Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wacky World of the Sedevacante,..the Sequel

Yes, I know that my readership is used to my endless rants against modernist heresy polluting the metaphysical landscape with lies, half truths and just overall subjective nonesense, but every now and then the crazies come out in full force and warrant my attention.  How often can it said that I rail on these guys?  Well, it seems not often enough!  The last post in which I referenced these uhh,..'people,' I compared them to people who view Elvis regularly, get abducted by Aliens or are awaiting the return of Tupac Shakur.  This past week, I was privy to a conversation in which biting my lip was the pen ultimate act of resistance.  Did I want to retaliate?  Actually no,.but I nearly laughed my ass off and concluded that this dude, as sincere as he was,..was badly in need of mental therapy (yes,..despite last week's post.)

So, once again, let's set the stage shall we?  Who are the sedevacante?  They are a group of 'traditionalist' catholics who claim that the last valid Pope was Pius XII.  Subsequent Popes have preached heresy (according to them) or have been everything from duplicate imposters to satanic infiltrators.  The sad reality is that we've seen this stuff before.  Every council has always produced years of confusion, division and downright schism, Vatican II being no different!  Yet still the crazies persist, blindly accusing the post conciliar Church of being something that it isn't.  Obviously the same can be said for the 'Spirit of VII' crowd, but the danger with the Sedevacantist position is that it ultimately becomes yet another form of protestantism.  Nowhere in VII does the Church make any dogmatic pronouncement!  Read the friggin documents people!  VII was/is a pastoral council put forth in good faith by Blessed John XXIII in order to face the problems of the world which the Church was experiencing.  Does VII say anything about the Mass being 'versus populem?'  NO!  Does VII say anything about the Mass not retaining parts in Latin?  NO!  Even in Nostra Aetate, which the Traditionalist schismatics love to pick apart,..The Church does not relinquish the claim that She and She alone is the One True Church, but instead brings about a more pastoral/relationship approach by comparing degrees to it,.(potency!)  Guess who else did that?  Aquinas!  Arghhhhhhh!

So now, I'll describe the discussion.  It started off pretty friendly enough, with both us articulating difficulties with implementing the actual Council as it has been hijacked by the 'spirit of..' crowd.  Next up we spoke about Assisi, something that I as a Catholic have never really been comfortable with.  ('Assisi' was a gathering of different religious leaders from different backrounds all praying to 'God' in the name of peace.  Granted, I don't know the details on it, but for me it seemed like an exercise in empty inter faith/ecumenism,.the lowest common denominator kind..Where was the call to evangelization?  To Truth?!?) So, back to the conversation.  I asked if he had ever heard of the SSPX or FSSP?  To my delight he said yes.  So we continued speaking regarding the canonical status of both groups, one being irregular (the SSPX).  Then it happened...Very 'matter of factly' I was informed that despite their good intentions there hasn't been a true Pope since Pius XII.  Yup.  Vatican II was inspired by Satan, and thus through an infiltration, the Church apostasized and became the 'Novus Ordo' religion, based on false ecumenism.  The danger with any heresy, is that it contains elements of truth within its message.  This was no different and while my readership is familiar with the modernist nonsense that we frequently have to endure through so-called 'social justice' priests, liberation theology and piss poor liturgy, this has left an almost vacuum for these extreme cases on the right of the spectrum to go by undetected.  Naturally the conversation was one sided from that point on, as I was shown the error of my ways in remaining with the post conciliar Church..(no mention of Matthew's gates of hell...) and had to bite my lip as he accused John Paul II of being demonic.  I truly felt sorry for this protestant dude.  Yes, protestant because that's really what the sedevacante become. 

To conclude, upon my reversion to the Faith, I too noticed many wrongs with the Church.  Stuff that 'I' wanted to right.  I think you get my point.  Our faith is a gift from God to be freely accepted by us.  We are on the Holy Spirit's time, not our own.  Through Spiritual Direction, I learned, (correction, still learning,..) to be more compassionate and understanding that Jesus meets us where we are, and then invites us to be perfected.  A great example of this is the story of the Samaritain woman at the well.  The Sedevacante protestants too often forget Jesus's quote about the Church in Matthew,.it can never fall into error! 

