Monday, November 22, 2010

Journalistic Integrity, Tomfoolery or Plain Ignorance?

I was always told by my father not to read just the headlines, but get the whole story! Sadly,.if only the secular media would get this right. Unfortunately, most journalists do not have a backround in either philosophy or theology, so should we fault them for this kind of shoddy reporting? Absolutely!! Ignorance or sensationalism should not be a reason to promote things that are simply untrue! That being said, the Church was, is and always will be against artificial contraception!


Anonymous said...

Everyone has a background in philosophy whether they know it or not. It is the most essential element to being a human. A reporter has a job to do.... buy stocks in condom manufacturing companies now! or stop having babies we're loosing control because the world is over populated. Whatever stupidity I wrote attempted to attract attention, manipulate your perspective and consequently change your philosophy, this is basic marketing tool. And until it isn't used for monetary gain, truth is negated from the equation.

Teresa said...

Journalists have an agenda. The journalists willful ignorance and outright unethical journalism in refusing to tell the truth about the Pope's comments on condoms gives evidence to their lack of journalistic integrity and their true agenda.

Anonymous said...

Journalist are owned by their newsgroup, or media source. Their job is to report what they are paid to report.... The persons integrity is not the problem, they may not agree with what they report but must report it to sustain they're lifestyle. They are simply the medium in which the information is supplied. Doing anything against your authority has consequences and therefore would make you a martyr in your professional fields. Until money isn't the purpose, honesty cannot exist. This theory has tremendous scalability, the government relies on it and so does the church. They are both groups that should have humanities best interest at heart but lack of transparency in their management has forced them to manipulate their following people instead of create a belief structure based on integrity.