Sunday, March 28, 2010

Optimusmastro talks Palm Sunday, and Wrestlemania predictions

Yes today is Palm Sunday! This marks the beginning of Holy Week with Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Our faith culminates with the Easter Triduum. But I felt that since I'm usually sooo sarcastic or serious, some levity might be in order, so here are my Wrestlemania 26 predictions!!!! Enjoy and God Bless!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Beginning of the End.

America, Land of the Free. Sadly not anymore. This past week saw the passing of Obamacare. The United States now has socialized medicine and while on paper it may seem like a good thing to the lefty hippies anyway, a few issues must be taken into account. As has been mentioned before as well as testified to by history, socialism births the welfare state. How? You may ask,..well by denying basic realities concerning the 'human condition.' As a Theoligian, I call it 'original sin' but for the purposes of this blog post, I will call 'it' a conflict between the intellect and the will.

Before continuing, we must define our terms. (Paraphrased from Wikipedia)

Intellect: Also known as intelligence. A word used to describe understanding related abilities of the mind. The capacity for abstract thought, planning, reasoning, problem solving, speech and learning.

Will: Internal drive, intrinsic motivation. We use the expression 'free will.'

Socialism: A political theory involving state ownership of industry.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let's continue to unravel the mystery of this 'Utopian' concept. The 'state' as socialists describe it, is still run by individuals operating as a collective. Therefore flawed, cannot produce the 'utopian' effect that is desired. The conflict between the intellect and the will, which by the way is denied by atheists (also another trait of socialism)and therefore are truly shocked when a dictator rises from the ashes of chaos to assume control. Sooooo, that being said, Obama's economic stimulus package which btw went to government agencies instead of private enterprise, the actual backbone of any strong economy had already set into motion a disaster. Now socialized medicine has been enacted in a country with a 250 million people population! My question remains, (to be read using the Rock Dwayne Johnson's voice..) 'Who in de blu hell is going to pay for this program?' The answer? The people in private enterprise on the upper echelon of the economy! The very ones credited (normally) with job creation!

The 'other' moral bomb is ABORTION!!!! There you have it! State funded abortion with your tax dollars contracepting the next generation of potential tax payers, and the State pays for it!!!Little Jimmy and Tammy make a 'free' choice to sleep together (free means with complete understanding of the consequences...), Tammy gets pregnant, and the State pays for an Abortion!!!HELLOOOOOOOO!

Okay so let's tie this all together. A person already having difficulty choosing between broccoli and poutine(a Quebec culinary mystery...)because of this 'human condition' now has left his choice to the State to make it, which is nothing than a collection of persons' now having this decision. Individual responsibily, already flawed is now placed squarely on the shoulders of the colloective. I think you know where I'm going with this. To top it off, individuals' tax money is automatically going to groups funding abortions, in the name of health care..So what's the result? Abortion, homosexual 'marriage,' the contraceptive industry,...It all points to one thing. Population control!!! My friends, we have lived this past week through a historical precedent,.the beginning of the end of American domination. Meanwhile as I write this post, I watch a muslim family with five kids walk into the Second Cup. So long Western Civilization, was nice knowing you.

Holy Mary Mother of God.........Ora pro nobis.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Don't Want to go off on a Rant but...

Ever since 'Confessions' was initialized, my posts have reflected the erratic interests of my life. Faith, politics, transformers(not so much...)and other issues of the day which were interwoven at that particular moment. Lately, I have noticed that my posts are more and more Catholic and more in defense of the Magisterium instead of the 'progressive' bs put forward by today's so-called theoligians. An email I received and had the unfortunate pleasure of reading labeled me a radical reactionist! All I have to say to that sender is 'Thanks!' So I have been called 'Rigid,' 'Reactionary,' 'Medieval,' and now 'Radical!' Yesss! To that priest who reads me faithfully,..(you know who you are...)I say I'm now two adjectives ahead of you,..nahnahnanana! LOL! Hopefully you too will get the latter terms. Imagine all this because I happen to believe in authentic Catholicism and authentic Vatican II!

