Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A 'Profile' on Spiritual Terrorists...

This week, Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV hit home with one of his Vortex series,.this one on the subject of Spiritual Terrorists' sleeper cells. I think it is the duty of every faithful Catholic to expose these people with a giant spotlight in order to stop the damage already being inflicted upon the Church. Know your enemy, this way your loved ones and people in your parish can look for people that match this description. On a side note, my girlfriend has hooked me on Criminal Minds, the CBS police procedural drama. What I will attempt to do, is entertain you by providing you (the reader) with a humourous outtake, profiling Spiritual terrorists!

Welcome to CATHOLIC MINDS!!!

The Location, The Vatican: LBAU. The Liberal Behavioural Analysis Unit.

The call comes in from a parish in Montreal Quebec. This is the fourth instance where an ecumenical prayer gathering has taken place without any substantial discourse. It was another exercise in the absurd, whereby I'm okay,..you're okay,.let's sing 'Cuumbayya' together. Sister JJ has just received the fax from the Diocese in question. It would seem the 'unlsub' or unknown liberal subject is deeply rooted into the Church infrastructure. We need to get going.

The scene shifts to the jet, whereby Monsignor Aaron 'Hotch' Hotchner,and Fr. Jason Gideon debrief the group. Also present, Frs Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan and Sister Elle Greenway. IT would seem this/these individuals are deeply rooted in heterodoxy and claim an allegiance towards marxism which they attempt to counterfit by calling it 'social justice.' They also have an unusual aversion to things such as philosophy, theology, sin, Mary and even the Eucharist. The unlsubs attempt to justify their positions by not quoting Vatican II, but by referencing the 'spirit' of vatican II. The former is an ecumenical council read in line with the Church's teachings, an aggiornamento for updating a pastoral approach towards unchanging dogmas. The latter is an imaginary emotional 'feeling' whereby the subjective, (as long as it contradicts authentic Truth) is accepted and heresy, dissidence and disobediance are celebrated. The motives are to destroy the Church from the inside, while claiming loyalty on the outside.

The Profile: Fr. Gideon: 'The unlsub we are looking for will be either a man or woman usually in his/her late 60s early 70s. When they speak they will use politically correct language thereby making their speech patterns easily identifiable along with being an affrontery to the english language. They will replace 'man' in antiquity with 'people.'

Fr. Spencer Reid: 'Often these unlsubs are the products of faulty 'jungian' psychology and will always speak about 'experience' sometimes indicating their experience as truth. They will never reference philosophy, (unless it's Whitehead) as that would indicate that Truth exists.'

Fr. Morgan: 'Look for an individual still wanting to protest something, and dangerously silent on the abortion/gay marriage agenda issue. They will declare themselves personally against, but won't push their views on people (that issue anyway!!!), thereby indicating they suffer from moral schizophrenia.'

Sister Greenway: 'The unlsub will most definetely be a feminist, or have a dissordered understanding of authentic feminity and masculinity. They will use words such as dialogue, experience, gaia, and reform. They will also use catchphrases such as 'Church, People of God' from 'Lumen Gentium.' They conveniently forget about chapter three of Lumen Gentium.'(the Church is Hierchical) Forget about them promoting World Youth Day.

To conclude, we are looking for hippies in all their shapes, sizes and colors. They came of age in the 1960s and to a certain extent still believe that we live in the sixties. Now that we have the profile, we need to flush them out, shine a light on them, so that their agenda may be known..

Pray the Rosary everyday!


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