Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Beginning of the End.

America, Land of the Free. Sadly not anymore. This past week saw the passing of Obamacare. The United States now has socialized medicine and while on paper it may seem like a good thing to the lefty hippies anyway, a few issues must be taken into account. As has been mentioned before as well as testified to by history, socialism births the welfare state. How? You may ask,..well by denying basic realities concerning the 'human condition.' As a Theoligian, I call it 'original sin' but for the purposes of this blog post, I will call 'it' a conflict between the intellect and the will.

Before continuing, we must define our terms. (Paraphrased from Wikipedia)

Intellect: Also known as intelligence. A word used to describe understanding related abilities of the mind. The capacity for abstract thought, planning, reasoning, problem solving, speech and learning.

Will: Internal drive, intrinsic motivation. We use the expression 'free will.'

Socialism: A political theory involving state ownership of industry.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let's continue to unravel the mystery of this 'Utopian' concept. The 'state' as socialists describe it, is still run by individuals operating as a collective. Therefore flawed, cannot produce the 'utopian' effect that is desired. The conflict between the intellect and the will, which by the way is denied by atheists (also another trait of socialism)and therefore are truly shocked when a dictator rises from the ashes of chaos to assume control. Sooooo, that being said, Obama's economic stimulus package which btw went to government agencies instead of private enterprise, the actual backbone of any strong economy had already set into motion a disaster. Now socialized medicine has been enacted in a country with a 250 million people population! My question remains, (to be read using the Rock Dwayne Johnson's voice..) 'Who in de blu hell is going to pay for this program?' The answer? The people in private enterprise on the upper echelon of the economy! The very ones credited (normally) with job creation!

The 'other' moral bomb is ABORTION!!!! There you have it! State funded abortion with your tax dollars contracepting the next generation of potential tax payers, and the State pays for it!!!Little Jimmy and Tammy make a 'free' choice to sleep together (free means with complete understanding of the consequences...), Tammy gets pregnant, and the State pays for an Abortion!!!HELLOOOOOOOO!

Okay so let's tie this all together. A person already having difficulty choosing between broccoli and poutine(a Quebec culinary mystery...)because of this 'human condition' now has left his choice to the State to make it, which is nothing than a collection of persons' now having this decision. Individual responsibily, already flawed is now placed squarely on the shoulders of the colloective. I think you know where I'm going with this. To top it off, individuals' tax money is automatically going to groups funding abortions, in the name of health care..So what's the result? Abortion, homosexual 'marriage,' the contraceptive industry,...It all points to one thing. Population control!!! My friends, we have lived this past week through a historical precedent,.the beginning of the end of American domination. Meanwhile as I write this post, I watch a muslim family with five kids walk into the Second Cup. So long Western Civilization, was nice knowing you.

Holy Mary Mother of God.........Ora pro nobis.

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