On a serious note, I'm noticing a trend. People who agree with what I have to say sometimes make comments on my blog. Then again sometimes they don't, they'll just send an email to my Google address. The people who don't agree with what I have to say never make a comment! They only send hatemail. At first, I was disturbed, but know I realize that they share every characteristic of a 'bully.' Oh yeah, they talk about 'dialogue' and 'discourse' but in the end, when you shine a light and call them out, they scurry away and hide. A few posts ago, I issued a challenge to one person, the silence of course was deafening. Out of respect, I will never divulge who that person is, however if they truly believed in their cause for reforming the Church, women's ordination, homosexual 'marriage' eco-whatever,..they would surely 'step up.' I have to come to conclude they won't or ever will.

To conclude, I realize that this post was more of a 'promo' than anything else, however rest assured that I have spent time in front of the Blessed Sacrament in order to say what needs to be said. I Marco/Optimusmastro am not closed minded. I do however close my mind around Truth. I Marco/Optimusmastro am not opposed to ecumenical dialogue,.I do however, believe as the Church believes, that these entounters with our seperated brethren must bear fruit and not be an excuse to justify 'I'm Okay, You're Okay...' Finally I Marco/Optimusmastro believe that I have free will. That being said, I make a Free choice to follow the Church which is the Mystical Body of Christ. Those that want to 'reform' blah, blah, blah...should make the same free choice and leave the Church.

Until next time God Bless, and don't forget to pray your Rosary!

PS. Still no word from HBK!!! I guess he is preparing for Wrestlemania!!!lol!!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Optimusmastro Calls out the Heartbreak Kid!

Okay,..I admit that this title is a little misleading, however the premise behind it is not. First off, let me clarify a little nugget, I am a wrestling fan and tend to express myself given that type of energy. That being said, the reason for this post dates back to an earlier post as well as a post on the WWE Universe. Now I maintain a few blogs,.one of them about prowrestling, so why am I issuing this challenge over here on 'Confessions.' The answer is simple. I'm not calling out Shawn Michaels for a wrestling match, I'm calling him out regarding some comments he made in his book about the Catholic Church and being true to the Bible.

To be honest, Shawn Michaels has been/is my favorite wrestler. I've followed his career from modest beginnings in the AWA all the way to WWE. From 'Midnight' Rocker to Heartbreak Kid, tag team specialist to world champion, I've seen him do it all. I was also present during Survivor Series 1997 when he and McMahon 'screwed' Bret Hart. Remember that I am a Montrealer. Fast forward to 2002. Shawn makes his return to WWE tv and something is different. He changed, I also had changed. He was know living out his baptismal promises or attempting to and I was doing the same. The difference was, I returned to my Catholic Faith acknowledging it as the One true Faith, while HBK left his Church for an ecclesial community.

I do not doubt Shawn's conversion. Sadly though, I've seen this pattern all too many times. A person claims to be 'catholic' when in reality they cling to a cultural identity instead of a living faith in Jesus's Ressurection. Shawn's catholicism most probably stemmed from his irish upbringing, living a secular lifestyle and then going to Church on Sunday. Let's be clear,..I take nothing away from my evangelical brethren,.they serve as an example on how to follow Christ far better than most Catholics. They are honored with the name Christian and strive to follow the Gospel as best they know how. But herein is where the problem lies. To quote Father Corapi,: 'They do more with less!'

Now I'm not going to go on a full out apologetical assault, (besides the praying the Rosary for you hehehe...) because if by chance you get to see this post, I would like you to comment on it. Shawn, whether you or your wife said that you felt the Catholic Church wasn't true to the Bible,..I'm gonna say with full confidence that She (the Church) is the only entity that is authentically true to the Bible. Revelations? Shawn!!! That's the entire Mass coming off the pages!! Brother!! Look I'm gonna calm down from this promo and ask you to pray about it. In the meantime, look up these dates.

