Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Mom and my Dad.

I haven’t been around,.. Ha!  The obvious!  The workload, the prayer life and the general rhythm of the priest /seminarian life is something that I will never be used to.  Taking on so many emotions from preparing a child for baptism all the way to accompanying a family in the death of a loved one.   One thing is for sure, the priest is not is own and must love the way Jesus loves.

My last post was waaaaaay back in 2014, my birthday.  Now I want to just call to attention, my amazing mom.  A woman who. Like Mary at the Cross,.. prayed for me.  I brought home every girl under the sun, and jumped from job to job,..yet my mother always stood by me.  My mom is my rock.  I love both my parents, but for a future priest, She stands with Jesus at the foot of the Cross.   I read somewhere that a piece of the stole is buried with his mom,..

For my dad, well, he is my hero.  A practical approach to real issues.  BOOM!  He doesn’t want to hear about nonsensical pseudo intellectual gobbledeegook.  Thank God I listened to him.  The world changed, and get prepared to face it!

Holy Mary Mother of God,………………………………………ora pro nobis.