St Thomas Aquinas,.......Ora pro nobis!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

St Augustine/ Fr Euteneur

Its been over a week since I last posted,..and to tell you the truth, my faith has not been shaken,.but it has been attacked.  Every few months, I realize that I use the blogging community as a therapeutic blanket absorbing the twisted and fragile adventure that is my faith.  So many things, and it isn't getting any easier!  At times, my faith, though beautiful as it is has caused me mental angst and breakdown.  Last week, I found myself negotiating with Jesus,..'What do You want, and why me?'  Sure the moments of joy are great, but the trials are beginning to become demonic.  Prior to my conversion experience, it was so much easier.  My life was a complete sensual adventure and now I'm finding myself struggling with even the most mundane of things, finding sin everywhere.  Rigid? Perhaps or so I've been called, but by who?  The answer is always the same, people whose character and mindset, though identifying themselves culturally Catholic are about as 'catholic' as Ellen Degenerres.

So why the melancholy opening paragraph, because the media much to its disgusting self serving end has now pointed its gun, lock, stock and barrel and Fr Tom Euteneur.  A little backround,..Fr Euteneur, a priest in the state of Florida stepped down as president of a pro-life group in the States.  The reasons, at the time being cited were essentially because his Bishop called him back to his diocese under very mysterious circumstances.  Along with doing work with the pro-life group, Fr Euteneur also worked in the ministry of exorcism and subsequently published two books regarding what is often a forgotten (on purpose?) sacramental work.  Readers may remember him as the priest who went toe to toe with Sean Hannity on Fox news, for guess what?   Yup!  Defending the Church's teaching!  The shock!  The horror!  Anyway, to continue, a couple of weeks ago, Fr Euteneur issued a public statement regarding his 'disappearance' from the public eye.  In short, Fr Euteneur placed the blame squarely on himself, and came clean that he had been unfaithful to his vocation as a priest with regards to a woman he had met and worked with during his time with the pro-life group.  After admitting his sinfulness, he asked for forgiveness and in an ultimate act of humility obeyed his Bishop.  The media hardly reported anything, I believe it passed once on CNN's ticker, least that's all I saw.

God works in mysterious ways.  In many respects, this story parrallels Terry Shiavo and John Paul II.   Obviously not in gravity, but in teaching, how God uses a bad situation to draw a greater 'good' out of it.  In 2005, mankind sat idly by as we refused food to Terry Shiavo and killed her.  This was not an act of mercy but a complete disregard for human life.  The euthaniasia debate was reopened, and proponents of such nonsense treated human being in the same breath as dogs,..just put them to sleep.  About a week later, John Paul II, in his last teaching act as Pope,.taught the whole world how to die.  I can still remember him coming to the window a week before and attempting to speak before being wheeled away.  By today's vain standards, I guess we would openly question the Vatican's 'marketing' departement, as no one would ever want their fragility and weakness exposed to the world.  Getting back to the Fr Euteneur situation, his apology and subsequent act of humility was the complete opposite of last year's Fr Cutie, (who I've mentioned before...) deciding to take his 'ball and go home.'  Fr Euteneur, you are a man!  You are not alone,..I struggle with the very same sins and am not afraid to admit it.  I need help,.I am nothing without recourse to the mercy of God!  Guess what,.. St Augustine was the same!  You, I, we (as men..) are in good company!  A saint rises again after he has fallen,..a sinner stays down.  Fr Cutie,.I pray for you,..Fr Euteneur, rest assured you are in my prayers, but like Jesus, naked on the cross,.you took your medicine and faced the music!  Forgiveness is yours, because you have repented.  Fr Euteneur, taught us how to own up to our own failures,. TO BE A MAN!  To have a backbone!  A quality that is sorely lacking with the Church's collection of social justice priests and Mr Rogers clones pussyfooting their little crayon crap everywhere!  People,..our lives are a test, Heaven or Hell,..God loves us so much He gave us the choice.  That choice like any other begets consequences. 

Fr Euteneur,.we all make mistakes, that's what being human is all about.  Few of us have the balls to admit our failings.  God Bless and keep up the fight!

I've rambled enough....Peace.

St Maria Gorretti,..........Ora Pro Nobis.