Council of Hippo(New Testament)
Council of Carthage(New Testament ratified for final time)

You possibly can't accept milk from an apostasized cow!!! Look at the Church through the lenses of philosophy(metaphysics), history, ecclesiology,...Its the ONLY one that fulfills,..ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC!

Good luck at Wrestlemania against Undertaker!

God Bless


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A 'Profile' on Spiritual Terrorists...

This week, Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV hit home with one of his Vortex series,.this one on the subject of Spiritual Terrorists' sleeper cells. I think it is the duty of every faithful Catholic to expose these people with a giant spotlight in order to stop the damage already being inflicted upon the Church. Know your enemy, this way your loved ones and people in your parish can look for people that match this description. On a side note, my girlfriend has hooked me on Criminal Minds, the CBS police procedural drama. What I will attempt to do, is entertain you by providing you (the reader) with a humourous outtake, profiling Spiritual terrorists!

Welcome to CATHOLIC MINDS!!!

The Location, The Vatican: LBAU. The Liberal Behavioural Analysis Unit.

The call comes in from a parish in Montreal Quebec. This is the fourth instance where an ecumenical prayer gathering has taken place without any substantial discourse. It was another exercise in the absurd, whereby I'm okay,'re okay,.let's sing 'Cuumbayya' together. Sister JJ has just received the fax from the Diocese in question. It would seem the 'unlsub' or unknown liberal subject is deeply rooted into the Church infrastructure. We need to get going.

The scene shifts to the jet, whereby Monsignor Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner,and Fr. Jason Gideon debrief the group. Also present, Frs Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan and Sister Elle Greenway. IT would seem this/these individuals are deeply rooted in heterodoxy and claim an allegiance towards marxism which they attempt to counterfit by calling it 'social justice.' They also have an unusual aversion to things such as philosophy, theology, sin, Mary and even the Eucharist. The unlsubs attempt to justify their positions by not quoting Vatican II, but by referencing the 'spirit' of vatican II. The former is an ecumenical council read in line with the Church's teachings, an aggiornamento for updating a pastoral approach towards unchanging dogmas. The latter is an imaginary emotional 'feeling' whereby the subjective, (as long as it contradicts authentic Truth) is accepted and heresy, dissidence and disobediance are celebrated. The motives are to destroy the Church from the inside, while claiming loyalty on the outside.

The Profile: Fr. Gideon: 'The unlsub we are looking for will be either a man or woman usually in his/her late 60s early 70s. When they speak they will use politically correct language thereby making their speech patterns easily identifiable along with being an affrontery to the english language. They will replace 'man' in antiquity with 'people.'

Fr. Spencer Reid: 'Often these unlsubs are the products of faulty 'jungian' psychology and will always speak about 'experience' sometimes indicating their experience as truth. They will never reference philosophy, (unless it's Whitehead) as that would indicate that Truth exists.'

Fr. Morgan: 'Look for an individual still wanting to protest something, and dangerously silent on the abortion/gay marriage agenda issue. They will declare themselves personally against, but won't push their views on people (that issue anyway!!!), thereby indicating they suffer from moral schizophrenia.'

Sister Greenway: 'The unlsub will most definetely be a feminist, or have a dissordered understanding of authentic feminity and masculinity. They will use words such as dialogue, experience, gaia, and reform. They will also use catchphrases such as 'Church, People of God' from 'Lumen Gentium.' They conveniently forget about chapter three of Lumen Gentium.'(the Church is Hierchical) Forget about them promoting World Youth Day.

To conclude, we are looking for hippies in all their shapes, sizes and colors. They came of age in the 1960s and to a certain extent still believe that we live in the sixties. Now that we have the profile, we need to flush them out, shine a light on them, so that their agenda may be known..

Pray the Rosary everyday!