such criticisms are respectfully discussed, I think they are very profitable. And, indeed, the couple of pieces I have read (actually three, when including this post) that have expressed such concern have been very respectful towards the Cardinal (and rightly so, I believe, since I think he deserves it, not simply in virtue of his office, but also because of his person). But, as you said, he is not infallible. He may be making a big mistake. And wondering if perhaps he is mistaken in this decision, especially when valid concerns are brought forward, is not refuted by simply acting as if such criticisms are the result of a Pharisaic attitude. No doubt they are in some individual cases, and perhaps there are more than I am aware of. But posts like yours certainly aren't. You have brought forward valid aspects of the question that should not be overlooked.

Sorry for rambling there, btw. lol.